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You’ll find the same quality security systems, storage units and professional management at Tucson Bargain Storage that are offered by the national chains – only at a lower price. All unit sizes are approximate.  Descriptions of “what fits” in a storage unit are general guidelines only as size, shape and number of household items vary by individual. Household storage for a large family including furniture appliances, patio furniture, garden equipment, etc.
You can rent a storage space, but soon you will also be able to have one you can call your very own.
Gary Andros, a local real estate agent who is helping to sell the condos, said the units will start at about 650 square feet. The project, which will be located near Tucson International Airport, is expected to be done sometime around September. The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate Company is proud to offer Premises' Personal Warehouses, perfect for business or personal use, a personal warehouse is the smart alternative to renting.
Premises is the leader in the personal warehouse market with the absolute hottest and fastest growing product in real estate. Premises also offers custom finishes through a variety of vendors who supply floor coatings, shelving, ceiling fans, car racks, etc.

Premises offers a variety of unit types -- allowing you the flexibility to choose the amenities you need.
Superior quality compared to standard metal buildings - insulated, biggest doors in the industry, widest drive paths in industry, on site bathrooms, more esthetically pleasing, etc.
Flexibility in use - personal storage, toys, RV's, hobbyist, distribution warehouse, office, small business (excluding retail), light manufacturing, contractors, service industry, etc. The first company to come to this market with this type of product - this is like buying a Mercedes at Chevy prices. As our first innovation in the sectional category Infinity was introduce in 2005 as a unique concept for outdoor seating. This collection has also moved well into indoor spaces where multiple configurations are welcomed. As with all Anacara products customization thru fabrics and frame finishes offer unlimited possibilities for this most unique offering.
If you are looking for a quality storage space at a low price in Tucson, AZ, we’re here to help.
We’re passionate about finding the right storage solutions for our customers – that translates into a genuine personal connection with each person who walks through our doors.

Tucson Bargain Storage can meet your business and personal storage needs in the Tucson, AZ area.
Personal Warehouses are carefully designed to meet the needs of everyone in an affordable and flexible style. The wide drive aisles make it easy for semi-tractor trailers to maneuver for frequent deliveries, and there is plenty of room for her fork lift to move large inventory loads. We offer more than clean, well-maintained self storage units, we’ll give you the friendly, knowledgeable service you deserve. She loved her first two Personal Warehouses so much, she bought a third one right next door.
Premises Personal Warehouses offered more customized space at a fraction of the cost, and her Premises warehouse is building value because she owns it. With a variety of sizes for ever-expanding uses, you don't have to settle for mini-storage.

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