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The steps which you will be reading about here have been created to be as easy as possible to follow.  Hopefully you will find these extremely beneficial toward getting a beautiful shed constructed on your property.
At this step you want to count your layers and make sure you have the appropriate number.  Because of the ease of assembly it is fairly easy to miss items with the doors and windows, so it is always best to double check the layers.
When examining the construction, if you see that it appears to be a little loose in places then you can use the gables to start tightening it up.  These can just be slid into their correct spots. The beams that you’ll be putting to use in this step are the heaviest parts because they happen to be the thickest and the longest.  These also just slide into their coordinating positions, so pay careful attention to the right left and center ones to get them positioned correctly. In finality, you’ve completed what is hopefully a beautiful, well balanced structured shed in your garden.  Your friends and family probably won’t believe that you assembled it yourself, but feel proud!  You’ve achieved a great creative stand in shed design now. The kit includes wall and roof components, glass doors and windows, all hardware plus extras, floor panels and trim parts. These sheds are made out of solid 2? tongue and groove northern pine milled logs, not panels.
Sheds are made out of wood and therefore, need to be treated just like any other wooden product.
Sheds offer valuable extra storage space to any household to organize your valuable garden tools and equipment. Our sheds are designed for do-it-yourself assembly that can typically be completed by two adults in a day or two depending on the size of the model.
Popular Mechanics has this Garden Shed Plan that allows you to build a spacious storage shed. Building this Garden Closet Storage Project Plan from Family Handyman will allow you to keep your garden tools organized in this small outdoor shed. Garden Storage ShedThis Free Garden Storage Shed Plan is from the Southern Pine Council and is 6 pages long.
Outdoor Garden Storage ShedThis 3 page Outdoor Garden Storage Shed is from the University of Tennessee Agricultural Engineering Department. Pallet ShedThis Pallet Shed Design gives you many pictures and some great ideas on using pallets to build a garden shed for your tractor or garden tools. Storage Building for Garden ToolsThis is a one page PDF from the University of Tennessee that has design drawings for a 10x12 Barn Style Storage Shed. This professionally drawn DIY Garden Shed Plan was created by The Engineered Wood Association.

How to Build a Garden ShedThis Garden Shed Building Guide comes from NZ Wood and is a 9 page PDF with a shed materials list, 4 pages of detailed building directions and 6 shed plan drawings.
If you are building it first time and have the foundation ready it takes about 5 hours to assemble all shed and about another 3 hours to finish the roof. The only thing you might want to do now is stain or paint it, that is totally up to you.  If you do want a designer look then you can go with a three scheme matching color option, with one being for the door and window trim, the second for the roof beams and floors, and the final one for the rest of the structure.  Enjoy your final product! Thick logs and reinforced roof structures allow these sheds to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Some of the smaller cabins can be moved however, we do not recommend moving cabins larger than the 13?x13? model. Depending on how you plan to use it, there are a wide selection of designs and sizes for you to consider. However, we are offering a complete assemble service by our trained and experienced installation crew.
These Garden Shed Designs include Small Garden Shed Plans, How to Build a Garden Shed, a Unique Garden Shed Plan, a Vertical Garden Shed Plan, Large Garden Shed Plans, DIY Garden Shed Plans, some Tudor Style Garden Shed Plans, some Pallet Shed Designs, a Storage Building for Garden Tools, a Timber Frame Garden Shed Plan, How to Make a Small Garden Shed and many more Garden Shed Ideas and Plans. This Garden Storage Shed is 9x13 feet at the foundation and is over 7ft high to the rafters. One is a 8x7 Tudor Style Garden Shed and the other is a 10x10 Garden Shed Plan that is in a Tudor Style. This 4 page PDF Shed Plan has a materials list, 13 step instructions, and 11 detailed illustrations. There is an upper shelf storage area accessible from the lift up top and two doors for access to the lower storage. Piece by piece the components fit together to create a cabin that is at once appealing and durable. However, the shed can also be assembled on patio stones, super spikes, or cinder blocks that are placed under floor joists.
There are separate pages on the shed foundation, the front and back walls, the side walls, the roof rafters, the roof decking, the shed roof shingles and the trim and soffit. There are gorgeous detailed drawings, over 25 building design photos, and good directions.
They include 9 step-by-step instructions including pouring the foundation, framing the walls, setting the columns, assembling the doors, etc.

They have 4 step by step written instructions with a detailed construction drawing, photos, a garden closet cutting list and a materials list.
For the 8x7 Garden Shed Plan they have 22 pages of instructions including plan drawings, a material list, and a short 1:29 min video showing highlights of building the shed from start to finish. See the links below for the actual detailed plans drawing and the Garden Shed Materials list which is on page 4 of the article. These manuals are so detailed an advanced woodworker could use them to build your own shed. Please maintain your cabin properly and it will surely keep its original appeal for many years to come.
For the 10x10 Storage Shed Plan they have 24 pages of instuctions and they have 23 video clips showing the building of this 10x10 Garden Shed. They include many drawing including shed floor plan, the wall plans, the gabled roof, the windows, a inside workbench with under bench storage, the cedar decking surrounding the Garden Shed, and even a planter box plan towards the end. We know that your shed will look beautiful and you will love it like thousands of our previous customers.   We also are always here to help and assist you in any way possible, if a problem should arise. See the very bottom of the Step-By-Step page for links to printable PDFs of these plan details.
So I would categorize this plan as relatively advanced since you have to use your experience for the part. They discuss building the foundation, floor frame, cutting & notching the post, installing the post, beams, girts, framing the roof, installing the shed roof, building and installing the window and more.
However this in an attractive Garden Shed idea that can be sited on flat or sloped ground due to the platform construction. These diagrams are under the Step-by-Step tab and links to larger pdfs can be found at the bottom of the page.

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