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Roofing practices have changed a lot over the past 25 years, mostly due to ever-changing technology and materials. There are five basic steps for building the best possible roof and avoiding costly callbacks and repairs: 1. Start With a Level Nailing Surface Whether you’re using plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), the first step in building a high-quality roof is to make sure you have a level nailing surface.
Provide Adequate Ventilation Attic ventilation began as a moisture-control strategy in cold climates, and many builders came to believe that vented attics could help to extend a shingle’s life through cooling. Although venting requirements are not based on rigorous scientific research, your local building code should have the specific requirements you need to follow to pass inspections. Nail and Space Panels Correctly APA Field Service specialists often encounter incorrect nailing and panel spacing. Proper spacing is especially important since wood expands and contracts as changes in ambient humidity also change the moisture content in the panels.
One of our recent EHT projects was a a€?roof-overa€? in which we covered an existing single layer of three-tab asphalt roof shingles with architectural shingles. Three winners will be chosen to receive the following prize packages, each will include: 1. A carport, or lean-to shed, attached to an existing building such as a garage, barn, shed or the side of your house can provide economical shelter for vehicles, garden tractors, boats or other equipment.
The shed shown, withstood 3 inches of ice and an additional 18 inches of snow, which fell this winter. Left: First step is to anchor the support header to the existing building, and drop a plumb line from each end.
Once the posts have been allowed to set, install the two end boards, actually the outer rafters. Position the outer front beam on the mark at the end posts and fasten in place to the next posts.
Dig out an area at each deck block location that is approximately the same size as the base of the deck block and 2 inches deep. Cut 2x6 rim joists and end joists to size and screw together at the ends to from the deck frame.
Cut the decking to size from 2x4 lumber and screw it to the joists in a pattern of your choosing.
You can also use a nail in each of the support posts, a line level, and string to make sure all the blocks and posts are level and the same height.
Deck blocks are preformed concrete blocks used as a rest for the placement of wooden frame planks or posts. Useful information will be obtained from brief online e-books written by HOME ARCHITECTS ®, as well as other beneficial forms & services to help analyze your project needs. Post and beam system designed by Rand Soellner Architect using muscular 12 x 12 Douglas fir timbers. Are you going to make a $500,000 to $1 million+ decision without understanding your project? He has meticulous specifications and CAD details, depicting how to accurately and properly build his architectural designs…--- Terry E. This sort of combination of professional skill and pleasant demeanor is difficult to find in one person, but that is the case with Mr.
We really appreciate the lovely stained glass gift that Merry made and are so TOTALLY enthralled with our final, or almost, final plans. Do you have your land or other property and are eager to have your Architect walk it with you?
Fiberglass shingles, used often in residential buildings, are thinner and stiffer than asphalt shingles and can telegraph every imperfection. For example, when the summer sun is high in the sky, the shadows cast across a roof are very short.
Position the first panel and use temporary fasteners at the corners, if needed, to square the panel on the framing. In roofing, the term a€?architecturala€? generally means the shingle has a three-dimensional design and construction.
An attached carport is also fairly easy to construct against the side of another building, if you have enough height under the existing building eave.
The design may, however, not be strong enough or have enough roof slope for some high-snow areas.

A homeowner may be a little wary of undertaking a deck project, as pouring a concrete foundation may be an intimidating task for him.
The first row of blocks will be placed 12 inches in from the planned front edge of the deck and spaced every 24 inches on center. Raise and position the frame onto the support posts and nail the end joists to the support posts.
I just had to share with you …I am sitting here looking at the Front Elevation and it is AWESOME … Great job.
While these materials are often more durable and efficient than previous ones, they require more careful attention to detail during installation. What it does support is the fact that a roof has two main jobs: to prevent outside moisture from getting in, and to allow inside moisture, caused by human activity, to get out. When panels expand, they might bend up or down, or a€?buckle upa€? off trusses and rafters.
As fall approaches, they begin to lengthen, often exposing even the slightest roofline imperfection.
And because the outer fascia is exposed to the weather it is constructed of 1-by-6 pressure-treated materials as well.
Beginning at one of the plumb line marks, measure 3 feet out from the building on the string and mark this with a felt tip pen. Using deck blocks practically eliminates this portion of the job and puts it well within the reach of anyone with average do it yourself skills.
If needed, shim trusses or rafters to level the nailing surface, and install blocking to straighten any warped or bowed top chords of trusses or rafters.
You'll be comfortable knowing it is our Client-Centered Approach, taking care of you every step of the way. Fasten the header in place with lag screws through the siding and into the studs of the existing building. Your analysis may be managed through visibility from surrounding roads & existing navigable trails.
For vaulted or cathedral roofs, provide a free ventilation path from eaves to ridges between all rafters. Traditional pole-building, metal-roof construction consists of 2-by-4 purlins fastened on edge across the rafters with the metal roofing fastened down on these. You may have to alter the design somewhat to suit your existing building height, length, even the width if you desire a narrower shed. Drop a plumb line from each corner of the header and mark this location on the bottom of the existing building. This allows a space where sparrows and other birds can get out of the weather and even a place to build their nests, with the resulting mess. It’s a good idea to make a rough sketch of the building, to determine the roof pitch, number of support posts needed and so forth.
This will give you a starting point to layout the building and determine the location of the support posts. Our design utilizes 2-by-4 blocking positioned between the rafters and located against the top edges of the rafters. This creates a square corner for one end of the carport and determines the location of the corner post.
This prevents birds from resting under the roof and keeps droppings off boats, cars or other equipment. Your very kind financial support and prayerful intercession will greatly help every one of these children in future exams. Beginning at the second plumb line mark, measure for the opposite end, temporarily drive a stake and add a second string line. New school books are needed regularly for every child, and not forgetting their constant need of a nice school uniform, as they are growing all the time.
Fasten panels in rows across the width, continuing this sequence along the length of the panel. You can also check for squareness by measuring diagonally from the plumb line marks to the opposite outside corner locations.
Measure between the two stakes and adjust the stakes as needed to achieve the same distance. To ensure contact with the framing while fastening the panel, stand over the framing near the fastener location.

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For improved performance, use thicker sheathing panels, panel edge clips, or panels with tongue-and-groove edges. Check local building codes before using panel edge clips since requirements depend on the relationship between a panel’s span rating and the actual distance between framing members.
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