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Site Specific Certification - THE Shed Company Site specific engineering is a set of engineering documents that are provided by our engineer exclusively for your site.
Every building and its location are unique, and must therefore, be designed to meet the appropriate wind region, site conditions, topography, terrain, building classification and level of importance.
Regardless of these conditions and classifications, a building should not fail when subject to the events for which they are designed. This means that every THE Shed Company building is specifically designed and engineered for the site at which the building will be constructed.
During the design process an assessment of your site's wind region, topography, terrain, shielding, the level of importance of the building and the building classification will take place. Using this information, THE Shed Company design specialist will determine the correct wind speed of your site, and design the building accordingly.

THE Shed Company engineer then reviews the information provided by the THE Shed Company design specialist. Once assessed and approved, your site specific certification will be forwarded to your local dealer. Your site may be located in a region that has a low wind speed, but the placement of your shed on top of a hill may increase your building’s site wind speed quite significantly.
If you're stuck for room, but still want double door access to your shed, this might be your answer. THE Shed Company has been following ‘Shed Safe’ practices since its inception in 2005, hence the phrase ‘Discover THE Shed Company Difference’. These are your assurance and peace of mind that the engineer has seen and certified your project.

This 3 x 3 garden shed comes with a single sliding door and an additional set of double sliding doors.
Install these doors on adjacent walls and you have a space saving solution for a shed in the corner of the yard. If your shed is beside the house install the doors in opposite walls to create a "walk through" design. You can have access through the double doors at the rear for the ride on mower, or nip in the front single sliding door to pick up the hose reel to water the front garden.

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Base for 7x7 rubbermaid shed base

Rubric: Wood Sheds


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