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One does have a scratch on top as seen in my pictures but overall these are in good condition. This lot of New Honda Engines - (Engine J35A1) - Short Block is being sold by a company to recover funds and storage space. One of the biggest benefits of installing a pump house is that it helps prevent your pump from freezing during the cold winter months. Over the years, storage sheds have evolved from basic storage structures to sturdy, multi-purpose annexes of the main home. At South Country Sheds our experience with wood and movable buildings goes back to my fathera€™s Ready-To-Move home business which was founded in the mid seventies. While Cafe Racer fever has gripped the motorcycle marketing machine, one mainstream manufacturer is missing out. Manufacturers are even impressed enough to get in on the act with retro cafe models straight out of the factory – but the brand that was there at the beginning is missing out on all the action.
What makes it worse is that back in 2005 Pierre Terblanche turned out the beautiful, (but much ridiculed), Sport Classic range, built to look like the old 1970s Ducati 750 and 900ss, but now, just as cafe racer fever spawns series II of it’s own TV show, their gorgeous Sport Classic 1000 range has been discontinued for three years. The original models were monoposto (single-seat) bikes with a single-sided monoshock, long tank, clipons and proper old school looks, mated to a tried and tested air-cooled Desmo 1000 engine.
After a year or so, (and much complaining from journos) the back-breaking clip-ons were given a 4 inch lift, and those with girlfriends were finally given a rear seat and pillion pegs. They also created the GT model, with heavier steel wheels, and slightly downgraded suspension, but a more chunky looking tank and proper handlebars – much better for those who prefer a more laid back riding stance.
To me the Sport Classic is the very best retro bike out there, simply because it combines classic timeless looks from the 1970s, with an engine, chassis and suspension from the noughties, so it goes like stink, corners like it’s on rails, and the brakes work too. Best of all, being based on a bunch of spare parts from the Ducati parts bin, they are very easy to upgrade or customise.
Some people make them more modern, quicker and more badass-lookings, but increasingly, more and more of us love to take them back to their roots with classic paint, stripped down cosmetics, clocks, wheels, etc, and an Imola style seat (I’m not sure what Terblanch thought he was doing with that wide, fat behind? Ewan McGregor is supposed to have owned one, Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom had numbers 002 and 003 of the Limited Edition SE and even new hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds has been talking about his Paul Smart to Jeremy Clarkson on BBC’s Top Gear this week! A lotta guys like to fit cast wheels from other Ducs to lighten the unsprung weight and to use tubeless tyres, The standard wheels on the Sport Classic, the Sport Classic S and the Paul Smart are all fairly light aluminium and even with tubes fitted they’re o heavier than supermoto wheels, but the GT has very heavy steel wheels so upgrading to lighter hoops is a must if you want decent turning. Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of all the Duc’s riding positions overlaid on each other, ending with the Sport Classic as the most stretched out and bent over of them all. In the US lot’s of bikes with plastic tanks are deforming because of the 10% ethanol in US fuel.
For an amazing set of How-To photos, that show most of the common upgrades on a Sport Classic being done, check out  Toby’s (aka AirCooledNut) website. While I totally agree with the fact that Ducati was somehow too early to the game and that Pierre (I’ve talked with him about this personally) was onto something major, I believe that Moto Guzzi was somehow the fastest to this trend.
Unique statement piece red glass chandelier with approximately 17 individual pieces and one light in center.

Whether the pump is for the pool or it’s your main water supply, the last thing you want is for it to stop working. For more information or to have a pump house delivered to a location near you, call us at 877-439-7433. Our sheds are built to the highest standards and are engineered to a 170 mph wind load rating.
South Country Sheds is meeting the growing demand for quality storage sheds and barns in South West Florida.
Our commitment is to build relationships, value individuality and deliver quality to the end user. His business was successful because he paid attention to detail, quality and customer service.
Desmo 1000s don’t like to be ignored or miss important anniversaries any more than your wife or girlfriend.
If you have an early 06 model you can retro fit the biposto higher clips-ons, or there are lots of aftermarket options. This has affected lots of Ducs and while many dealers will replace your tank (sometimes even out of warranty) lots of other riders coat the insides of their tanks with Caswell (hard to do right though) and many more are seeking aluminium alternatives.
There was plenty of sport in the old Guzzis as they had identical HP numbers to the Ducati and more torque, but yes they weighed a bit more. I guess I should spend more time playing with turn-of-the-millennium Guzzi, but to me, as the engines got better the styling got worse, and less classic, so when Ducati pulled out Terblanche’s Sport Classic it seemed like a more faithful retro revolution than anything that had gone before.
We offer pump houses that are guaranteed to protect your pump and make it more aesthetically pleasing. We offer free delivery within a 50 mile radius of our factory (145 miles for orders over $3000), included in our affordable price. In popular vacation destinations like Plant City, Florida where the population doubles during the peak season, storage sheds are useful in stowing extra furniture that may be required only during the height of the season. The choice is yours: architectural shingles or Galvalume roof for your quality shed or barn. The Sport Classic is a modern classic that is truly timeless, and with a few tweaks seems to comfortably wear a thousand different looks. If your bike still has them please throw them away and fit some grippy rubber with a decent profile. In the UK this is not yet a problem, but we do also have EU quotas on Ethanol to fulfil, so it may come to our shores soon. Unfortunately Guzzi is way smaller and definitely less respected, but nonetheless deserves a little shout-out.
Our company only hires the most skilled craftsmen who use the highest quality materials to build our sheds.
Therefore, you might be feeling pretty excited about your upcoming purchase, but you could be wondering how you can choose the perfect storage shed for your yard.

We are producing sheds for the consumer who cares, the acreage or lot owner who needs a high quality shed at reasonable prices. Check for plenty of opinions on which are best, but for performance I like my Pilot Pures. It always seemed to me that Guzzi were usually busy making things bigger and more complicated, whereas the Sport Classic range seemed to be an object lesson in simplicity. I’m planning a 4p4p conversion and am looking at having to fit 999 10-spoke cast wheels and new rotors to make it all work. With sufficient light and a power source, they can be used as woodworking shops or hobby rooms where one can contain the clutter and the noise that comes with handling power tools.
Reports from coastal areas hit by hurricanes say that metal roofs have withstood high winds hands down compared with shingles. Guzzi STILL has their hands in the classic world with the V7 racer thing they’ve got going, but the performance is underwhelming compared to these nicely aging Ducatis. Our shed material suppliers offer their own warranties which include a 50 year siding warranty. Properly configured, a storage shed can be turned into an artista€™s studio as some in Plant Citya€™s art community have already discovered.
For instance, you should decide how big of a shed you need for your purposes; in doing so, take a look at what you need to put in your shed and how much room you can afford to take up in your yard. Growing families have also stumbled on the potential of Plant City metal storage sheds as playhouses for young children. At South Country Sheds you will find our staff courteous and ready to serve as well as please. As a bonus, the storage shed will also hold oversized toys and excess childrena€™s equipment, effectively de-cluttering the main house.
We are here to provide you with a storage shed or barn that will be of use to you for many years to come.
When the children outgrow the playhouse, the storage shed can be repurposed for household storage or as a potting shed.
As such, they have been converted into permanent pool houses to store outdoor furniture, pool supplies and pool toys when not in use.
Creative homeowners have turned storage sheds into changing rooms with the shower area located nearby. However, it must be noted that local regulations may require a homeowner to obtain a permit prior to the installation of a Plant City metal storage shed.

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