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The Process for converting a garage (or shed) into a living space, is similar to a granny flat approval except that since the structure has already been erected, a Civil or Structural Engineer must be engaged to travel to your site, inspect the existing slab (plus frame) and to issue an Engineer’s Structural Certificate.
We have done a number of conversions and thus far, we are the only service qualified to approve garage conversions where the setbacks (distance to boundaries) is less than 900mm. We must finally asses the structure for Energy-Efficiency under the NSW BASIX requirements. It’s worth noting that renting out an un-approved garage (or shed) exposes the landlord to criminal and civil litigation. You can Contact us on (02) 9785 2781 from anywhere in NSW and we will carry out your Shed or Garage Conversion quickly and Efficiently. Granny Flat Approvals have been designing and managing the construction of their award winning granny flats for over 15 years throughout Sydney. Serge and his team offer an unparallelled solution for helping you create your new granny flat. Get a Head Start on Planning Your Garden, Even if Ita€™s SnowingYes, You Can Enjoy Your Yard in December! Resources abound for salvage projects like this a€” people throw building materials away all the time, and many stores specialize in vintage and reclaimed materials.
She stuffed all 26 windows into her Chevy Impala and schlepped them home a€” before taking stock of what she had.
We undertook all works from the planning and design right through to the decoration and landscaping. If you’re looking for a quality garage, carport, shed, open front farm shed, workshop, barn or steel kit home in Western Australia, you can make big savings by choosing a DIY kit from Garage Wholesalers. We have a kit for every purpose with a huge range of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, many of which can be customised to suit your specific needs.
Just as importantly, you’ll be guided by our friendly, helpful staff, with years of experience in the steel and shed building industries. From single vehicle housing to purpose-designed secure lock-ups for your fleet, we have the kit for you. For the professional tradie, farm business owner or hobbyist – we have a workshop kit to suit every purpose. Our versatile carport kits provide car or boat protection for a fraction of the cost of a full garage.

Ideal for a granny flat, holiday home or chalet – choose from one, two or three bedroom designs.
Garage Wholesalers is a Western Australian Building Group company specialising in easy to assemble DIY garage kits, shed kits, barn kits and 6 star energy rated steel kit homes delivered to your door ready to assemble. At Granny Flat Approvals Sydney, we are the leading experts in garage conversions for both metropolitan Sydney and Rural NSW. This certifies that the existing structure meets the Building Code of Australia for Residential Dwellings. In these cases, we will need to design a Fire-Rated-Wall in order to meet the Building Code as it applies to the minimum fire-separation regulations for granny flats and garage conversions. We are experts at doing this so that your construction costs are minimised and so that your conversion costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Any Accidents, Fire or other Personal Injury Claims can results in the landlord being pursued  by the NSW Department Of Fair Trading and the NSW Police Force.
We offer a fast and efficient Approval Service to protect landlord and to bring their conversion up to the Australian Standards via  our legally binding Granny Flat Approvals. Whether it is for investment purposes or the family is extending, Granny Flat Approvals is here to help you from start to finish. Aside from caring for a family of eight, harvesting and selling homemade honey, and raising chickens and horses on her familya€™s 8-acre property, she has recently built her own greenhouse using primarily recycled materials.
Moore says she framed the greenhouse rather unconventionally to accommodate the maximum 27- by 42-inch window span. Winter on the ridge drops to temperatures in the teens, and Moore hopes to use passive heating to warm the greenhouse. After considering various options, including a prefabricated timber structure, it was decided to build the structure in materials that matched the existing house. Once you call us, we will promptly travel to your property, carry out the relevant inspections and we can usually have your approval done within just two weeks. We guarantee that the price you pay for your approval will be recouped in the construction phase. We do this by presenting the approval documents in a way that reduces your compliance costs and by completing the BASIX Certificate to minimise your building costs as well. An Insurance Company will not honor any claims made where the structure is not legally approved as a habitable dwelling. One may see this as an attempt to shock, but you simply do not want to lease-out a granny flat that has not been approved. After picking up 26 vintage oak casement windows for free from a glass cutter looking to unload them, Moore decided that building a greenhouse would be the perfect way to extend the short Tennessee growing season and to get her children involved in a meaningful home improvement project.

When a€?Granny needed a bigger closet for canning,a€? she says, they drove around the community hunting for building materials and a€?trasha€? that other people had tossed out a€” and the resourcefulness of her grandfather stuck with Moore. A pitched roof was originally envisioned, but this shed roof design involved a lot less cutting and less square footage a€” a plus when the panels cost $30 apiece. Shea€™ll observe temperatures in it over the winter to see if supplemental heating is required a€” solar panels, perhaps. Her grandfather grew pomegranates and Shasta daisies in Texas, and this homage to his influence really brings the process full cycle. Internally, the brief was to give Mick’s mother her own living space and the final layout consisted of a large open plan living space with separate kitchen and wet room.
We have seen two cases in NSW (one recently on the South Coast) where fire injuries sustained by tenants (in an unapproved granny flat) resulted in the landlord being charged under the NSW Crimes Act. Using a circular saw, a jigsaw and a battery-powered drill, she spent about a month and less than $400 to erect an 8-foot by 8-foot greenhouse on her familya€™s ridge.
She's looking forward to growing a lot more in the coming seasons, and maintaining a balmy temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit over the winters would make a world of difference.She caulked the windows and then let her kids have a go with the olive green paint.
You can just sit down there and watch the trees, the horses and enjoy the house." Let her process inspire your own project.
Before they move out of the house or get sucked into the busy years of high school and college, she wants to involve them in as many home projects that would allow them to get their hands dirty as possible.
She used decking screws to build it, saying, "They don't back out with the swell and contraction that wood goes through seasonally."Moore's property is advantageously situated on the southeast side of a tall ridge, which offers shelter from most direct winds.
Shea€™s considering salvaged stainless steel restaurant shelving for stacking and displaying the plants. They helped cut roof panels, applied the olive green paint and even helped with the framing. For now, two hanging planters and heirloom tomato cuttings are testing out conditions over the winter while temperatures are monitored and sun patterns observed.
God willing, it'll be here for a long time," she says.While Moore has a home renovation and other garden building projects under her belt, shea€™s the first to admit that this project wasna€™t without its challenges.

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