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The bottom line is that if you want to own a dog, scooping up poop and going outside is simply something you’re going to have to learn to love.
Nowadays, the dachushund is still one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the United States thanks to its social nature, cute droopy ears and warm intelligent eyes. Dachunds can have three different types of coats – short haired, long haired, and wire haired. They’re trusting, affectionate dogs who are friendly with strangers, other pets and small children. You know after my Saab died I never got the chance to take good care of one even though how much my husband and kids love to. Do you want somebody to listen to your relationship woes without judgment and to get your butt off the couch when you can’t be bothered to exercise? This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds. Take your pug on daily walks and everyone in the neighborhood will admire his cute wiggle as he struts around town.
Your image of the greyhound is the Olympic athlete of dogs, whipping around the track at lightening speed. This member of Japan’s six native dog breeds is known for her fun personality, pointy ears and agility. Like that time you sent your ex-boyfriend two hundred text messages, your Crested also suffers from separation anxiety. There’s a reason the English Bulldog has been chosen as a mascot for so many universities and sports teams. About Latest Posts Meredith JaegerWriter at Apartment ListMeredith Jaeger is a freelance writer and author of women’s fiction.
1 of 122, Jess a€?Slambi Laupera€™ Fletcher from the City Sirens will be up against Karen a€?Razza Makazza€™ Galea from the Missfits in Ipswicha€™s first roller derby bout on Sunday. 3 of 122, Mariah Carew was named winner of the senior section of the Bundy Icon Model Search 2011. 4 of 122, Sergeant Dallas Leven of Grafton highway patrol said results from a recent police blitz on drink driving suggested many Clarence Valley drivers were still ignoring the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. 5 of 122, Students Byron Roberts, Jordan Barnham and Jack Baker-Sime hope to hold special Banana Festival performances. 6 of 122, Paul Zanuso, the father of Nathan Zanuso who was killed in an accident on the Pacific Highway last year near Ulmarra, places a cross on the side of the road at the site of the crash. 7 of 122, Liam MacPhail, Rory MacPhail and Tom Swift from Cudgen SLSC in training ahead of the junior NSW Surf Life Saving Championships at Kingscliff. 11 of 122, Jimmy Armstrong, Brandon Zysk and TJ Esau familiarise themselves with the beer goggles and standard drink measures.
12 of 122, MOUNTING UP: Volunteers walk beside a pile of debris removed from flood damaged houses in Fairfield. 14 of 122, Going off: Fireworks explode over Main Beach, Yamba, as part of the Pacific Hotela€™s New Yeara€™s fireworks. 15 of 122, Brian Gold is a big kid at heart and loves turning his Currimundi home into a Christmas wonderland. 16 of 122, WINNING RIDE: Brett Cross doesna€™t look too comfortable but he scored enough points to share victory on Saturday in the open bull ride. 17 of 122, Bernice Welch and her grand-daughter Sophie Johnson attending the QT Adopt-a-Family movie screening where movie-goers were asked to bring a can of food. 18 of 122, Paul Jones from the Grafton SES freeing a Willy Wagtail from the Vent on top of Gon' Fishin. 19 of 122, Carols by Candlelight events will fill the region with Christmas spirit this weekend.
26 of 122, Australian working dog rescue foster carer Sandra Ward of Bundamba with Cherry (left) and her cat Norton. 27 of 122, Coffs Harbour's Chris Hales gets the chop for charity after agreeing to shave off his 30cm mane, snowy beard and moustache to raise almost $5000 for beyondblue. 28 of 122, Cameron Grant of Inspired Youth Performing Arts performs his fire twirling moves for the crowd at the North Coast National Exhibition 2010 in Lismore. 29 of 122, Tickled pink Cancer Council volunteers Kathy Derrett and Meg Oa€™Hara in the mood to mark Pink Ribbon Day. 30 of 122, MasterChef contestant Aaron Harvie and Natalie Miller celebrate their marriage on Mr Harviea€™s mothera€™s property at Teven last month. 32 of 122, Striking pose: Zane Melton and Alicia Marcy will dance together for the last time at their annual concert next Saturday. 33 of 122, Phil Rettkea€™s time exposure photo of the final F-111 dump-and-burn over Bundamba on Saturday night. 34 of 122, David Halliwell is taking part in 1200km bike ride to raise funds for Brisbane and Sydneya€™s Royal Childrena€™s hospitals. 35 of 122, Haoyan Kotis releases 17 doves as a last Hervey Bay goodbye at yesterdaya€™s memorial service for her husband. 37 of 122, To celebrate the arrival of the finalists in this yeara€™s Archibald Prize, Coffs Harbour locals were invited to come as their favourite portrait. 38 of 122, SENIOR CONSTABLE Nick Dixon prepares to lead the procession at the police remembrance day service at the Christchurch Cathedral in Grafton. 39 of 122, Matt Geronimi from this yeara€™s So You Think You Can Dance series on Channel 10 came to the BOK dance school in Pottsville.
40 of 122, Kulangoor farmer Kelvin Yarrow has made headlines after blocking roads on his farm with tractors to stop workers from the Northern Network Alliance from entering the property. 41 of 122, The congregation came out in force to bless the new St Matthewa€™s Anglican Church in Dunoon, after the original was destroyed in a freak tornado.
44 of 122, TAKE THE PLUNGE: Warm weather prompts Shaynne Ford to shed her winter coat and explore the depths of what Gladstone has to offer. 45 of 122, Amazing atmospheric sight: Reader and dedicated storm-chaser Chris McFerran sent us this stunning snap of a rare pileus cap cloud from earlier in the week. 46 of 122, Big stretch: Karlee Maguire (purple), Emily Rowles (blue) and Alycia Keane (grey) limber up as a special dance course at Tweed is taking placements for next year.
47 of 122, Boonaha€™s a€?perfect figa€™, the central figure in a€?The Treea€™, and (above) just one of the scenes tourists will delight in when they tour the Scenic Rim region after seeing the movie.
48 of 122, Ipswich Hospital Emergency Services director Stephen Brierley is moving on after 13 years in the position. 49 of 122, NERVOUS WAIT: Nev Reeves ponders the prospect of winning $100,000 from Keno if he kicks a goal from half-way.
50 of 122, Surfing photographer Patrick Gorbunovs captured this image of a shark while surfing in the Byron Bay area.
51 of 122, Team-of-the-century member Syd Clarke, a former Nambour All Whites captain-coach, is looking forward to being inducted into the Hall of Fame. 52 of 122, Friends release 99 red balloons in memory of Anthony Hiro Nagata who died one year ago. 53 of 122, One of the baby crocs at Koorana Croc Farm during their best laying season in 10 years. 54 of 122, OFF HIS TROLLEY: Councillor Paul Tully is fuming over Woolwortha€™s trolley ruling. 55 of 122, BARGAIN: Councillor Trevor Nardi sits in one of the impounded cars which will be auctioned off tomorrow. 56 of 122, White-out: Teacher Ebany Draper with Ta€™Schani Mae Southon getting the white balloons ready.
59 of 122, Christchurch residents Neville and Lorraine Chatterton watched the quake drama unfold in their hometown on television in their Mooloolaba unit. 61 of 122, Happy birthday Dot: Grafton woman Dot Edmonds celebrated her 102nd birthday yesterday surrounded by family and friends.

62 of 122, Anne Laurich is a ballerina on Green Hills Road with Mt Maroon and Mt Barney as the backdrop and is part of the Scenic Rima€™s new tourism advertising.
63 of 122, Lights, camera, action: Saraton Theatre manager Robbie Seymour is all ready for the reopening of the historic theatre in Grafton. 64 of 122, The sun comes up over a cold campsite in Polsons Paddock at the National Music Muster. 65 of 122, Burrum Heads woman Irene Johnstone wants to be able to get mail in her letter box and shea€™s not the only one.
67 of 122, The Stewart family, Darryl, Lachlan, Angus and Fiona cremate their Maremma Draco, the fifth dog to die on their Mungar property within a couple of weeks. 68 of 122, MAYOR OVERBOARD: Cr Paul Pisasale (right) tries to balance the sinking air boat during filming for a Sunrise television segment on Wednesday. 69 of 122, Anthony Edwards is constructing a court scene out of papier-mache for the Ipswich Courthouse. 70 of 122, Steven Wallis is disgusted that someone stole Rileya€™s Kawasaki KFX50 motorbike from the shed behind their home. 71 of 122, Bill Moorhead wishes Bundaberg Regional Council had revealed accurate rate fluctuations when it sent out the rate notices.
72 of 122, a€?Tip Chicka€? Jessica Milne says council should explain its decision to terminate her contract as the popular manager of its Tin Can Bay rubbish tip. 73 of 122, Year Seven students from Brassall State School take part in the Jump Rope For Heart fundraiser for the Heart Foundation on Friday. 74 of 122, Doves are released at the end of the Vietnam Veterans Day memorial service in Hervey Bay.
77 of 122, Charter boat the Bell Cay in trouble 200km off the central Queensland coast after a severe storm capsized the boat in August 2010. 78 of 122, AGL Recue Helicopter Service held an exercise to help determine the effect on health of patients being winched into the helicopter. From the dog walking, the poop scooping, the vet appointments, the bathing, the feeding – and not to mention the shedding.
Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Yorkshire terriers are tiny little dogs with large personalities. DachshundLong haired dachshund next to miniature short haired dachshund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Dachsunds are small, long bodied dogs that belong to the hound family.
However, while they make excellent companions, they’re not too good with small children. Miniature SchnauzerMiniature Schnauzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Miniature Schnauzers very rarely shed and are affectionate little dogs who were originally bred to keep away small rodents. HavaneseHavanese (Photo credit: Reenie-Just Reenie)The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba. MalteseMaltese Puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Maltese dogs are highly energetic and have a tendency to be excitable. They tend to bark frequently, so they don’t necessarily make the best apartment dogs.
I have a bichon and they are Definitely NOT for lazy people, neither are poodles for that matter.
Shed hairs have nothing to do with the hair extensions since you shed your own hair every day, no matter what you do or wear in your hair (and a whopping 50-100 hairs a day are claimed on average) but while wearing and removing, the hair extensions, you may for the first time see your shed hairs all together and this, at first, can be disturbing.Shed hairs are not an excuse to disclaim hair loss or damage from applying hair extensions, though, and this article will outline how to identify, understand and monitor your shed hairs. Your dog can do that and he’ll eat your leftovers when no one else liked what you cooked for dinner. He’ll grow to be about 18 lbs (unless you over feed him and make him a big fatty!), follow you around the house, and want to sleep in bed with you.
This guy needs you to clean out his facial wrinkles on a daily basis to remove dirt and debris, and also requires daily brushing. His energy level is high, so be sure to take him for walks in the park and to play indoor games as well. He’s not prone to yippiness like the poor excuse for a dog that belongs to that crotchety old lady down the hall.
Bichons are good with children, but puppies should be handled by kids only under adult supervision.
Get your Bichon out of the house regularly for a game of fetch, and practice teaching him tricks at home.
Forgetting her size, she’ll probably challenge the Doberman down the block to a fight, so be careful when you’re on walks together. It’s too dangerous to have these tiny dogs around children under the age of eight, because your Chihuahua might get injured. Chihuahuas need 20-30 minutes of daily exercise, and are eager to keep playing, so make sure your dog doesn’t wear herself out.
If someone tries to steal your precious flat screen TV, your dog will be a lot more frightening than Tinkerbelle the Chihuahua. Be sure to take this guy on long walks so that he doesn’t get fat, but you don’t need to run marathons together. She shouldn’t bark unless something suspicious is going on, or another dog is making her feel threatened. The Shiba Inu will be friendly towards children as long as they treat her with kindness and respect. Because if you’re sick (or horrifically hungover as mentioned before), your Chinese Crested will lie in bed with you for hours. Be careful, this David Blaine-esque dog can escape from almost any enclosure, and will dig, bark and climb if he’s freaked out.
Chinese Crested dogs will tire out after about 15-20 minutes of play time and want to go back to their den.
Brush your Boston weekly and wash his face everyday, to check his eyes for redness or irritation. The Cavalier might bark when someone comes to the door, or she’ll just ignore it and keep quiet.
The breed is known for being tough and tenacious, but personally I think the bulldog’s squashy face is too adorable to be intimidating.
When she’s not working on her novels, she's dancing badly to techno music, whether at Coachella or in her kitchen.
Family friend and the service celebrant, Annette Georgiou stands beside her for encouragement. Despite being extremely territorial and protective, they’re also playful, outgoing, and very sociable.
The dachshund was originally bred to help hunters track badgers, prairie dogs, rabbits, and other smaller prey. Shih Tzu owners will often choose to have their dog’s hair trimmed to minimize grooming.
They can be a bit needy at times, bu that makes them perfect for the dog owner who wants a little buddy to pamper.
They possess a wiry overcoat as well as a soft undercoat which can require daily brushing, but most owners choose to clip most of their hair short. Dog owners who want to minimize maintenance should have their Bichon Frise’s hair clipped close to the body, otherwise their coat will need to be brushed daily. I have to bathe my dog every 2-3 week’s and brush his teeth as they are prone to dental problems.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a warm, wiggly body wake you up with sloppy kisses, just because you don’t have a yard. Because of their brachiocephalic (fancy way of saying flat-nosed) faces, pugs can have breathing issues, especially in warm weather. He may look like a high-maintenance beauty queen, but unlike other toy dogs, he won’t yap, except to alert you when there’s a stranger at the door.

This go-anywhere companion needs a loving owner to take care of her for the next eighteen years. Because let’s face it, you’re way too out of shape to chase him, and he might not want to come back. But when a mastiff has never seen a child before, he gets freaked out by how loud and unpredictable they are!
And just like your favorite show on G4, your Shiba Inu could become the next Ninja Warrior!
This 12 lb sack of love will fall in love with you, make you her world, and never leave your side. But he’ll play games, cuddle affectionately, and love your family with all his hairless little heart.
This poor little princess has no street smarts whatsoever, and might run in front of a car. I mean, look at that broad head and those stubby legs, that funny under bite and all those wrinkles! Even though they have long, thick, luxurious coats of fur, they actually don’t shed much at all. They also make great apartment dogs since they’re generally quiet and less likely to bark at strangers passing in the hall.
They have double coats, but unlike most double coated breeds, their outer coat is extremely soft. They can certainly be high maintenance if the owner chooses to grow out their long hair, but owners who don’t want to brush their hair daily can choose to clip their coat short. Get ready for some face-licking fun; we’ve compiled a list of the top ten apartment friendly dog breeds.
But there’s a reason that the adorable Chihuahua is the star of commercials and Hollywood movies: she’s got that it factor! Because the greyhound weighs in at 60-70 lbs, you should probably consider a different breed if you live in a studio.
A 20-30 minute walk should keep your adult greyhound healthy, but more than two short walks a day are recommended. He won’t bark for fun, but your mastiff will let you know when something suspicious is going on. But if you take her off leash, be careful-she’ll chase rats (if you live in an urban neighborhood like mine) or squirrels, and could potentially be aggressive with other dogs. If you’ve just gone through a soul-crushing breakup, the Chinese Crested will nurse your blackened heart back to health.
10-25 lbs of stubbornness in a handsome black and white coat, Boston Terriers can be hyperactive at times.
At about the 1-2 week point you will have enough shed hairs held in your bonds that you might feel these poking and tickling you at your scalp.
On a scale of Eric Cartman lazy to Tweek Tweak hyper, these lovable buddies fall nicely in between. Your greyhound is just as happy snuggling up with you, watching HBO as he is playing in the park. Take him for regular 20 minute walks and you can both stroll at a leisurely pace before coming home to crash out on the sofa. But like Beyonce, your Shiba is fiercely independent, which is why it’s important to socialize her early with other dogs.  This smarty-pants may think she knows what’s best, so look for a trainer who understands this breed’s unique mindset. This heat-loving canine can lounge in the sun like a lizard, so if you live in the Arizona desert, a Chinese Crested is for you. They shouldn’t be left alone for long, so part-time workers or stay-at-home moms make good owners. Though they’re courageous and protective of their families, bulldogs are also friendly and playful.
Plus, they’re easy to groom, quiet (your neighbors should complain about your boozy parties, not incessant yapping) and relaxed. But you don’t need to be a reality show has-been like Paris Hilton to walk around toting one of these babies.
However, he has no tolerance for cold, and can’t be exposed to it as a means of ‘toughening up.’ Please don’t torture your dog, let him be comfortable! You might think it’s cute when your bulldog snores (not so cute when he farts), but beware of the many respiratory problems they’re prone to. If you can just make it thorough this period, and allow your hair to grow out another week or so, the washing you do will bend those hairs downward and away from your scalp. When you invite your friends over for beers, maybe he’ll fetch a cold one for you, like the dog in the Budweiser commercial.
Chihuahua’s can be bigger divas than J-Lo if overindulged, so remind your doggie who’s the boss. You better start pumping some iron at the gym because you’ll need to be able to lift this fatty when it’s time to take him to the vet!
But they’re easy going and affectionate, getting along well with other dogs and with cats too. Like Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting, they’re fighters on the outside, but loving and affectionate at home. Your bulldog will sleep until it’s time to eat again (just like your good-for-nothing ex-husband), so don’t expect a lot of activity from him.
Don’t let him fall prey to the obesity epidemic, or he’ll end up on some TLC special about fat dogs (it doesn’t exist yet, but I’m sure it will).
Because they’re in the same class of dogs as pugs (brachycephalic), these guys are prone to over heating. At 13-18 pounds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the perfect size for apartment dwellers. Though he loves children, you won’t find your bulldog playing fetch at the family barbecue. Their funny antics will amuse all your friends, as will their snorting, drooling and flatulence. Know what they are so that you can ease your mind or use caution by,a–? Feeling the hairsa–? Looking over the hairs anda–? Assure yourself of the natural loss of haira–? Monitoring your hair thickness before and after extensionsThis is a grown out strand of extension hairs at 3 months.
The little white balls on the ends are these hard beads identifying true, natural shed hairs.After wearing thick, voluminous hair extensions for many months, you may automatically feel your hair is thinner once the extensions are removed.
These dogs are usually quiet, but like a true Bostonian, they’ll get scrappy if another male invades their territory. Add to this the sight of a mass of shed hairs with removing and it adds to this perception. Having a solid measurement before-hand, and photos of the natural hair prior to installing and wearing the hair extensions, you have the tools available to know what is really going on. Since many reports of hair loss hair loss are associated with hair extensions, I absolutely recommend you take these before pictures and compare them to your hair upon removal of the hair extensions 3-4 months later.
It may be your first response to believe this hair has been pulled out by the weight of the growth of the hair extension and the hair caught in the bonds, but this is truly not the case. You have always shed these hairs but you may have just not noticed them.What Unnatural Shed Hairs Look and Feel LikeNow, do know that if you are finding hairs without this hard bead, but in fact there is a sticky, soft end to the hair, this is a living root and not a shed hair. Broken hairs will have no tips, no bulbs, hard or soft.*Please note this is only added for education and has never been an issue with the hair extension wear associated with our hair extension products. We are noted by far too many professional hair extension users and testers that this non-damaging hair extension product and system offers absolutely safe, damage-free hair extension wear and has never caused any kind of unnatural hair loss with wearing the hair extension product.

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