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Chris, one of my readers, sent me these photos of a backyard tool shed his dad, Hans, built and then decided to transform into a tiny house. Comments are encouraged but please keep it constructive and do not make any direct attacks on other commenters. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. Here is a list of things you will likely have to attend to if you wish to create a home or convert to a home from a Class 10a (shed) non habitable building.
Whilst reg’s can vary from state to state and council area to council area generally they are similar and based around the Building Code of Australia.
To successfully change the use of your temporary building to a dwelling you will need to ensure that the structure meets the requirements of the Regulations and the Building Code of Australia.
This entry was posted in living in sheds, Shed Homes, Sheds garages carports and tagged building code, can I, council, in, live, requirments, rules, shed. This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape feature was submitted by Renee who sent me about 30 cool pictures and I chose three for this weeks feature. These tiny houses are in the rustic setting with rough wood and timber frame structures built into the landscape. My favorite is the first photo with the rustic old wood and the beautiful fall colors and a nice view from the hill on which it is built. I really like the natural roof in the second one and the way it blends into the background. The third one is small timber frame garden shed, but I could imagine it as a tiny house or cabin getaway as well. Seriously, as you post these, I really want to start using them for backgrounds and other things. The shot of the rustic home which appears to be sitting on the edge of a hill is beautiful. Internally there is adequate space for a desk, storage and shelving, which can even be built into the pod.

The garden shed looks so pretty with its tiled roof, dark green painted wood and cottage style window.
Many homes in New England have shed dormers, which are build to use otherwise unusable space in the attic, and greatly expand square footage of the home, without huge expenses of building an addition.
A metal roof could be used to solve the constant roof leaks and ice dams on such low slope roofs, but in this particular case (the picture above), the pitch of the roof is too low for even a standing seam metal roof to work, and the best solution in this case would be an IB Flat and Low-slope roofing membrane.
Another solution commonly used by residential roofing contractors is the rolled asphalt roofing, or simply rolled roofing.
IB Roofing membrane is a fully watertight system, utilizing hot-air fusion welded seams, which insure a permanent bond between the sheets, flashing and even the drip edge.
There is no glues or adhesives involved in the installation, as is the case with EPDM rubber roofs.
IB Roofing membrane does not cure over time, and remains weldable even 25 years after installation.
As an additional benefit to the environment and to your wallet, an IB roof will outlast 2, 3 or even more conventional roofs, which would otherwise have to be dumped in a landfill. As a certified IB Roof Systems Installer, we can install and IB roof for you in any part of Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island, as well as in southern ME, NH and VT.
I came accross this website because I have a low grade roof and I had ice damming problems last Winter.
Do you know or can you recommend anyone in Upstate NY (Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester) to do this type of work? Some roof installation work may be undertaken by our independent partners, who are also licensed and certified to install IB Roof Systems, and Metal Roofs in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It’s hard to tell if the little windows up there are operable but I bet they would really help cool the space off fast especially if a lower window on a cool wall were opened a little too.
In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted. This will include the preparation of suitable plans of the building and a site plan, and the provision of a number of reports such as a BAL assessment, energy rating, geotechnical (soil) report and structural engineering design where required. Could you clearifiy the license for these photos, as well as perhaps posting (or at least encuraging) larger format versions?

When i find it I may purchase a photo if it’s for sale, or comment to the photographer. You can see more photos of it on Flickr, read the complete story on Shedblog and Shedworking. However, the way these shed dormers are built, requires them to have a very low sloped roof, at times almost flat. When asphalt shingle is used in such roof assembly, the joints between the shingles and the overlaps between them are an easy way for water to penetrate the roof. Rubber roofs use splice tape or black glue to keep the seams together, and after just a short period of time the adhesives break down, and the roof begins to leak.
There is a flashing for every possible roof penetration, such as in-roof drains, inside and outside corners, air vents, pipe boots, etc. Even so but I think you’ll agree this tiny house would be a very nice little place to spend some time.
I would enjoy seeing some tiny houses in a modern setting and a modern design, so please keep your eyes open. These roofs are the first to leak, as conventional roofing materials cannot stand up to the Ice Dams build up and wind driven rain water, penetrating the roof between the seams in shingles and rolled roofing products. If there is ever any mechanical damage to the roof, such as falling tree branches or accidental cuts,┬áthe roof is easily fixed by just welding a patch to the damaged area. I believe there is a way to post photos in private locations or put your copyright on the photo, or have it listed so it can’t not be copied.
At this point, the roof leaks constantly, and no matter how many patch jobs you do, it will still leak. Not to mention that when shingles are installed on a pitch of less than 3 in 12″, the warranty is immediately void on them.

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