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TUFF SHED®, the industry leader in storage buildings is currently contracting with qualified experienced framers, rough carpenters and other similar professionals.
As an independent contractor, you must be able to sign a services contract and have all necessary licenses, certificates, tools, equipment, supplies, vehicles, trailers and insurances necessary to perform these services.
Many of Matthew’s customers are so happy with his work that they hire him for other projects. This particular storage shed was in very bad shape, but Matthew Good of Good Odd Jobs was able to remove the rotted wood and repair it, saving the homeowner time and money in the process. The lower right corner has sufferend not only from the weather, but critters chewing their way in as well.

Another picture of the siding replacement; this shot demonstrates that the other sides of the shed weren't in such bad shape, making repair a better choice than replacement. In addition to the siding, we installed a new door as well as window over the door to let light inside.
This vinyl fence is one example of that, you can see the shed he re-built in the background. The environmentally conscious choice is to repair items that can be repaired instead of sending them to the land fill. Not only is the siding rotting, but some of the trim and the support beams are deteriorating too.

This is an excellent opportunity to grow your business by partnering with an established company with an excellent reputation. You will also be required to subcontract business as a legal entity such as a corporation or limited liability company.

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