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Tell us about your work: what you're passionate about, what inspires you, and where you're going. I spent much of my work time on site at clients' homes, businesses, or schools and Dan has no desire to have a traditional away-from-home office.
My husband looked around the Internet and saw a few office shed designs that inspired us but none captured completely what we wanted.  So, armed with what I wanted and what my husband wanted, he designed one for us! A lot of design went into the shed structure itself, but the structure design was born from the functionality we wanted the inside of the shed to have. Other items we got from Ikea include my shelf, my desk light, our trash cans and recycle bins.
The office took a couple of months to build as my husband could only work on it nights and weekends. Vanessa Hayes is a Professional Organizer and the "Chief Simplicity Officer" at Get Simplifized!
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Kaplan, Picture Maker - choosei»? from sub-menu abovePerspective is at the heart of good realistic drawing. Further, we both wanted to be more available to our kids, family, each other, and even ourselves after nearly three decades of structure. And third: It can be easy to fall into the trap of chit-chat and letting conversation rob your productivity. As comfortable as the glider is (it’s the amazingly stylish and well built Luca Glider and ottoman from Monte Design), it doesn’t make for much of an office! While you could likely find more change under your couch cushions than these links bring in, I still want to keep Uncle Sam happy.
We both got pretty tired of our temporary offices and the clutter that inevitably takes over. We mapped out our goals before we started, so the things we needed were designed into the office.

So, let your partner know if you need to completely focus on a task -- and commit to respect each others' efforts during those focused times.
We’re also planning on being in this house for a just a few more years before we move to some land in the Texas Hill Country, so building an addition was out of the question. She is available for hands-on organizing, virtual organizing, and organization consulting for new home builders, remodelers or anyone seeking to simplify and organize their lives. We actually had two different home offices that were separated from one another by only a few feet: one was the dining room table and the other was a glider we bought in anticipation of the birth of our now five-year-old daughter.
Typically, Dan wakes without an alarm, takes the kids to school, prepares for the day, and then hits the office after his short commute (about 19 steps from the back door to the office door).
We decided that an actual office was not only necessary to keep the peace, but also to keep our sanity. These were a splurge for us -- but it really makes sense that, if you're going to spend a lot of time sitting, you really need to invest in a good chair.
Together, we got pretty tired of our temporary offices and the clutter that inevitably takes over. He says that he wishes he had more help with the roof and some of the framing, but otherwise it wasn’t too difficult a job. He also has a gift for breaking down complex tasks and explaining them in a way that people just get it.
I still commute to serve clients, but the major change for me is the burst of creativity I get when I get back to our office. We absolutely love the modern aesthetic but form must equal function -- for us they are mutually supportive attributes of good design. This system has worked really well and has really paid off when working with clients and partners. Every effort has been made here to present the principles of perspective in plain language and in the most understandable manner possible, with plenty of illustrations.i»?Copyright Frederic C. Thankfully, Dan has a passion for design, and after looking around the Internet for some inspiration, he designed one for us.

The result certainly achieved our goals of having a space large enough for two separate work spaces, that can host three or four clients comfortably, and is tech-infused, meaning Dan could have all his gear integrated in (and as cord-free as possible). With a bend toward the contemporary aesthetic, the SAYL chair line caused a Pavlovian response in Dan the moment he saw it.
There used to be many distractions when I worked in our home; those don't happen anymore when I'm in the office. It needed to be comfortable in the hot San Antonio summer and cool winter and look great in the back yard. To us, it was the embodiment of the same function-meets-form test we applied to the whole project. And when it's time to take a break, we like to take it together and spend a few minutes enjoying the day on the deck. That said, if you have any questions or comments on the project feel free to leave a comment below. Together, we're on a quest to simplify all aspects of our lives, from family lives to digital lives to our business lives. A former paratrooper, Dan has some back issues, and since we both were previously in the military, we each still feel the effects of years carrying around a rucksack.
So, I guess my first tip would be make your space individual but take time for togetherness, too. After using the chairs for over a year, I am still amazed how comfortable they are and how much better we feel at the end of a long day sitting when compared to other chairs we've tried. But, the one "wish" we have is that the design would have allowed for one tall casement window on a wall to help with circulation on those mild Central Texas winter days. Dan says sometimes he gets jealous when showing off our "world shed quarters" and the first thing people notice is the SAYL chairs before his design and DIY skills!

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