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David is a wonderful person to work with,he is always very responsive to our request and is prompt on delivery.We reccomend him anytime.
David is an outstanding owner who is very responsible, Knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to customers. I highly recommend David from Deep Blue Smarthouse for people looking for steel framed housing solutions that can be shipped anywhere in the world. DeepBlue shed is manufactured from the finest grade Australian steel products with steel sheet cladding for added strength and durability. Here are some of our favorite ways to make your barn home lighting reflect your personal style. Light fixtures can be a great way to introduce color into a room.  It can be used as a stand out accent color, or can mirror the colors already in the room. The jewel toned red used for the lamp shade shown above, helps to carry the colors of the great room back into the dining nook in this modern barn home.
In this post and beam dining room (shown above), the bright cobalt blue of the hanging lamp provides a unique splash of color to the otherwise neutral barn home. The lighting fixture shown above has a definite craftsman style that works cohesively with the mission style dining table and chairs.  Its large scale works well with the high ceilings and open floor plan inherent in so many barn homes.
This barn home great room (shown above) has two hanging lights with a very unique shape.  Their free form style is a nice contrast to the straight clean lines of the post and beam frame. What is your favorite style of barn home lighting?  Do you prefer the free-form, ultra modern lighting?  Or do you enjoy the look of a re-purposed antique?  Let us know by leaving a comment here, or on the Timberpeg Facebook Page.  And as always, if you have questions about any of the homes pictures, feel free to contact Timberpeg.
In addition to the cost of the lights themselves, it’s usually necessary to hire a licensed electrician to do the installation.
They are affordably priced, simple and safe to install yourself, can be relocated easily, and, of course, you also save on electrical costs.
Task lights and spotlights are the brightest class of solar lights and usually carry the highest price tag.
That said, it is important to realize a solar task light will not perform like a standard 100- watt outdoor floodlight. Most solar task lights and spotlights are designed so they can be mounted in a number of ways and can be adjusted to shine in any direction. Often the solar panel can be mounted separately from the light, which allows you to put the panel in a place where it will get the sun, and the light where it’s needed. While nearly all solar lights are weatherproof and UV protected, solar Task lights and spotlights are often more ruggedly constructed. Choose the type that’s right for your application, and enjoy an outdoor landscape lit by the free energy of the sun! Don’t worry about paying an electrician, running wires, or an expensive electric bill. Simply secure the solar panel to the outside of your shed, put the light inside, and you’re done.
This Solar Shed Light is charged by a powerful Crystal solar panel and the light fixture holds 24 LED Lights. Porches, paths, pools, patios, picnic tables… and the list can get much longer because  those are just the P’s!
Some of the devices in this collage look like things from the future, but folks, this is the future. Traffic lights, public lighting and signs, cellphones, laptops and a whole slew of other consumables are on the way in an effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, foreign oil and just plain save the planet.

Flexible solar rolls and briefcase style solar battery packs are just a couple futuristic ideas that have come to light (pun intended).
This is a very new and exciting form of power in an age where just about everything we use needs a power source from the baby’s toys to the grownups toys.
A solar panel (photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged interconnected assembly of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells.
The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications.
Because a single solar panel can only produce a limited amount of power, many installations contain several panels.
A photovoltaic installation typically includes an array of solar panels, an inverter, batteries and interconnection wiring. Solar panels use light energy (photons) from the sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The structural (load carrying) member of a module can either be the top layer (superstrate) or the back layer (substrate).
The majority of modules use wafer-based crystalline silicon cells or thin-film cells based on cadmium telluride or silicon.
Most solar panels are rigid, but semi-flexible ones are available, based on thin-film cells.
Separate diodes may be needed to avoid reverse currents, in case of partial or total shading, and at night. The p-n junctions of mono-crystalline silicon cells may have adequate reverse current characteristics that these are not necessary. Reverse currents are not only inefficient as they represent power losses, but they can also lead to problematic heating of shaded cells. Solar cells become less efficient at higher temperatures and so it desirable to minimize heat in the panels. Very few modules incorporate any design features to decrease temperature, but installers try to provide good ventilation behind solar panels.
Some recent solar panel designs include concentrators in which light is focused by lenses or mirrors onto an array of smaller cells. This enables the use of cells with a high cost per unit area (such as gallium arsenide) in a cost-effective way. Depending on construction, photovoltaic panels can produce electricity from a range of frequencies of light, but usually cannot cover the entire solar range (specifically, ultraviolet, infrared and low or diffused light). Hence much of the incident sunlight energy is wasted by solar panels, and they can give far higher efficiencies if illuminated with monochromatic light. Therefore another design concept is to split the light into different wavelength ranges and direct the beams onto different cells tuned to those ranges.
The use of infrared photovoltaic cells has also been proposed to increase efficiencies, and perhaps produce power at night. Sunlight conversion rates (solar panel efficiencies) can vary from 5-18% in commercial production, typically lower than the efficiencies of their cells in isolation.
Panels with conversion rates around 18% are in development incorporating innovations such as power generation on the front and back sides.
SMIT’s latest technological innovation, the GROW panel, trumps both conventional solar panels and wind turbines in harnessing natural energy. While its unique panels can capture the solar energy like any other solar panel we know of so far, GROW can also utilize the power of the wind to produce energy as the breeze jostles its leaf-like slender design.

Which might not be such a bad business plan given the aesthetic charisma of the leafy gizmo.
I went to buy a solar shed light a few months ago and after a few disappointing experiences and more than one return, I finally found a light that worked pretty good for where I needed light. I try to do my homework when it comes to buying this sort of thing but WOW, just how much information does a guy need to go through in order to not trip over the lawn mower in the shed? After quite a bit of trial and error I finally realized that its not really the "brand" of solar panel light that matters but more importantly the "type" of solar cells that are being used to capture the sunlight and convert it into energy. It's not very complicated but it is kind of involved so look around at a few other pages and I'll try to explain what I mean. I hope that someone can benefit from a few of the mistakes I've made along the way in my effort to "go green". Solar Panel Light For Sheds is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is the ultimate gloss enhancer for a deep, wet, bright shine on white and light paint finishes. Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is the ultimate gloss enhancer for a deep, wet, bright shine on white and light coloured paint finishes. For years, professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts have turned to Chemical Guys Black Light to enhance the lustrous deep-wet look on any colour car. All shed designs are fully engineered in accordance with the Standards Association of Australian building codes and are supplied with documentation to simplify building approval. Chemical Guys took the properties that made Black Light so coveted and reformulated it just for white and light coloured cars. For extra protection, top White Light with your favourite Chemical Guys Sealant, like JetSeal.
Use White Light to add tons of extra deep wet shine, fill minor swirls and scratches, and clean minor stains and imperfections.
White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is the latest specialty gloss enhancer and sealant for white and light colour finish. Topping White Light with JetSeal “locks in” the extra lustrous deep-wet shine of White Light under the durable protection of JetSeal.
Use White Light after a clay bar treatment, but before applying any sealant or wax coat for extra gloss and deep wet shine. Maintain your layers of protection with any premium Chemical Guys shampoo for weekly maintenance washes, and use Hybrid V7 for added protection and shine after every wash. White Light protects paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, water spots, and harmful UV solar rays. Light coloured vehicles treated with White Light look brighter, have more shine, and appear wetter than ordinary ones. White Light is perfect for white, pearl, silver, grey, and any other bright and light colour paint finishes that need extra shine, gloss, and protection. Professionals and hardcore enthusiasts have a new secret weapon for the best look on white and light coloured cars; Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish. Micro-refined oils penetrate deep into light swirls, scratches, and defects, reducing their visibility for a more lustrous shine.Protect, enhance, and shine your white car.

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