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Seattle-based architect Don Frothingham has converted an old dairy barn into a beautiful modern home on scenic Bainbridge Island in Washington. The renovation works to ensure a comfortable indoor climate by integrating green building practices while preserving the character of the barn.
Set in an idyllic landscape that includes second-growth forest, pasture land and even a retired orchard, this converted dairy barn is sure to charm its inhabitants with its rustic character without robbing them of the conveniences of contemporary living. Anyone who's read Michael Pollan's A Place of My Own has probably fantasized about having a backyard office shed.
Based out of Austin, Texas, Kanga Room makes backyard studios in a few styles: modern, country cottage, and bungalow. Founded by husband and wife team Ryan Grey Smith and Ahna Holder, this Seattle-based company that makes flat-packed prefab structures. Minnesota's Alchemy Architects designed the Weehouse Studio, which starts at $79,000 for 435 square feet. Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann design the kitHaus, a modular site-constructed prefab housing system.
Their structures, which they describe as "forts for grown-ups," come in four styles, all of them basic and boxy. These sheds were designed by Werner Aisslinger to make use of the extra space on top of city skyscrapers.
Designed by David Ballinger, the MetroShed is a prefab, flat-packed model that starts around $6,000. Having a shed dormer adds visual height to the house, offers more usable interior space and in addition adds a lot of natural light to the attic area. Building a shed dormer requires some careful planning and skills in construction, which means it is not an easy DIY project which you can complete in a weekend. It is essential to do a thorough inspection of the construction, the rafters and the support of the roof. However, this is one of the most common mistakes in the design of shed dormers – to make it as big as possible.
Old Barn Turned Into A Modern House With Unusual Architecture - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Australia's home building and renovation community providing you with access to the largest building forum and premium directory of trade professionals. HiNow that the house is built and the majority of the landscaping is finished, the last part of the backyard is just mocking me, so I'd love any ideas that people may have on what to do.
Further to my own previous creeper suggestion - I would also plant a creeper along the back fence - in the exposed area between the cubby and the shed.

Thanks for all your replies, I've got a few things to think about !Kek, your garden is beautiful, very modern and resort-y. My parents have a male and female kiwifruit on either side of the shed door with some posts and wire trellis over the top of the shed.
I like your ideas Steg esp painting everything to match - what about painting the shed (only need to do one side and that will be covered with vines eventually if you decide to go that way) and fence the same colour as the rainwater tank - it would all fade into the background then. Offering 3 bedrooms, expansive interior living spaces and plenty of outdoor recreation, the home exudes agrarian charm and is updated with modern conveniences that prove to be quite eco-friendly as well. Like other barn renovations we’ve seen in the past, Frothingham refrained from creating too many interior separations, leaving cathedral-like ceilings and lots of transparent surface area for natural daylighting and passive solar heat to fill the spaces with warmth. The reader may have also realized halfway into the book that he or she would choose not to build it by hand.
A basic exterior package for an 8x8-foot shed starts around $5,900 and you can add on a bathroom, kitchenette, and front porch for additional cost. Basic 8x10 sheds start at $6,900 and run as high as $70,00 for larger, more extensive models. It includes a main room and a bathroom, and it can be used as either a home office, guest house, or even a main residence.
Less than 400 square feet, these glass-walled structures include a kitchen and bathroom and start at $139,000.
Sizes and prices go up from there, to almost $70,000 for a full studio with kitchen and bath. Made of a cedar wood beam post frame with aluminum-frame sliding doors, it's a simple modern design that comes in 9x13 feet or larger. With wrong planning the dormer may be over sized and will look like an awkward large patch, overwhelming the main roof. The result is a competition between the gable and the house roof and you may not be pleased with the final look of your house addition. Its the main thing you see when looking out the back.I want to somehow hide this fabulously ugly shed and water tank, but still leave access for the cubby.
The best I could come up with with DH was to ring the landscaper and give him what remaining money we have left I should probably add that the area we're looking at covering is over 10 metres long so that's a lot of slats or a lot of plants either way Keep 'em coming ! I do like the render and timber combination on your big wall, it breaks things up so it doesn't look so expansive and overpowering. I copied the image link to here, first using the URL button above then using the Img button but on both occasions the images came out as small boxes with a red cross in it. The use of eco-friendly materials can be also found in numerous spots around the home, from Paperstone composite countertops in the kitchen, to dual flush toilets and cork flooring in the bathroom.

French doors leading to the deck feature modern insulated glass, although many windows throughout the home were left with single-pane, divided-light, leaded glass. Pollan's DIY odyssey makes a case for the simplicity and ease of a prefab kit — at least for those of us who lack extreme carpentry skills. Scale and proportion are especially important so that the final result is pleasing to the eye and complements the house exterior while providing additional living space. An old barn was changed into a cool residence with a layer of horizontal wooden blinds, allowing air to ventilate into a transitory covered space before entering the interior.
It also gave me a handy hidden spot for a potting bench and somewhere to store spare pots and other uglies that didn't fit in the shed. Hmmmm Helyn and all, I agree we definitely need some sort of climber along the back fence to soften the look and erase the colourbond. Finally, an upstairs nook is kept cozy with a wood stove that has the ability to warm the entire upper level.
If you fall into that group, here are eight modern options that would work well for a freestanding home office.
The popularity of shed dormers among homeowners is understandable as in addition to the increased living space, the investment adds value to the property both visual and financial. Depending on the main house frame you can build a dormer all the way along the roof line and its frame will be sitting on the main house frame.
It is recommended to hire an architect as they are well acquainted with the regulations, proportions and structural opportunities. Concealed and integrated into the cladding, large barn-style doors may remain closed for privacy or swung open for additional daylight.
We then had a garden bed in front of the screen, about 1.5 metres deep, planted with shrubs, bulbs and annuals. Saw something at the garden shop today which I have now promptly forgotten the name of, but it was a climber with big glossy leaves and large trumpet shaped flowers. The living room is more traditional in furniture and design, while the kitchen and bathroom is minimalist.
This is a cool sample of an unusual architectural solution, that is also functional and brings much fresh air and light in.

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