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The seat was struck off charge at RAF Marham in 1984, and is possibly the navigator's seat from a Canberra PR9, but I'm not yet sure.
Coyne's Ejection Site, which also has an illustration of the firing sequence, and a technical history of the Martin Baker company's seats.
Well appointed terrace property situated in the much sought after village of Drumaness, only 30 minutes distance from south Belfast, 3 miles from Ballynahinch and 7 miles from Downpatrick. Property Disclaimer: The property particulars set out here do not constitute any part of an offer or contract. Some dude was aggressively trying to get people out of their assigned seats so he could sit privately with his transsexual mate. After landing, I enjoyed my weekend in London and Windsor, and was treated quite hospitably by UK metal journalists James Minton and Jill Mikkelson. It was the Johnny Cash-like moment that wasn’t, a humorless April Fool’s prank doled out by the heavens (or by an incompetent douche bag). However when they did make it to Iceland, a first in their career, the next day’s show in Reykjavik, Iceland, was reportedly filled with lively, heavily inebriated Today is the Day fanatics.
My meeting point with the band was at Heathrow Airport, prior to which I received an interesting email from frontman Steve Austin. You just have to scratch the back of your neck and pause when you think about a gun-toting, Obama-hating guy–adorned with an Iron Cross tattooed on his right hand, a Confederate flag inked upon his left arm–sending you a request to obtain large white bed sheets. Nonsense aside, it was great to see my long time friends in Today is the Day, a band who is and always will be Steve Austin, though the current incarnation of the band includes the rhythm section of Brooklyn’s Wetnurse–Curran Reynolds on drums, Ryan Jones on bass. A prominent Californian accent rolled off Retox guitarist Michael Crain’s tongue as he vented about not wanting to miss the first show. Sitting across from me in the van was Retox vocalist Justin Pearson, also the Locust’s bassist.
At any rate, we arrived in Bristol obviously much later than intended, and I did manage to catch some of Today is the Day’s set, the first time since seeing them last August in Minneapolis for the 25th Anniversary AmRep show.
But once we got going and I had a cup of coffee in addition to the punch to the collar bone to wake me up the next morning, Steve and I delved into a discussion of our mutual affinity for financial conservatism. But right before making our way out of the hotel, I remembered that we needed the white sheets for the projection of the visuals for TITD’s set. Yet aside from the setback of missing the Iceland prison show, things were locked and loaded for Steve and crew. I was eager and extremely curious to hear their new album, so on route to Cardiff, Steve handed me his phone and I plugged in my headphones.
Steve makes use of his melodic voice much more than he has in years, but he still employs his unique banshee-like screams and hearty death metal bellow. Steve said that after he saw Ministry, a band he’s admired for years, at Hellfest 2008, he was overwhelmingly inspired. While in high school, he was a fan of goth, and there are obvious nods and winks to Joy Division.
On “Death Curse,” there’s a blistering black metal surge and pummeling drums that break for an ultra heavy, violent pre-chorus; and that bottlenecks, then, into a slower, teasing riff that itself transitions into a colossal riff during the triumphant chorus.
In all, and while TITD’s inherent negativity and filth speaks at the album’s subtext, Pain is a Warning is the most positive, in terms of overall mood, release in their catalogue. My only criticism with Pain is a Warning is that a handful of songs seem longer than they need to be, overplaying some enjoyable riffs and structures with a little bit too much repetition.
We were looking for some grub in town as soon as we arrived, and our tour manager led us to an affordable joint with great food and luxurious seating.
Some new merch boxes were sent to the venue, and the people helping me bring them up the elevator took issue with the address.
It was a good day, simply because we headed toward heavy metal’s Mecca: Birmingham, the home of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Napalm Death.
Following the show, it took us about half an hour to find a bar that was open, one that had a DJ that was cool enough to play some Sabbath and Priest.

Thinking absolutely nothing of it, I walked across the brown, rustic bar toward the wooden bar-top and asked for one.
It turns out the gentleman was of Irish decent, and, of course, Northern Ireland has had years of turmoil due to a convoluted struggle involving a press for independence, religious tension, et cetera.
In Newcastle, I picked up a shirt from the decent noise rock band that opened the show: Tide of Iron. Since we were in Newcastle, Curran, Ryan and I thought it would be appropriate to drink some Newcastle beer. We actually drove passed Lockerbie, the site where 270 people were killed in 1988 due to the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, but the greater sight-seeing objective seemed to be stopping by a castle that was reduced to rubbles. With long hair and King Diamond-like facial hair, Nathan’s commentary was always witty, comedic and off color.
Considering that he’s a longtime drummer, who has played with bands like Labrat, Capricorns and Conflict, Nathan brings to life the stereotype of a “been there, done that” tour manager that you might picture in Spinal Tap. Before the show, we had some time to swallow down some beer and to interact with the locals. But by the end of the evening, it was clear that she was more enamored with a guy on stage.
45 Daletree Avenue is an excellent family home nicely situated on this quiet residential road close to all amenities.
None of the statements contained in the property particulars are to be relied on as statements or representations of fact and any intending purchaser must satisfy himself by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of the statements in these particulars.
Unfortunately, the late purchase of their tickets from New York to Iceland meant that they missed their initial show on April 1 at Litla-Hraun, translated as “Little Lava,” Iceland’s most notorious prison. The very real threat of terrorism kind of supersedes the impending doom posed by some goofball dope-smokers in rock bands.
While waiting, I was catching up with TITD and getting to know people I would essentially be living with for a brief amount of time. I didn’t address the obvious in our initial meeting, waiting instead until he brought it up himself later in the tour, but JP bears an uncanny resemblance with Johnny Knoxville. Regularly sarcastic, his demeanor constantly appears, on the surface, to wrestle with indifference and coldness, and you’re left wondering when or if he’s always pissed off about something because of his steady stare and slightly crunched together eyebrows. Because of Curran and Ryan’s shared time in Wetnurse, and because they just recorded the new Today is the Day album literally a few weeks prior to arriving in Europe, the band had tightened up immensely since last year. More specifically, we spoke about our disdain toward those who have a sense of entitlement for money or things that they haven’t earned.
Just weeks prior to this tour, the band finished recording its ninth studio album, Pain is a Warning, with producer Kurt Ballou in Salem, Massachusetts. When a journalist travels with a band, the waters of objectivity don’t just get murky, they get downright filthy. It’s typical for Steve to adventurously morph TITD with each subsequent album, but this is the most unexpected leap one could imagine.
He says he took his time to think about what the best parts of Today is the Day are, as well as what he likes best about music. Surely no one will cry “sell out,” but there’s no question that this is TITD’s most accessible effort. This is offensive to a proper Welshman,” a muscular, bearded loader said to me somewhat light-heartedly, somewhat seriously.
Bungle rip-off (In all fairness, though, is it easy to be a good Bungle rip-off?), both Retox and TITD performed with an abundance of energy and passion. Immediately taking issue with my request was a man I believed to be the bartender’s boyfriend.
And it completely slipped my mind that a 25-year-old rookie cop was killed as his car exploded outside his home in Northern Ireland only three days earlier. When I explained that the drink was a mix of half a pint of Guinness with half a shot of Baileys and and half a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, he smiled, looked down at the bar top and started nodding his head.

The shirt prominently featured a sketch of the female anatomy within which the band’s logo was embedded. Attempting to enter a posh, upscale bar, the meathead door man rudely looked me up and down and waved me off because I was wearing shorts.
A couple of girls started buying me drinks (always good for the ego), and I was able to convince one of them, a tall, beautiful redhead, to fold some piles of merch for me. Hellbound is written by fans for fans.Sign up for our weekly digest!Want Hellbound delivered straight to your inbox?
Bright well-proportioned accommodation of approximately 96 sqm (1,033 sqft) comprising a hallway, sitting room with attractive bay window, fireplace with gas fire and double doors through to dining area. The Vendors do not make or give, and neither BRG Gibson, nor any person in their employment has any authority to make or give any representation or warranty whatsoever in relation to this property. While people were boarding my flight from Dallas, Texas, to London, England, to join Today Is The Day as their merch slinger, I was rudely interrupted while eating at the back of the plane. They would have been the first American band to ever perform at Iceland’s only maximum security correctional facility. I couldn’t get them in time for the first show in Bristol, but the sheets were needed as the backdrop upon which filmmaker David Hall’s supplementary movie was going to be projected behind the band as they played. Many moons ago he was actually Cattle Decapitation’s guitarist, though of the many projects he’s been involved with, he’s most known for being The Locust’s drummer. Well, he sure as hell did that at this first hotel stop anyway…and again later in the tour.
Why should some people enjoy and receive that which others had earned through their own hard work? And preparing for any tour isn’t a piece of cake due to the inevitable last minute nature of dealing with logistics. He was kind enough to hand me his blackberry while we were on the outskirts of town–a very bland, boring and gray looking city filled with simple, block-shaped architecture–sending some grind magic into my earbuds and through to my eardrums. At some point I thought I’d take the party up a notch by treating myself to an Irish Car Bomb, one of my favorite shots!
I probably should have bought him one since he seemed so intrigued, and to extend an olive branch for my faux pas.
The kitchen is modern with a good range of eye and floor level units and overlooks the back garden. While raging in one of our hotel rooms though, Gabe either couldn’t or didn’t want to wait for the occupied bathroom.
I didn’t think that Curran’s inquiry for the bartender was as potentially loaded as my request for a car bomb the previous evening, but perhaps we seemed like ignorant tourists or something.
Curran’s effort to stop him was in vain, as Gabe unzipped his pants and he began watering the corner of the party room.
The bar tender rolled his eyes and discussed the ins-and-outs of good local brew in the condescending manner typical of an elitist. To the rear the property is further complimented by a south facing lawned garden with side access and beautiful mountain views. To the front there is a spacious drive way with parking for two cars. Daletree Avenue is located within walking distance of a host of amenities. There is an excellent selection of schools, leisure and recreational facilities in the immediate area. Knocklyon, Rathfarnham and Templeogue are all within easy driving distance and transport links are excellent from public transport to the easily accessible M50 just minutes away.
The area is very popular for both families and investors alike, seeking an excellent house with everything literally on the doorstep.

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