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I'm currently away from my office for a couple weeks, so I am not identifying shed snake skins at this time. As it is, it seems to me that more people see live snakes than they do find shed snake skins on their property or in their yard or house. As I've stated before, this site used to be owned by another guy, and his wording always amazes me. Shed snake skin evaluations to determine if a shed snake skin is from a venomous North American snake.

If you have a dead snake, but no shed skin and have access to a photocopy machine, place the snake on the glass plate (belly side down). Shed Skin would keep status off of him, which would be really helpful, but Moxie is great for revenge killing, and is gives a super nifty attack boost.
There are a good number of online images of bed_bugs, mainly fully-grown bed bugs or engorged bed bugs.
Moxie makes you stupidly powerful after one KO, punishing your opponent for using death fodder and letting you break more walls.

Small-sized immature (or baby) bed bugs are harder to detect and collect due to their size and color. Hi Jump Kick boasts INSANE power after a boost, and considering the offensive nature of this set, you'll want to cause as much damage as possible before being taken down.

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8 x 8 outdoor shed
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