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This meant that when ever you sat in the garden or looked out on it from the house, the primary focus was the shed. We were decided about the moving of the shed but the make-over of it only came into play when we saw a Cuprinol  advert on their website. We took the door off so we could move the shed into the middle of the garden, onto a tarp’ for painting. We prepped the shed by hoovering it out and cleaning it with a mild water and sugar soap solution. And had a crafty idea of how we could upcycle these at a later date, so they were cleaned, dried and taped to the wooden batten so they wouldn’t get lost. Our shed was taking shape though and we decided to leave the inside orange Autumn Gold coloured Ducksback. We only have one shed at The Doll’s House, so we have garden tools and DIY tools and paraphernalia together in our shed. We laid landscape fabric from B&Q to prevent weed growth, as we had done with the rest of the area.
And now the stones we had in the middle of the gravel edge were carried through to the left corner too. Lavender is really resilient and grows like wildfire so is one to watch for over-growth but it looks and smells great.
Fudge was so thrilled, he didn’t know which bit to sit in first in order to catch some rays.
Hi I’m Emily-Jane and this is Love To Live Blog where I talk about living and loving life, especially all things: renovation, DIY and home decor.
April 1: Annette O'Toole, Lana Lang in Superman III and Martha Kent in Smallville, born in Houston, TX in 1954.
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The Nintendo 3DS is official, now in Japan, the United States, and Europe -- with pricing finally uncovered.
We wanted to protect it from the elements and Ducksback offers a water repellent and frost protection paint range. After saying we were super careful taking off all of the hinges and lock on the shed before painting, we realised we had missed the hinges on the inside of the door.
The shed had always been raised on a platform of earth and slabs that it sat on, meaning that it was always at a higher point than the rest of the garden. The idea behind this sweet, little animated piece is to remind us of the comfort a little light gives us when the sun goes down and we’re left alone in the dark. I've always been passionate about films, clothes and characters - so designing costumes for film was definitely the right fit. Nintendo also announced that they will have upwards of 30 games available after the 3D gaming unit's launch, leading up to E3.
Obviously Nintendo believes that the 3D technology, and the advanced graphics of the titles available on the 3DS warrant a price increase, but it will remain to be seen whether or not gamers think the same. The shed received a make-over and we got terribly organised with our shed’s contents.
We left the old chap to dry through the night, praying it wouldn’t rain in London as the contents of the shed was strewn across the lawn. Please enable JavaScript on your Web browser to properly view this Web site, or upgrade to a Web browser that does support JavaScript; Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome or a version of Internet Explorer newer then version 6. However, the company is being quite on which titles are actually going to be considered "launch titles." Furthermore, Nintendo isn't opening up on pricing for those titles, either.
When he initially approached me to work on "Man of Steel", I was committed to another project, and so in the meantime Zack started up with the legendary Jim Acheson with the concept work and designs for the suit.
There was a determination to get it right, to design a Superman for the 21st century - so no idea was left unexplored. Q: What was the process like when trying to come up with the designs for the film?

Did you look through comic books, previous films and TV shows for inspiration or reference? A: All of us working on the project did our homework very thoroughly and looked at all the variations of the Man of Steel's universe that had been presented in the last 75 years. I can't speak for Jim, but for the costumes that I designed my main influences were the Richard Donner movie, the Frank Miller graphic novels, and the beautiful illustrations of Alex Ross. However, for all the characters, we started from scratch, from the ground up, as it were, in order to stay fresh and to create costumes that suited the world that Zack and the writers had set up in our film. Q: Can you talk to us about the 3-layers we've heard about that make up the Superman costume? What material was used? A: The first layer was a fitted body suit onto which some supplementary sculptural shapes were mounted, made of foam latex with a bright chromed finish. Then there was a thin mesh layer that was dimensionally printed with a chainmail-like pattern. Finally, additional foam latex details were applied - the "S" glyph, the cuffs, the side-waist trim etc. Zack wanted the audience to wonder what it would be like if an alien entity had actually been discovered in our world.
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The favorite became the longer one, which catches the wind as Superman walks and creates a dramatic, billowing silhouette. I imagine, as in previous films, there would have been costumes and capes created specifically for various scenes and requirements (i.e. Some of them had different fabrications due to the requirement of the script - there was a black+silver one for the Nightmare scene with Zod, and a couple with slightly less padding in the shoulders for the flying scene (so that Henry could stretch his arms into the iconic flying position). The amazing thing about the Superman myth is that there are endless interpretations of the look of the story-variations that reflect different social periods in history, different formats - video games, TV, films, graphic novels, etc, etc.
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