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A New York Times Home and Garden article by Joyce Wadler shows off a tiny Victoria cottage in the Catskills. Sandra Foster turned a Catskills hunting cabin into the romantic Victorian cottage she had always wanted.
This is all the more impressive because she renovated the 9-by-14-foot cottage, an old hunting cabin, herself. Before the renovation, the cabin was originally a 9-by-10-foot box, with a porch roof supported by white willow tree trunks. You know, I can appreciate all the hard work put in to remodeling this little Victorian cabin, but the monochromatic all-white theme just leaves me … blah.
Spokane is my birthplace so I don’t want all to think that I agree with above comment. Thank you all for the comments and to Joyce wadler of the NY Times for showing interest in our lives. A few corrections though…No tarp is on the actual man cave, It was a baby buff orpington chick Joyce was shown, and I was a home improvements contractor for the first 3 years in Kerhonkson…not trying to start anything, but rather having a business that was needed to save us money on the home we just bought and both over 5 years put in $40k or more and endless hours of labor. I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my first post of this 8×16 tiny house plan. The tiny house configuration that seemed most in demand was a passive solar house that’s permanently attached to a trailer. When the full set of drawings is complete I put it all into one downloadable PDF document for easy printing.
Sidenote: I’m delighted with the prospect of the loft being able to hold a queen-size mattress!
I was thinking the same thing and even considered a gable roof at one end so the PV array would be mounted on either side. Thanks for adding the sketch up files so people can sketch around different concepts, I was just wondering if you had these free plans with metric measurements also? In Jay’s house the Dickinson Marine heater is installed below a window and the required clearance is very small, so I think you could put it almost anywhere. Another idea I had which needs no work on your behalf, is for the ideal purpose of a small home: self-reliance. I’ll noodle over the interior a bit more and try to include some alternatives in the plans. I am think of having a right angle saltbox top also, about a foot or two from the current top and making sure the long side has a 30 to 35 degree slope from the horizontal.
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The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. Built on the property of a larger home in Phoenix, Arizona, this small dwelling serves as a guest house for those making a visit to the main home's owners. Inside, the floorplan is completely open, with only a single formal interior doorway (leading into the bathroom).
The building's exterior walls are mostly constructed from floor to ceiling glass panels, with concrete dividing walls providing separation between each area inside and giving a stable structure to the cottage overall.
The guest house is isolated from its master dwelling down a long path filled with desert vegetation, allowing such an open glass-walled design without significantly sacrificing privacy.
Most of the social spaces of the house are placed outside, where a large patio surrounds a hot tub and fireplace for evening gatherings.
The home's profile is accented horizontally be long roof overhangs, and enhanced vertically by its tall glass exterior panels. With conventional and sliding doors spaced throughout the front and side of the guest cottage, access to the outdoors is almost as easy as a glance through the windows.

The only bedroom inside the compact house is located at one corner, protected from prying eyes by a curtain which can be drawn at night. Various rugs are placed in different areas of the building to individually define the borders of each "room", and further setting apart invisible hallway space beyond the bounds of each. The kitchen is made up of two major elements: a counter and cabinet assembly with cooking appliances and cold storage, and a thin dining table with low-back midcentury bar chairs, seating up to six.
The cabinet finish in the kitchen is very reminiscent of the ceiling above, though it's smoothed out further into a completely uniform surface.
I like how they put chairs, a bench, and a little picnic table setup outside so that it’s a nice place to hangout as well as just a straight up guest house. I even purchased a wood lot and stone quarry to provide wall stone and much needed firewood for the house too. Sandy’s Tiny house is by far my all time favorite tiny home ever presented on a blog.
Lane January 21 - 23, 1991 No sound files are available for the interview with Justice Coleman. It resembles two other non-Tumbleweed tiny houses we’ve seen built by Steve and Elizabeth. Just like the last set of free plans these will be made available free under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. I’m old enough to remember being really good at Rubix Cube, Dungeons and Dragons and Defender. But I think a simpler solution, exactly like you’ve described, is to mount the PV array on the roof on a rack that can pivot up toward the sun in the cooler months and down toward the sun in the warmer months. There are two reasons for this- one I need access to the loft by stairs and didn’t want to crawl up them! The width and depth I show in the drawing is for a SunMar Mobile but I think there’s enough room there for an Envirolet too. If the front alcove at the end of the kitchen was used as a sitting area instead of a desk that seems like an idea spot. But every board you add, like siding, interior sheathing, and flooring could push you over 5000#. Over the weekend I was going to do a pass over all the plans and try to clean them up and add a little more detail. But another idea comes from my friends place he is thinking of having skylight at the gable of his house going across the complete top. By doing so, you will have to do some flipping of placements of everything left to right and get an added benefit. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.
Designed by The Construction Zone, Ltd., the sleek cottage actually has much humbler roots as a horse barn.
The entire house is sectioned into four areas, allowing maximum usage of its 1,425 square feet of floorspace. The result is an architecturally balanced dwelling that seems neither too tall or too long for the spaces contained within. The concrete inner walls of the house all end before reaching a glass exterior barrier, making each major room inside open to the next.
The bedroom contains a bed for two, a built-in concrete desk, and enough storage space for a short stay as a guest on the property.
The ceiling at the front half of the house is a series of light polished wood planks running perpendicular to the facade, which gives way further back to to the unfinished chic of exposed ducts and corrugated metal roofing. Its flooring is the same concrete that covers the floors of every room, but marble tile covers the walls and shower stall instead of unfinished concrete. I would take her home over a brand new Tumbleweed tiny home, or ANY builders brand new tiny home on wheels or not.

I was also able to incorporate many of the suggestions and have really landed on something I think should be pretty nice. I was thinking of building a library shelf unit at loft height around the perimeter of the house that is accessible by ladder, thus there being no need to eliminate cooking and living room.
For example, in the loft, there is not a window to look out of, so I am thinking of moving the one top one (32×23) near the doorway to a location with the loft. When you place the all-in-one kitchen in, it will have the water of the sink closer to the bathroom (shorter lines, less hot water loss. The batteries should not be next to the hot water tank for many reasons including fire and shock hazard. Other than some basic structure, though, the home has been done over so thoroughly that it's hard to tell that it's not an entirely new construction. A combination of built-in features and decor cues define each open-form room within the glass and concrete walls, allowing free flow between areas without a loss of identity for each. But, with time, spaces such as the garage, the shed or other adjoining structures become almost useless.
Since I know little of the interior of these things, do you think something like that is capable? The lower one would be place on the kitchen side as a horizontal window instead of vertical. I think you mixed up the left and right sides with the transform to the floor, or you thought of swapping sides with front and back, which might be better. Most of the surface of the house is done in glass window walls, leading out onto a large patio with space for entertaining. The glass wall from the front is limited to half-height at the rear, giving plenty of natural light without compromising on privacy.
In the summer when less direct sunlight is desired the house can  be turned away from the sun. This allows the house to be used while not occupied as an impromptu living space for hosting guests, with direct access to the property's amenities. The home is very open and airy in feel, but still provides practical lodgings for a visiting couple.
In such cases, it would be useful to repurpose them.For example, a garage can be turned into a number of different things. Yes, this would reduce the passive solar heating, but I live in North TX and am more worried about the summer heat. You also do not show the hitch and trailer which is making it hard to figure out where stuff is at. The remaining architecture of the house is mostly concrete in form, dividing each room and providing support for the roof.
You could fill it with storage units or build shelves on the walls and turn it into a storage space.
I might be building the trailer, but I would still like to have some set placement of the wheels as for balance. You can use it to store all your tools, your bicycle, all the things that you don’t use during a particular season and, of course, the car if it’s the case.View in galleryIf you no longer use the garage as a home for your car, you can completely restructure it. For example, you could turn it into a sort of indoor garden when you can raise plants, vegetables, flowers and other things. It could be useful for those species that need to sit in the dark or somewhere where there’s moisture.View in galleryA shed can also be repurposed. Let the kids decorate the rest as they want.View in galleryIf you live on a farm or something similar, you can repurpose the shed in a different way.

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