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CEDAR SHED WILLOW 8 x 12 is another larger size timber garden shed or workshop - a handsome addition to your property as well as providing a functional, long-lasting outdoor storage facility or work space. The CEDAR SHED range of products is manufactured in Australia, and is constructed using 42 x 42mm termite resistant pine framing and 18mm thick Canadian Western Red Cedar VJ cladding with a Colorbond steel roof. Delivery is FREE to your address within the Sydney metro area, subject to the conditions and postcodes listed here. A humble Australian structure, the tin shed isn’t the most obvious accommodation, but designer Raffaello Rosselli has turned an apparently ugly duckling into a swan. Inside is also a very nice place to be, with pine flooring and engineering nous that makes the place into a solid building, much more liveable than a tin shed has a right to be. This is the retail outlet, the one that has the sites that you walk around and look at the shed. Often the distributor is holding the clients money and pays the manufacturer on a schedule. This creates a risk as while it provides operating cashflow to the distributor it does provide a risk that the consumer can loose their money part way in the process of their shed being manufactured. There is a timing risk in the deposits being collected and the shed not being ordered and in the milestone payments not being passed onto the manufacturer. That said due to their being in the vicinity of a 1000 distributors in Australia the risk of an unscrupulous or poor business operator is increased. An easy way to remove the above problems is for the client to pay the money direct to the wholesaler. This definitely protects the consumer from mismanagement at the distributor level, as the distributor never sees any money outside of their commission.
These groups are smaller in number, have the relationships with the suppliers, own the brands and have the software and systems that provide the kit to the distributors. All in all a large percentage of the Shed Industry is ethical, honest, professional and hardworking. The majority of sheds sold today in Australia are of the portal frame design and the components are what is called cold rollformed. This is the most common type of shed and is normally supplied pre-engineered and in a kit form. As you can see the basic prinicple is that all the purlins (both rafters and colums) consist of cold rolled C section joined by fabricated brackets that bolt each assembly together. The structural steel is heavy to transport but does allow faster erection and extremely high strength joining system.
As you can see there are no colums protruding into the interior and all window and door penetrations are done at fabrication stage. Not all sheds are the same, and to ensure you obtain one that suits your purpose contact Shedeye. A SAVVY homeowner is making a bit of extra Olympics cash — by renting out her SHED to Games guests. Grandmother-of-four Tricia Jones has transformed the hut at the bottom of her garden into a mini sports stadium, and is offering it out to tourists over the coming weeks.
The unique getaway in Leytonstone, East London, is just two miles from the stadium, and comes complete with a bed, heater and mini fridge. Tricia has also gone the extra mile, kitting out the shed with a mini running track and a full-sized winners’ podium, along with a host of Union Flags and Olympic memorabilia.
And with hotel prices in the capital up 69 per cent during the Games according to TripAdvisor, Tricia’s quirky alternative is a snip at ?40 a night. The 64-year-old said: “I just wanted to be part of the Olympics in some way, it’s going to be a very exciting few weeks. This shed would probably also win the Australian Shed of the year – especially with the common PUB theme. It was a such great example of the passion that the sheddies have and it’s amazing that John just started with a pagoda in this garden and has built his shed up from nothing into a great space for friends and family – John mainly used recycled wood from a shut down garden centre to make the majority of the shed.
See more details at Shedblog UKAlso a very interesting 2nd prize winner – The Water Shed! This article is on the new growing trend for men in Sydney to buy strata titled sheds in complexs complete with power, phones and even windows in some. This is Mick Tsolakis and Garry Constanti, inside their huge shed at Alexandria this week, say they are delighted to have the extra room.
The main aim is to generate discussion to educate and learn from the current regulations concerning LHL Standard Cyclic Test Method for Cyclonic Areas.
From April 2009 all cladding and batten manufacturers need to demonstrate that their metal roofing assemblies specified for cyclonic areas of Australia have been tested using the LHL test method. So to understand the basic test of the roof assembly – each manufacturer must get their roof sheeting (all profiles specified for cyclonic regions) tested under LHL. By stipulating that the company brand of corrugated has to be LHL tested, they are accepting that all the corrugated rollformers held by that company are identical.
From a roll former’s point of view, if it can be demonstrated that structural roll formed products with the same girth and BMT thickness such as roof sheeting and top span that is identical in profile, and manufactured from the same coils of origin that have undergone the LHL testing criteria, what is the real purpose of having the product tested while there remains a question regarding the safety of the total structure? It is in the real world where actual wind tunnels exist, moreover, regardless of whether the product has been endorsed by shedsafe, structures will continue to fail even before completion.
A Building inspector was recently surprised to notice that a garden shed structure was actually made from a .75 mm stud frame with 12mm tie downs at each stud, along with two extra 12mm tie down’s at each corner.
When the customer advised the supplier, who in turn asked the building inspector to explain the problem, the building inspector advised the supplier to read the literature provided by the ASI’s shedsafe endorsement.
Getting back to the manufacturer’s point of view, there is clear evidence that the only guarantee and endorsement of ShedSafe may offer is the customer will have no idea of the origin of the actual material used to manufacture the product or if the product has been tested.
Therefore if the structure is endorsed by an incompetent engineer who has compromised his or her ethical standards, nevertheless signs a FORM 15, there will be no recourse unless the company that has hired the engineer replaces the product.
Besides this, as already pointed out, if one single LHL endorsement can be used as a blanket cover for an entire corporation regardless of the corporation’s many separate roll forming outlets with differing profiles, or whether the origin of the coil is Australian or Imported, how does the building inspector know the difference without authentic documentation?
Many thanks to the contributions of the rollformer and the shed manufacturer for this valuable insight into only two areas of the industry. Australia has had its revolution in steel sheds – advantages and problems come with this style yet a new modular shed style is emerging in the UK, USA and Europe. This entry to the Shedeye Innovation Award is slightly different to the others entries regarding new products in many ways. But of the three – True Oak Deep was selected because of its ability to be used in sheds as a 0.35BMT product as roofing as it is the only roofing rollformer that has span tables (not cyclonic) for this gauge of roofing. The best explanation as to the details of this profile is best explained in the diagram below with the comparison of True Oak Deep and Standard Corrugated.
That’s the technical stuff in brief – but a photo paints a thousand ribs or less and deeper! To top this new innovation off, Revolution Roofing is offering a True Oak 20 Year Watertight Installation Guarantee.
Of all the aspects of this exciting design re-invention is probably the foresight of the founder (Mr. All garden sheds, domestics sheds and garages are a potential fire hazard – not from the shed itself – but from the behaviour of the owners and what they store inside the structure. Below is a photo of a double garage steel shed that resulted in costly damage to property, motor vehicles and a costly visit by the local fire brigade.
The problem with sheds being utilised as living space is not only illegal, but does not comply with BCA Class 1 building regulations and hence a very high risk fire hazard. Safety in our domestic garage or shed is important and these items above should be discussed during your investigation or quoting stage from a shed reseller. The number of posts in the Shed Forum on this topic highlights the number of sheds have been burnt down in the last year.
A music shed owned by John Earl of Clevedon N Somerset in UK won the much prized glory of winning The Shed of The Year 2011 from some very strong opposition.
This competition is drawing entries from around the world and has many different categories.

Here’s another Australian entry that is amazing – how did they fit all the stuff inside? This may be amusing – but the fact is many garden sheds are just placed on the ground with no anchorage to the base or simply screwed (dynabolted) to small pavers. Does this sort of damage need to be regulated – obviously someone has to pay for the cleanup and reinstallation.
This tiny garage in Sydney, Australia has operated as a motorcycle repair shop, secondhand washing machine warehouse, a builder’s workshop, and most recently a studio for local artists. Tucked away at the end of a lane in the Sydney suburb of Randwick, close to The Spot and in walking distance to Coogee beach, is this 74 sqm simple brick industrial structure built in 1890 by two Irish blacksmiths to house their coach building business.
Having grown up in the area, the owners knew the building well and when it came up for sale in 2003, took a leap of faith and invested in a project that presented an exciting opportunity.
The building has a north-facing roof that has been set up with solar panels to harness the sun, there are operable doors and windows from north to south to allow good cross ventilation so there is no need for air conditioning, while the thermal mass of the concrete floor holds the winter sun to warm the building in the colder months. Unique property for unique peopleWe feature property and houses that have a strange or peculiar quirk. Our aim is to showcase unique and odd property for sale as well as inspiring architecture from the most individual buildings.
Put things you use all the time in an easy-to-reach place, such as hand tools in a bucket or rakes hung on a wall. Like the red with the metal roof and cupola.Design ideas for a traditional barn in New York. Pool table and recreation roomJacob Lilley Architects Shed dormers make rooms in "attics" like this one spacious and inviting, perfect for that game room among the trees. Carriage House - Lower Whitefish Lake 1 - WinterLands End Development - Designers & Builders Cabin-style Minnesota carriage house. Porch additionRoger Moraga Roger, would you mind giving me a rough estimate of what the dormer, proch and upper deck cost? Oberlin BungalowJody Brown Architecture, pllc This new North Carolina house has been faithfully designed in an original Craftsman bungalow style.
DRM Design Group provided Landscape Architecture services for a Local Austin, Texas residence.
Brand New BungalowRTA Studio Residential Architects Shake on the inside of the gables and around the dormer on the front.
8x12 Premier Garden Sheds for MarylandSheds Unlimited INC A Premier Garden Storage Shed from the Amish in Lancaster, PA. A young architect whoa€™s just building a practice may charge only 10 percent because he or she doesna€™t have a name yet.
Option to have the east end of our garage be fully open to the garden via (2) doors: a 14' x 8' insulated roll up door with lots of glass and (2) a 36"x80" exterior door, also with large lite.
Moen T694ORB Voss Series Roman Tub Trim with Hand Shower (Oil-Rubbed Bronze).frameless mirror with sconces above. You can choose to have the product to be delivered FREE to a local freight depot for you to collect. You can choose to have the product delivered to your address within the Sydney metro area (subject to the terms and conditions listed here) for the amount shown.
The tumbledown structure as it was had to be taken down and reassembled, and in the process Rossi was able to work the mismatched colour of the panelling that had accumulated over the years into a patchwork quilt effect that softens the appearance of the hard and rusting surface. For an interestingly different city break, Airbnb are offering the studio apartment to rent.
But there are two other important types of shed construction that is becoming more popular, the structural steel frame and the stud frame sheds. The main structure (called the portal frame) consists of rolled purlins, girts, batton, top hat and brackets.
While slightly more to transport – the erection time is greatly reduced and the finish (interior) allows much cheaper cladding solutions. Its a brilliant use of space and shows that with some time and lots of effort you can create the prefect escape down the bottom of the garden.
The first is with a rollforming perspective, and the second from a shed manufacturing perspective. It was officially phased in on the 30th April 2009 to meet the Building Code of Australia Specification B1.2. There are numerous testing stations in Australia and the one chosen here for example only is the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station. For another company to provide corrugated roof sheets to cyclonic areas – they too have to complete LHL testing.
For example, the manufacturer of roll forming materials may argue that while the LHL testing applies only to the roof cladding and “immediate members” that support the roof cladding, failure to include the importance of the connections at the apex, knee, and tie downs, begs the question; how does the manufactured product miraculously become only when the supplier has had the immediate members tested in a wind tunnel that simulates cyclonic conditions? Does the material in question have a specific test certificate stating the origin of the material along with an endorsement from the testing facility given that what he is inspecting explicitly refers to the cladding and top span required on the approved plan, or does he really care about the weightier issues that he may be forced to confront? This occurrence was exploited by others in the shed industry to their advantage by giving this as an example of a non-compliant shed industry member. The shed is called TETRA-SHED and has just won the 100% Design Award  in the UK and is currently under negotiations with an Australian Shed Manufacturer.
All of the industries and manufacturing groups are represented here, with the cladding being substituted with sheet Corten Steel, Stainless or even old corrugated for the backyard number. This product involves the cladding of sheds, residential & commercial roofing and also is an innovation in the rollforming industry.
This back to back material, corrosion warranty is only available when the product is installed by a Revolution Roofing Licensed Contractor.
Currently there are no rules in relation to alarms or safety procedures for sheds and garages. Along with insurance claims and the lengthy time period for replacement – there is also the very high risk of injury or death to people.
How many sheds have fire alarms installed, and how many are fitted with fire extinguishers.
Power connection to a shed also requires a Licensed Electrician for all electrical work in the shed.
The cost of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers is very small in relation to the overall shed cost.
Make sure you check out the relevant fire services in your state for safety procedures and regulations.
Also Australia has been well represented each year – but to date no success with any prizes.
But this one seemed to like the neighbours pool and headed in after strong winds and rain recently in Perth. The above is the result and regulations don’t exist to prevent this sort of occurance happening regularly. They decided to convert it into a smaller, sustainable and more efficient way to live, while challenging the convention that ?bigger is better?. Along the southern wall a full bank of storage on ground level and on the first level has been installed as an effective insulator from the adjoining passage. This heavenly winter home is actually a spacious carriage house, constructed in a rustic log-cabin style.
The dormer has a shed roof form, which tapers back to meet the ridge line of the main roof. We worked closely with Redbud Custom Homes and Tim Brown Architecture to create a custom low maintenance- low water use contemporary landscape design. See this lovely 8x12 Shed in your backyard and Imagine how it could beautify your property. But you might get better service than at a large, hotshot firm charging 14 percent, because the outcome is more important to the young architecta€™s career than the bottom line.
Could have the same arrangement on west end of garage, but no glass in the doors, and the roll up door could be only 8' wide.Design ideas for a mid-sized contemporary detached two-car garage workshop.

The floor position is marked out in a base constructed either using a recommended Stilla rebated floor or by laying a concrete slab.
The panels have been left largely untreated to allow further changes to the exterior over time. The advantage of this type of design is for larger spans especially used in large warehouse constructions and normally over 18 meter width. I loved how he has turned the walls inside into a feature showing off all the empty beer bottles that he and the many visitors to Woodhenge have consumed over the past four years.
Its a great alternative when you haven’t got room in the backyard – and also a good investment!
The test involves includes the roof assembly including the roof sheets, fasteners and the battens and their support fasteners.
Also in this discussion the roof cladding type is corrugated – produced by all of the rollforming companies in Australia and also used in cyclonic regions in Australia.
Very far from the truth, the particular shed supplier warned the shed erector constantly regarding construction techniques – all advice was ignored. This is not the site to explain the importance of this new release of a profile sheet and its implications to the roofing, heritage, architectural and other areas of the steel roofing and cladding industry.
The only adjustment will that have to be made is flashings (only minimal), as the depth of the rib is 21mm which is the very reason for the increased strength.  The features of True Oak Deep are 40% deeper and 40% stronger than standard corrugated with the ability to go down to 3 degree pitch in roof. Not only will this benefit shed suppliers, but also shed erectors once they become an approved Revolution Roofing Licensed Contractor and supplier. This list is only small and some of the above combinations of the items above can be very dangerous. The causes of all shed fires have to investigated by the fire department to provide data for insurance claims and statistics. Workplaces in Australia required Material Saftey Data Sheets on all chemicals, liquids etc not only for fire harzard reasons but for poison dangers also.
Without going to the extreme of Council intervention – maybe Garden Shed Suppliers could give instruction and heavier dynabolts for installation onto a permanent concrete slab. Do you have a place to neatly stack bags of soil or galvanized metal containers to decant them into? Houzzers loved every little detail of this space a€” including the red trim, exposed stone and shingled dormer. Most modern interpretations of this type of Craftsman bungalow have a completed second level.
This Eco friendly design has a simple and crisp look with great contrasting colors that really accentuate the existing trees. On the other hand, the hotshot firm might do a better job, because ita€™s more experienced.This is an example of a mid-sized contemporary black exterior in Seattle with three or more stories, wood siding and a flat roof.
Options including additional Opening Windows and Loft Shelf as well as Flooring Kits are available.
Rossi also added some smart steel windows – the shed had none before renovation – and their rust colour but sharp lines reflect both old and new.
The LHL stipulates that for a company to sell corrugated roof sheets in cyclonic areas – it must undergo LHL cyclic testing. Those in the rollform industry know that this is not the case, and apart from some minor variations between machines it is the profile of corrugated (along with the feed coil properties) that determine the strength and its ability to undergo LHL test compliance. In other words, wherever there is an accident on site during construction resulting in person(s) injured or killed, the shed erector, rather than those who endorsed the shedsafe product, will be liable.
Subsequent investigations resulted in the shed manufacturer being involved – but of all the parties involved – the shed manufacturer supplied and erected the shed for no charge. Almost a reinvention of an iconic corrugated iron from as early as 1829 to the present, this product actually provides a new release of an old product but with superior spanning capabilities being produced on a uniquely designed current rollforming line based in South Australia. The profile is much stronger underfoot than standard corrugated and less susceptible to denting by foot traffic. This is now the only roofing profile to be under review for the GREEN TAG certification (by Ecospecifier) and will be available to all architects and engineers. It is wise to consult with the above websites on the dangers of these various combinations.
There are roughly 10,000 house fires per year, causing more than 1,500 injuries and 70 deaths. All electrical installations must comply with Australian Standards and the BCA as well as being completed by a licensed electrician. If this advice is not followed – then simply the shed owner is responsible legally for all damage caused!
Ita€™s considered a half story since it fits under and within the primary gabled roof form.
The BRAND corrugated roofing is sold by some of the big multinational rollformers throughout Australia. Yet Company XXX has to undergo LHL testing even though all its machines are identical to Company ZZZ machines. The technology utilised and patented by Revolution Roofing will return the “common” corrugated iron roof sheeting back to a rounder, fuller, shapely and deeper profile based on the original 19th century Walker “Gospel Oak” profile. The Queensland Fire website has a specialised Shed Fire Safety report that could be extremely valuable to all shed owners in Australia. Currently there are no statistics for shed fires only in Australia but a search of shed fires on Google will result in many hits.
The number of shed fires have increased recently in the news and endangers life and property. Since the chickens love to scratch around and kick up the pine shavings on the floor, Dalley raised their food containers to keep the space tidy.Contemporary barn.
This space was created using galvanized metal roofing material, brick paneling, neon signs, retro signs, garage cabinets, wall murals, pvc flooring and some custom work for the bar.Inspiration for a mid-sized traditional attached two-car garage. The Company here is Company ZZZ, and to comply it sends it corrugated roof sheeting to the cyclone testing centre to meet compliance to the LHL test. This is the only industry where identical products are testing not the manufacturing process.  The LHL testing should in fact be the responsibility of the rollform machine provider – and most of these (especially Australian and New Zealand machines) would all supply compliant corrugated roofing sheets.
If in doubt call your local Fire Brigade if you are unsure of any of these instructions given in the report.
This sample is rollformed on one machine that converts the coil (flat sheet) to corrugated roof sheets. There should be compliance for these rollform machines to be registered to conform to LHL testing. Rural sheds have a different set of rules regarding fire safety and the above websites should be able to assist in this area.
Yet Company ZZZ who has gained LHL compliance for its rollform machines can buy a new corrugated rollformer from China that may not meet the standards previously obtained from its original sample material. Next the hinges are attached to the door, the door fastened to the wall and the door handle installed. Once the LHL tests have successfully completed Company ZZZ can then supply corrugated roof sheeting to all cyclone areas in Australia. It is the machine that makes the corrugated roof sheet and so testing of one machine from a multinational company will allow inferior product by the company utilising untested machines.
Finally, the corner posts, cover strips, fascias and the ridge capping are attached to complete the product. Company ZZZ has numerous corrugated rollformers as well as the one that supplied the sheets for LHL testing and yet all the corrugated roof sheets are compliant to LHL.

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