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If you are curious about aquatic life, you’ll love Shedd Aquarium, one of Chicago’s top five attractions!
This exhibit displays plants and animals from the Amazon and teaches about how this ecosystem survives and even thrives with yearly floods. There are over 80 habitats in this exhibit ranging from Asia to the local American wetlands. Get up close and personal with underwater viewing decks where dolphins come to greet you while you eat your lunch, and a penguin playscape!
Home to sharks, stingrays, and live coral, the Wild Reefs offer a close encounter of some exotic creatures in their living habitat.
52 Days FREE for Illinois Residents is a program at Shedd Aquarium that can mean real savings for locals! Pro-tip: The colder it is in Chicago, the more likely the Shedd will add free days for Illinois residents. General Admission gives you access to Caribbean Reef, Waters of the World, and Amazon Rising. Shedd Pass gives you way more access: Caribbean Reef, Waters of the World, Wild Reef, Abbott Oceanarium, Polar Play Zone, Amazon Rising, Shedd’s Aquatic Show, and a special live exhibit, OR 15 minute 4-D movie. While the Shedd is within walking distance of most Downtown hotels and popular attractions, there is public transportation and parking at Shedd. The Shedd officially opened in 1930 thanks to John Graves Shedd who envisioned Chicago having the one of the most wonderful aquariums in the United States. The Shedd Aquarium is not-for-profit which means that they publicly disclose their financial information on their website. The main cast-bronze doors to the aquarium weigh 500 pounds each with sea turtles on the edges. Their goal is to rescue and return rehabilitated animals back into the wild, but sometimes that is not always possible. The sun is out, and the ice melts and Chicago thaws out, our city becomes a traveler's vibrant playground once again. John Hancock Observatory Whether it's from 1,030 feet (John Hancock Observatory) or 1,354 feet (Skydeck at Willis Tower) both famous towers are well recognized for a reason- they offer entirely different perspectives on Chicago from the clouds. Second City Home to legends, and second to none- Second City is a Chicago comedic staple. Lincoln Park South Pond Lincoln Park is our lovely neighborhood, and the outdoor aspect is not just a park but more of a network of beautiful Chicago landmarks. We have an event 7 nights a week, whether its a pub crawl, bowling event, blues bar outing, free dinners on Sundays- we always provide an outlet for our guests to gather together and enjoy Chicago's nightlife. Historic Wrigley Field Home openers for Chicago's beloved baseball teams occur in Spring, and travelers need to make decisions- go with the northside Chicago Cubs and their historic stadium? Lou Malnati's deep dish The art of pizza is prevalent in our city, and finding good pizza is easier done than said!
Whether you are a solo traveler, couple on a retreat, or part of a large group, we have an accommodation for you.

As if that were not enough of a drawing point, in 1971, the John Shedd Aquarium added a huge 90,000-gallon tank that reproduced a Caribbean coral reef.
Foodseum has recently opened (in Chicago) its first exhibition, which is called ?The Hot Dog and Encased Meat of the World. Home to over 32,000 animals, including: river turtles, tropical fish, beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, iguanas, tiny frogs, sea otters, and tiny monkeys.
We recommend that you skip the 4-D movie with this pass and attend the live event; you’ll see professional trainers playing with their animal friends! As the first inland aquarium to have both freshwater and saltwater fishes, the aquarium experiences delays when opening. It was built in the Beaux Arts style by the architectural firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst, and White. This also means that when you spend money there you can feel good about where it is going and how it is used. Shedd’s original four sea otter pups were rescued after an oil spill in 1989 but could not return to the wild since they’d never learned survival skills.
From March Madness to brewery tours, here's a comprehensive list of some wonderful things to do when Chicago outdoors is a terrific option once again.
Check out the Hancock Observatory's Tilt, which offers an exhilarating tilted view right above the Magnificent Mile. Check out Apes of Wrath, a new show that "embraces the light and dark sides of human devolution." The show is indicative of a Second City performance- clever, hilarious and memorable. Whether it's for your Facebook, travel blog, or personal photo- seeing The Bean (officially named Cloud Gate) is a must-do in Chicago. Our pub crawls give a great introduction to some of the best bars on the Northside, and our spacious common areas allow travelers to connect and share their stories.
The Shedd Aquarium dazzles us land dwellers by featuring an oceanarium, wild reef, stingray touch, and aquatic galleries. Head to Half Acre's infamous Saturday morning tour at 11am in Northcenter (arrive early to get a place). Try the famous deep dish at Lou Malnati's (grab a coupon for a FREE appetizer at our front desk before you go). Shedd Aquarium gained exposure with an international crowd, due to its proximity to the Chicago World's Fair, otherwise known as the Century of Progress. In that same year, the aquarium acquired its first research vessel, which was a 75-foot boat that was built to explore the Caribbean. Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium is "Wild Reef." The exciting exhibit recreates a Philippine coral reef and features a 400,000-gallon shark tank with twelve-foot high curved windows. Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium, along with the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium provide an educational yet enjoyable experience in Chicago. If you are enthusiastic about animals, you will certainly enjoy learning about the one’s who call Shedd home.
Purchase tickets in advance to skip the line (or get both free as part of the Chicago City Pass package) and you’ll have plenty of time!

The Shedd Aquarium is located alongside the glittering Lake Michigan which provides a perfect backdrop to this nautical inspired structure. They have 913 solar panels, LED efficient light bulbs, a rainwater capture system for keeping the water cold in the aquariums, and even green gardens that use a compost made from cocoa bean shells from the local chocolate factory! The Skydeck at Willis Tower offers the Ledge, a transparent glass box that you step onto to see below your feet. Swing by our front desk for a discounted ticket $34, and use it as a fast pass to skip ticket lines. In addition, try the numerous delectable beers from Revolution Brewery's extensive tap room (try any of their glorious concoctions: Anti-Hero IPA, Eugene Porter, Cross of Gold Ale).
Deep dish is the Chicago original: the sauce is on top and a plethora of cheese and toppings are in the middle on a delicious thick crust. At the time, visitors were mesmerized by the new addition to the aquarium, which was a Queensland Lungfish known as "Granddad." Believe it or not, Grandpa is still alive and kicking, or perhaps swimming, at the John G.
This new addition to the aquarium features a variety of marine mammals, which include Pacific white-sided dolphins and belugas. It’s a wonderful Chicago attraction for everyone, including families with children, on sunny and rainy days all year round.
However, Chicago also does terrific thin crust pizza as well, we recommend the delicious Art of Pizza in Lakeview.
There are a ton of good sports bars like Crew in Boystown (go for $2 Taco Tuesday), or Vaughn's ($6 meals everyday) in Lakeview. Wake up early and get a spot to watch the Chicago River dyed green at 9:30am, and then head to Balbo and Columbus Drive where the parade kicks off at noon. Catch a Chicago Bulls or Blackhawks game at the United Center, both teams are playoff contenders and bring pride and excitement to our city. There's also a myriad of Irish bars in Chicago, take advantage of their specials during the holiday weekend. The John G Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium is on the grounds of what is known as the Museum Campus in Chicago. Shedd Aquarium was completed on December 19, 1929, the first exhibits did not open to the public until 1930.
It shares these grounds with the Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum of Natural History. Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium is also home to a number of adorable sea otters, many of which were rescued from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. Shedd Aquarium had to make use of a custom-made railroad car, known as the Nautilus, for the transport of fish and seawater.

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