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At the beginning of June, I started a grow out challenge with my readers at QFTPC, and we’ve been having such a grand time that I wanted to share it with you all and invite you to join as well. About Elle: Elle is the owner and editor of Quest for the Perfect Curl, a collaborative YouTube channel and blog dedicated to promoting healthy hair through research and the sharing of information. If your family wants a non shed dog, specifically you want at least a third generation or later Labradoodle OR Australian Labradoodle. Labradoodle Second Generation (F1B), First Generation Labradoodle bred to Poodle? If your family wants a non shed dog a Second Generation Labradoodle of about 75% poodle with a fleece or wool coat is a better choice than a F1 but no sure bet. Labradoodle First Generation (Lab bred to Poodle)? Within the Labradoodle First Generation population there are primarily two different coat textures, flat coated which has a wiry feel and fleece coated with a harsh feel. First Generation Labradoodles are wonderful dogs but NOT a good choice for the family that does NOT want a shedding dog. We would never recommend a F1 Labradoodle for a family needing a non shedding dog or with allergies to dogs.
Eskom says that there will be medium to high risk for load shedding through the rest of December, with a sketchy outlook stretching through to March 2015. Eskom says that the week ahead will be “tight with a medium risk of load shedding” and a high risk on Thursday and Friday, 11-12 December. It said that the prognosis for load shedding will be low to medium from 15 December 2014 until mid-January 15, “should no additional risks occur on the system”. The group said that the power system will be severely constrained for the next two years, “at least until two units from Medupi and 1 unit from Kusile are running”.
This weekend you can save lots of money with great promotions from Makro, Incredible Connection, Dion Wired, and other retailers. Local telecoms companies could regret spending around R1bn each on a new African broadband cable if the project goes ahead, says an expert.
The dark speck that suddenly appears when you walk across the carpet, then disappears, is likely a flea. Other flea species occasionally encountered by humans include the oriental rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis) and the northern rat flea (Nosopsyllus fasciatus).
Bubonic plague occurs most often where persons live or participate in outdoor activities in close proximity to wild rodents, such as rock squirrels, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks and rats. We are most familiar with adult fleas, those specks that jump and occasionally bite, but spend most of their lives on cats and dogs. Knowing the cat flea’s life cycle is critical to successful management of flea infestations. Newly emerged adult fleas, flea pupae and larvae, are found where infested animals rest and sleep. After vacuuming and cleaning, pesticides labeled for flea control can be applied as spot treatments. Growth regulators such as methoprene or pyriproxyfen are another effective and less toxic alternative. Note that where liquid pesticides are applied, all pets should be removed from the premises. If you employ the various methods listed above, you should see a significant reduction in your flea population. Illustrations courtesy of University of Missouri, University of California and North Carolina State University. When I measured my hair at the beginning of July, I got approximately 21.5 inches, which is great, right? Now, I am not immune to the occasional breakout due to stress or a night of too much fun (they say that toxins in the liver can cause forehead breakouts), but this was odd and spreading beyond my usual trouble area. My shedding decreased by about 75% – when I would comb my hair previously, I was surprised I still had any hair left, and it decreased to a small handful when combing and barely any hair came out when I did a quick finger comb in the shower. I’d like to send a special thanks to my readers who gave me additional suggestions on how to balance biotin. A former product junkie, Elle promotes the importance of product ingredients, knowing your hair properties, and your climate when choosing what products to use on your natural hair. If both parents of an Australian Labradoodle puppy do not shed your puppy should not. If you are looking at a third or fourth generation Labradoodle, and both parents and grandparents of a Labradoodle puppy do not shed your puppy should not. Make sure you are not purchasing a dog that is sometimes called a Second Generation (a first generation bred to a first generation).
However, if you have a shedding labradoodle your best bet is to keep the dogs coat shaved short and feeding them the best of foods to reduce shedding as much as possible.
Cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) are more common on cats, dogs and humans than dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) and human fleas (Pulex irritans). These fleas live on Norway rats and roof rats, and are capable of transmitting plague and murine typhus to humans.

A bacterium (Yersinia pestis) spread by fleas killed 25 million people, more than a quarter of the European population, in 14 th century Europe. Each year, a few cases of bubonic plague are recorded in the United States, mostly in the Southwest. They shy away from light and wiggle their way down into the animal’s bedding, carpet, grass, etc.
Control measures should focus on where the fleas are found and where they are suspected to be. Products containing permethrin or pyrethrins may kill adult fleas, but not flea eggs and pupae.
Today, few, if any, products are registered for this type of application because of concerns about pesticide use, and because fleas typically occupy certain spots within a structure. Opossums, raccoons and stray cats living in attics, crawlspaces and under porches can harbor fleas, making it necessary to eliminate these animals from the premises.
Personally, Izzy (my hair) is loving the warmer weather and the humidity, even if it’s making her huge.
My starting point was 20.5 inches and in addition to my hair vitamins, my goals were to concentrate on my nutrition, keeping my ends moisturized, detangling on a regular basis, and working out at least 4x a week.
I use a Clarisonic and am adamant about taking care of my skin (I am the moisturizing lotion shero, I attack any sign of ash in my presence!), so I suspected this had something to do with my vitamin.
My nails also grew a significant amount for a month (I cut my nails before I started my challenge) and I seemed to have more energy throughout the day when I took Manetabolism in the morning. I want to try the pills again based on your input, but right now I’m just too scared. Remember, the odds that a F1B will not shed or be allergy friendly* is still only about 50% depending on the first generation Labradoodle and the Poodle coats. The disease is typically carried by wild rodents, and transmitted to the fleas that bite them. These typically occur in Texas, or result from travel abroad, especially to tropical countries.
Thus the movements of unsuspecting humans can attract newly-emerged cat fleas that would otherwise prefer cats and dogs. Adult fleas are found on their hosts, so, pets should be treated with prescription or over-the-counter treatments. They emit light and warmth, attracting adult fleas, then capturing them on sticky inserts that are easily removed and replaced. Dust formulations, such as those containing boric acid, silica or diatomaceous earth, will kill flea adults and larvae.
In the pupal stage, fleas are resistant to pesticides and may remain hidden in their cocoons to emerge weeks or even months later. Please contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at 217-241-6700 for information on controlling wildlife.
Those unwilling or unable to conduct a complete flea prevention effort should consider hiring a pest management professional. And this year, I decided to have a little fun with my hair and take part in a good ol’ fashioned grow out challenge! I initially increased my water intake, but that didn’t seem to help, so I did a little research online and read that a B Complex vitamin can help balance the effect of the high dose of biotin. Some breeds have long fur and some short, this refers to the length it grows before falling out.
It takes at least three generations to consistently produce non shedding results and even then a breeder can occasionally produce a slightly shedding dog due to recessive genetics.
It takes at least three generations to consistently produce non shedding results and even then breeder can occasionally find a slightly shedding dog due to recessive genetics.
Some are super curly like a poodle and some are as flat coated and shed as much as a Labrador. This is the reason we have long coated but still shedding dogs, as an example the golden retriever and short coat shedding dogs for example the Labrador. The flea also has spines on its mouth, legs and back to help prevent it from being groomed off. All told, perhaps 200 million people have died of plague – more than have died in all the wars in history.
The digestive system of an infected flea can become blocked by rapid reproduction of the bacteria, causing the flea to bite repeatedly in an attempt to avoid starvation. Outbreaks can arise in urban and rural areas, especially where conditions are primitive or unsanitary. Transmission of a bacterium (Rickettsia typhi) that causes murine typhus takes place in rat-infested areas, in the same manner as mentioned above for bubonic plague, and by inhalation of airborne flea feces. They do, however, feed on digested blood in the form of feces from the adult fleas, as well as bits of dead skin, feathers and other organic debris.

To improve chances of contacting a passing host, newly-emerged fleas tend to move upward on vegetation, carpet, drapes and furniture. These include products containing fipronil or imidacloprid, active ingredients that kill fleas but have relatively low toxicity. Other hot spots are rugs, furniture (including spots under the furniture) and outdoors in and around dog houses, under porches and bushes. Flea traps are a non-toxic supplement to other control methods, and valuable as monitors to discover and pinpoint flea activity.
In addition, physical pressure on the carpet from vacuuming can trigger the emergence of fleas from their pupal cocoons, exposing them to pesticide applications. These materials can be applied as a very fine layer of dust to areas likely to harbor fleas, such as rugs, carpeting, cracks in flooring, beneath furniture cushions, in crawl spaces and under porches.
This is because pets typically do not rest in these spots and they lack enough organic and fecal debris (from the feeding of adult fleas) to feed developing larvae.
While my hair is already fairly long, I still want more hair (ya know, to block people out of pictures even more) and thought that a break from the harsh winter weather would be the perfect time to refocus on my hair health, growth and retention.
Oh, and I also LOVED that the pills were caps rather than giant horse pills that can potentially make you nauseous if taken without food.
Other dogs have a hair (like human hair) coat, like poodles, and will occasionally scratch or pull out small clumps of hair leaving a dust bunny around the house about once or twice a week. Currently we only breed Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles first (a first generation Australian is 2 generations past an F1) to 4th generation because we feel this produces the most consistent offspring to our standards. Cat and dog fleas prefer cats and dogs, though children can become infested when pets sleep or rest on the same bed.
Humans typically contract the disease from the bites of infected fleas, or through skin abrasions that contact the blood of infected animals or the feces of infected fleas. Headache, body aches, fever and, occasionally, a rash and other symptoms develop within two weeks after infection. After growing through three molts (shedding of the exoskeleton) the larvae become pupae, spinning silken cocoons, which they camouflage by attaching bits of debris. I also started splitting up my dosage of Manetabolism so I wasn’t overloading my body with all of the biotin at once. Poodles are considered non shedding as their coat will grow to the floor and still not fall out seasonally.
Cat and dog fleas also will infest certain types of wild carnivores, including opossums and raccoons, but not squirrels, rats or mice.
To contact a host, they jump a distance of up to one foot after detecting the presence of warmth and carbon dioxide. A sunny spot in the middle of a lawn would usually be too hot in summer and have insufficient moisture and humidity to support fleas.
After application, pets and people should be kept off treated surfaces until the surfaces are completely dry. I had never taken that much biotin before, but I have been taking biotin for years (even before I stopped relaxing and knew jack about hair) and never had any issues with it. So my bottle and a half of Manetabolism is now sitting quietly in my cupboard and I have gone back to a regular multivitamin that I’ve taken before (Alive! For example a Puli is considered a non shedding dog as its coat is dread locked, grows to the floor then clipped. While these two species do not carry human diseases, they can carry tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum) that infect dogs. After vacuuming, steam cleaning of furniture and floor coverings will help eliminate remaining fleas. Treated areas can then be vacuumed again to trigger the emergence and movement of fleas, increasing their exposure to the pesticide.
I was so full from water – I would already have consumed at least 32oz before noon, which for me, is a feat. As with other pesticides, misapplications may unnecessarily expose people and pets, and may not provide adequate control. I was also using a toner mix with aloe vera juice and tea tree oil (and rubbing alcohol for spot treatments as needed) to help ward off a really bad breakout, which seemed to help, but I was getting tired of looking in the mirror every 30 minutes to see if my skin was freaking out. Or, if you choose to treat the pet yourself, be sure to select the correct product and follow the label’s directions.

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