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This bug type is special here, because of its inate ability of "Wonder Guard." If it isn't super effective, it isn't getting through.
Silver wind has got to be used on this Pokemon, STABBED up, its strength is 90 and it has a 10% chance of raising all stats. This is one of the better Baton passers in the game, but like I mentioned previously, its defenses are poor.
There is no point in putting EV's into its speed, it has little rivalry for speed, so spread them between its defenses.
Shedinja was owned by Hanzou, and evil man who wanted to steal Misty's Togepi so he can enter and rule the Mirage Kingdom. It moves around at such a high speed that it cannot be seen even while its cry can be clearly heard.

Its body is a mere hollow shell which is said to steal the Spirits of people who peer into its hollow body from the back. Shedinja's best stat by far is its pretty good attack, and with the personality that I chose it raises it up above 300 if you have good EVs. Firstly Skarmory laughs at most phsyical attackers, which Shedinja just happens to be, uh oh. Secondly, Skarmory quite a bit of the time has drill peck which is super effective against it, bypassing wonder guard, and KOing it. Or if you want to try to go for a boost of stats, mostly attack and speed should interest you, silver wind would of course be your best option. Out of those three spikes is easily the most harmful and most common, so if you want to kill this bug, use spikes and you shouldn't have much of a problem.

It is good for catching pokemon unaware, and if you predict well enough you may just be able to kill a crunching Sceptile on the switch in trying to eat poor little Shedinja's soul. I know it is a little odd that I don't have an item, but that goes along with the last move, thief. Although you may think that thief is basically not a big deal, it can actually debalance a team enough to take the advantage in an otherwise even match up. You'd be surprised how fast regice will be missing those leftovers, or how Metagross wants his choice band.

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