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Rapidly cleans and removes soap scum and lime from shower walls & doors, sinks, ceramic tile, fiberglass, vinyl, porcelain and stainless steel. 50% OFF Boulders and Landscape StonesDate: 10-21-201550% OFF Boulders and Landscape stones at our Gahanna Mulch Yard. Beachy Barns Storage barns for sale Granville, Ohio Beachy Barns Storage sheds for sale Newark, Ohio Beachy Barns Storage sheds for sale New Albany, Ohio Storage Barns for sale Gahanna, Ohio Beachy Barns Westerville, Ohio Storage sheds for sale Columbus, Ohio Storage sheds for sale beachy barns Powell, Ohio Storage sheds for sale Dublin, Ohio Storage barns Worthington, Ohio Storage sheds Alexandria, Ohio Sheds and barns for sale Johnstown, Ohio FIREWOOD Garden sheds for sale Galena, Ohio High end garden sheds Sunbury, Ohio also including cities not listed such as Heath, Hebron The best well built garden sheds on the market. 4" deep pad of ¾" crushed stone base 1' larger than building on all 4 sides is highly recommended, but not required.

Beachy Barns offers quality custom sheds for sale including storage sheds, barns and buildings in Columbus and Dayton, OH and surrounding locations.
We have shopped different types and styles of barns and by far Beachy Barns is the highest quality shed type building available! The tall barn-style roof offers plenty of head room, perfect for vertical storage of bicycles or sports equipment. Our popular MINI BARNS offer an attractive storage solution that fits into nearly any backyard enviroment.

The Highwall comes complete with a loft on each end of the building for even more storage flexibility.
You can purchase a display model or order a new one specifically built the way you want it!

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