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All our Dura-temp Storage Sheds, Mini-Barns, and Garages, are painted with high quality Exterior Acrylic Latex paint. My name is Sally, and my husband and I recently purchased a Shed from Tuscarora Structures, Inc.
When I first contacted them via e-mail to inquire about their sheds I got a call within 24 hours explaining what they have to offer, where I could actually go and see some sheds already built, etc. I worked primarily with Dave at Tuscarora and he was incredibly easy to work with, always called me back when I had questions, and made the entire order effortless. I did my research when it came to pricing as I knew what I wanted and what I was willing to spend.
Please note that the actual colors of the mini-barns or storage sheds in the photos may vary slightly. To add beauty to your structure, we use a high quality exterior Latex paint that has been proven for many years to provide long-lasting beauty. Summary: Hill View Mini Barns had a monthly photo contest for June, July, and August so that customers can submit photos of their Hill View Mini Barn building or swing. Free Delivery to: Mifflintown, Port Royal, Lewistown, McAlisterville, Thompsontown, and more! Here are some Mini Barns, Storage Sheds, and Garages that we have In Stock for sale at our Mifflintown, PA Location.
Well, that is a few of the hints I can think of to help your pet make it happily though the winter. When a person comes in and they have an idea about what they want but not quite sure what’s available we help them out. Stop by Lizards oon the Roof, Nolanville Texas and see why we are number one in the portable building industry.
The double headers on the ends of the building along with the horizontal 2X6 that keep the skids firmly in place.
When your Home Owners Association gives limits on the size your buildings can be you will need to get the maximum out of that space. Just because you choose to have a building with a loft does not mean you doors and windows have to be in a certain place.
You may think “I don’t need no stinking loft” This may be true, but I have never had a person come back and say, Shane my loft gives me too much room! When you choose a lofted barn instead of a utility style gabled roof you give yourself the option of storing above and activates below. Sometimes, many of the times, people just expect more then they themselves would give or, and this can happen to the best of them, the company person is having a bad day and things only get worst from there.
We built a beautiful building on site and with many changes to it, the customer was nice but somewhat difficult. Colors, we have 13 colors of outstanding paint, 3 colors of 30 year shingles, 2 stain colors and 10 colors of metal for the roof with 40 year metal available. I try to make your decision a simple one; the best product at the best price with the best customer service to the best of my ability. Tuscarora even gave me the name of a person to do the actual site prep and “Abe” was an absolute great guy to work with and did a beautiful job.
Kevin Duren in Exeter, Maine was the winner with this nicely landscaped log sided camp (shown to the right).
Some builders will give you a few of these building attribute but no one but StarTec and Lizards on the Roof, LLC offers. NOT, because of who you are, what color you are, not even who you were or who you might be in the future.
You are a customer to us and we desire for your to think highly of our ability to treat you the same as everyone else. It’s the shape of the lofted barn that gives it the ability to offer much more storage in the same footprint. Just like all StarTec Buildings sold at Lizards on the Roof, llc, you can decide where the windows and doors will be.

Oh it can very from delivery to paint color, but I have seen most of the challenges I can face in this job. SO, it was really a bummer when we built his building with no loft in it and it called for a loft. So when I look at my company and the distributers we sell for I judge us more harshly, although fairly in my opinion.
When I say we go beyond what most dealers are willing to do for their customers this is what I mean. When I want help from a dealer of anything I am hoping they are trying to help me get not only what I want but at the best price. First and foremost, when looking for a Shed, I wanted to purchase something that would look great with our home and also be reasonable in terms of pricing.
The timeline for getting the shed went according to plan and there were no delays in getting it when we wanted. Their entire service team was excellent and in these days good service is sometimes really hard to find. They also need to be feed well as their body’s are trying to spend energy to stay warm. We have many options to choose from, we may even have the play-set, barn or building you are looking for right here on the lot.
It means when you come to our store we are not just encumbered by the requirement to help you, we are blessed with the opportunity.
I was raised in a society that taught us to treat each other as equals, not better then not less then, equal.
But this is no reason to think that a lofted barn cannot look great in a city homes’ back yard. I really do believe that we have the best portable buildings, best metal buildings and the best play sets,, all at the best prices in the area. When the customer changes a size or color at the last minute and we can call the factory and get it changed, that’s good customer services. Many people when the stop on ask us questions, many of them are impressed when we show them how to save money and get more of what the want.
Sometimes my customers tell me that they are not worried about a $100 or $50, and that is ok, let me worry about it. The end result is we have an absolutely beautiful shed that matches our home perfectly and we’ve already received dozens of comments on how it looks….although most people don’t refer to it as a Shed because it looks like a small little house! Tuscarora Structures is reasonable, reliable, deliver great product, and their customer service is by far the best I’ve seen including follow-up to make sure we were pleased.
If you have time and room for a dog labs are great choices The are chewers, so be prepared to put the shoes up at night or they may become sandals by morning.
This means that they need extra fat in the winter to help keep them warm and less fat in the summer to help keep them cooler.
This gives great strength to your building by never having two sheets of siding sharing a single stud.  Building without this design is lacking in strength and durability. I have served many in the LGBT crowd and I cannot think of one of them that I was not glad to of met. This means that if you have a 10X20 (200 square foot) lofted barn you will have about 134 square feet more floor space above your head in the loft.
Tyler and I have good motives and good intentions on providing our customers the best products at the best price with the best customer service to the best of our ability. When you buy from Lizards on the Roof in Nolanville you will get the best product at the best price.
As a customer I realize that I had a lot of questions and e-mailed Dave many times verifying choices, etc. When the weather is extra bad and the garage is not an option a shed can give your dog a little extra comfort. My clients usually find that when given a chance, we will help you sole problem, find solutions and even help decide on the colors.

But, the best thing we can offer you is honesty, helpfulness, we use to call this good customer service; we offer you a helping hand in making a purchase that serves a need in your life or an investment in your happiness you future. Whether you have siding, brink or stone we help you match your sheds’ siding color and trim color. Our 8’ and 10’ have number quality 2”X4”s every 4’ and every other support has a double 2”X4”.
You will have to pay for an upgraded door or window but where you decide to place them will not cost you anymore.
But, if you need more wall space and you want to really maximize you storage space within the same footprint order an upgrade and have 8’ walls put in. I know many ways to trim $50 here and there and when I can recommend a way to do that I do.
This provides you with a solid floor for your pickup, family car or truck, garden tractor, and more. You can rest assured we have all ready been telling our family and friends what a positive experience it has been purchasing from Hill View. I spend time with my dogs almost every day and I see them at least twice a day when I feed them. I sometimes give them snacks and I try to reduce their food by just a small amount that day. They have built many buildings around here and if you spent much time in the country you have probably seen our products. We hinge our perception of a good sale on the quality of our products and the honest helpfulness we provide. Below I will highlight a reason why we are the place to choose to buy your barn, shed, cabin or play set. We want you to know that you can come to our store in confidence, that what we want is for you to be satisfied with our work performance.
Additionally, buildings bought from Lizards on the Roof, llc in Nolanville we offer a metal roof or 30 year architectural shingle to match what is on your home.
On buildings 12 wide and wider they are 2”X6”’s and larger, and yet we still double up on every other support. I look up your property on Google maps and help you decide where you would like to put your building and where the city will let you. These skids are pressure treated and will last many years even in direct contact with the ground. And not just for the $50 referral fee, but because they enjoyed their experience and feel they were well represented.  It is NOT buyer beware at Lizards on the Roof,llc. StarTec at Lizards on the Roof, LLC uses ONLY 30 year architectural shingles at no additional cost.
When you walk into a barn you cannot help but have an opinion concerning the reason you are in a barn. With a wide variety of Doors, Windows, and Ventilation options available, we will do our absolute best to meet your specific needs. Best looking best built best customer service, that is why we are number one in sales for portable buildings. In todays world parts of our society try to tell us that this is impossible, they are wrong.
The weather will cause the items you have spent your money on to fade, collect dirt, rot, dry rot, mold, mildew etc. Standing out in the rain (inside your barn) will become a past time you will look forward to. This requires being perceptive to a persons uniqueness and their individual traits, possible perspectives and yes even their culture.

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