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It's Sunshine Week, when engaged citizens and journalism's finest celebrate the open records laws that give us access to information about what government is up to.
Bill Allison from the Sunlight Foundation shared tips on making requests for government records that will get answers.
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Mutchler said the Corbett administration's performance was initially "terrible" but is getting better.
At special Seder, Holocaust survivors entrust stories of endurance to the young [photos] Franklin Square's nights now belong to Chinese lanterns, dragons and pandas [photos] STATE IMPACT PENNSYLVANIAPa.

In Pennsylvania, the latest incarnation of the state's Right to Know Law was passed in 2009. Among the highlights she brought to the discussion: A request for a copy of the state constitution was once denied. PlanPhillyIndego gets 24 new stations, 300 new bikes and more for first birthday Wrangling over referendum muddies Pa.
Pfeiffer says part of the emphasis on open records comes from citizens' declining sense of control over their government.
He says New Jersey's system is doing well, despite the criticism levelled by reporter Matt Katz in a piece for the Inquirer, which pointed out that the governor-appointed Open Records Council has sided overwhelmingly with the state.
WHYY's Otterbein shared tips of the journalism trade, including the advice to make requests formally as soon as possible rather than relying on a voluntary handover.

She gave the Nutter administration props for releasing large data sets, including property tax reassessment data (that's part of the controversial AVI initiative, for the benefit of you Philadelphia locals). However, overall, she gave the administration a B-, saying records officers sometimes seem to make denials or requests for delays in bad faith.

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