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Next thing you know, it looked like construction paper and glue sticks barfed up a baby on my wall.
I laid out the wrapping paper and lined up the stripes with the edge of the board to make sure it was straight. Once lined up, I pulled it tight, and tacked it down all along the edges with good old fashioned staples. The manly friend at Home Depot said to use washers so the screw wouldn’t go too far into the soft board. Turns out we had these screws lying around but I bought some at the time anyway because I didn’t want to have to run back to the store. Moving on… I placed the boards where I wanted them, screwed them directly into the wall, and voila! Once the materials were purchased, the entire project took me about 30 minutes start-to-finish. I went to the web looking for a cute, yet practical (and HUGE because my wall is ridiculously large) cork board.

The board sheds saw dust-looking stuff so make sure to have a rubber mat down if you don’t want to vacuum your car.
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I should’ve used drywall screws because mine are pulling away from the wall a bit, but the boards themselves seem to be doing great!
I’m wanting to cover an old chalkboard to make a huge word wall in my bilingual classroom. So not only was it fast, but this project all-in cost around $12…MUCH better than $332 if you ask me. I love that I can put one of the boards in my sons room with basketball paper and another in my daughters room with girly paper. I am a teacher and would love these in my room but I am concerned as to how well they last. I thought staples may be safer around small children, but I need to know if they will stay in place on this type of board.

I have a huge blank wall in the back that needs some love and I am always looking for new spots to display things.
You could use the hooks to actually hold the board in place, or you could just use the stickies possibly. I’m not super crafty so this may be a dumb question: did you use a staple gun or just a good ol fashioned stapler to secure the paper on the board? I LOVE that we can personalize, it and you’re so right about how detestably expensive the store ones are, this is really amazing, thank you so much for this idea.

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