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Cadillac’s ambitious plan for expansion in the crossover sector includes an additional three nameplates over the next few years.According to Automotive News, one of those will be a larger-than-XT5 crossover, with three rows of seats and has been confirmed by head honcho, Johan de Nysschen.
The three-part mini series from the History Channel sheds a new light on the conflicts that defined the 20th century, and features dramatic re-enactments as well as interviews with historians and current political figures including John McCain, Colin Powell, Stanley McChrystal and Dick Cheney.
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On July 10, Sandra Bland was pulled over by a Texas state trooper in a routine traffic stop. Bland, a 28-year-old black woman, had moved to the Houston area from Chicago for a new job at Prairie View A&M University. People close to Bland, not surprisingly, are skeptical of the official version of events, and her death remains under investigation. The release of this 52-minute video from the Texas Department of Public Safety is alarming at face value, but state officials confirmed last night that they’re “looking into alleged edits” of the footage.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in video editing, because I know practically nothing about the subject. But the Bland tragedy is already the subject of important questions and broad skepticism about the official version of events.
The series, spread over six hours, starts with a First World War soldier discovering that his handlebar moustache, complete with twisted ends, is preventing his gas mask from sealing tightly during a gas attack in a trench. He stands with blazing eyes a€“ Adolf Hitler.a€™However, it has been claimed the photograph was faked by Hitler and his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, as the original negative of the picture was never found, and he can not be seen in newsreel footage of the event. We did a lot of casting, I remember our casting notice was picked up online at one point and a lot of sites were saying, a€?It's finally good to look like Hitler!a€?'Although popular between the wars, when it was sported by comedians Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Hardy, the toothbrush moustache fell out of favour after the Second World War due to its strong association with Hitler. State trooper Brian Encinia stopped Bland for allegedly changing lanes without signaling, but things escalated quickly after Encinia, for reasons that are unclear, told Bland to put out a cigarette and she refused. Start watching, for example, around the 33:02 mark and notice the same white car come into frame, repeatedly, and occasionally disappears without explanation.

Maybe these kinds of glitches routinely appear in dashcam videos for technical reasons I’m not aware of.
We still can’t say with confidence how or why Bland died, but new dashcam footage sheds some light on how the tragic series of events began. The same components, though tuned up a bit, form the basis of our activation and validation technology in Windows 7. To better reflect this latest generation of technology we will refer to the activation and validation components in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by a new name, Windows Activation Technologies."  "This time around, the software will do a better job of helping customers make decisions with confidence about which action to take.

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