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As a specialist in pistol marksmanship and a veteran of the war in Iraq, Mr Davis has fired these kinds of weapons thousands of times. This important technique, known as 'building the castle' since the gunman has to line up the three 'turrets' into an even position, ensures that the barrel of the gun is aligned perfectly along the trajectory he wants the bullet to travel.The problem with 'building the castle' each time you want to fire your gun is that it takes time.
Instead, gangsters - albeit unkowingly - use another method to get what's called a 'flash sight picture' by quickly aiming down the side of the gun barrel without perfectly lining it up with the target.The 'flash sight picture' is a way to quickly get an aim that's good enough for combat but without worrying too much about being totally precise with your aim.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. South Carolina police have released a video taken from Michael Slager's police car that shows the encounter that led to Scott's death.
A second video released Thursday has revealed new details into the death of unarmed African American Walter Scott at the hands of white police officer Michael Slager.
Taken from the dashboard of Slager's patrol car, the footage shows a traffic stop like any other: Scott was pulled over in a used Mercedes-Benz he had recently bought. It was this recording that led to the police officer being charged with murder, a striking difference to recent cases in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City, where white officers were not charged in the deaths of African Americans, sparking outrage and protest across the country. Slager's police personnel file contains almost nothing to suggest that his bosses considered him a rogue officer capable of murdering a man at a traffic stop. In the community Slager served, people said that the incident reflects what's wrong with policing today: Police nearly always get the last word when citizens complain. Nationwide, training that pushes pre-emptive action, military experience that creates a war zone mindset, and a legal system favoring police in misconduct cases all lead to scenarios where officers see the people they serve as enemies, he said. The officer, whose wife is eight months pregnant, is being held without bond pending an Aug. The South Carolina police officer accused of murdering an unarmed black man last week had allegedly used excessive force two years ago. Protesters have interrupted an official press conference on the police shooting of an unarmed black man in South Carolina. South Carolina plays a crucial role in choosing the president, partly due to its sizeable black population.

North Charleston has reached a settlement with the family of Walter Scott, a black man shot dead by a white police officer.
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A new video released by the Hawthorne Police in California adds a new perspective on the shooting of a dog that caused uproar on the internet. The whole interaction was filmed by witnesses nearby, and one video posted to YouTube that same day went viral.
There have even been death threats sent to the police officers involved, which has lead the department to take three officers off of street duty. As for criticism as to why the officer shot the dog so many times, Swain says that's just normal police procedure.
He explains that when aiming a handgun in the conventional, barrel-up manner the rear sites must line up with the front sight in the horizontal and vertical planes to make sure the bullet travels a straight line.
Time you might not have in a combat situation - or alternatively when you want to quickly execute your victim and make a fast getaway. The alignment in tilt style is achieved by making the weapon flat and aiming down the side.
Officer Slager walked to the driver's side window and could be heard asking for Scott's license and vehicle registration. Joseph Darby, vice president of the Charleston branch of the NAACP civil rights group on Thursday. Despite Slager's excessive force complaint and Scott's short stints in jail for failure to pay child support, neither man had a record of violence.
21 hearing on the murder charge that could put him in prison for thirty years to life or carry the death penalty.
Another resident of the town has also come forward, saying a complaint he made against officer Michael Slager went ignored.
Congressman James Clyburn suggests police-sanctioned killing may be part of a trend signifying a regression into antiquated laws.

Richard Walker reports from the state where a church massacre and police brutality have underlined differences. On June 30, Leon Rosby was out walking his dog when he came across a police scene and started filming it while also blasting music from his car. But on July 7, the police released another video taken of the incident that shows more of Leon Rosby's interaction with police before his dog was fatally shot - A new perspective that they believe helps their case.
When Slager returned to his car, Scott started to get out of the car before quickly getting back inside and closing the door.
Police then arrested him for 'interference with officers.'While being arrested, his dog escaped from his car and ran over to his owner.
In the week since that video was posted, outrage over the incident has spread both on the internet and in Hawthorne. This video was taken by another witness at the scene, and gives a closer perspective on the shooting, as well as clearer audio of the exchange between Rosby and Police. However, it's not a particularly good method - and they probably don't realise that there's method to it at all. We're trained to eliminate the threat, and that's a judgement call on the officers.'Currently, the Hawthorne Police do not put their officers through dog training. Expect us,' the masked Anonymous representative says in the video.About 100 members in the community held a protest outside police headquarters on June 6.
A petition calling for the prosecution of the police officers had almost 98,000 signatures as of Monday night.

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