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If all you want this Christmas is a quality steel building, then you need to come and visit the friendly team at Sheds n Homes Wagga. Can you believe that it is that time of year already, and that today many of us will be putting quite a few dollars on a horse?
Sheds n Homes Wagga strongly recommends that you first contact your local council or a reputable building certifier to see what is required in your region (and to see if it is even legal).
It is also important to know the difference between a 10a building (shed or garage) and a Class 1 building (liveable shed), as these buildings are designed differently. Dwelling entitlement may also need to be obtained from your local council before you construct your shed.

As you can see, it isn’t as simple as just constructing a new shed on your property and turning it into a liveable area; you really do need to contact your local council to see what are the rules and regulations for constructing a liveable shed or garage in your area. Sheds n Homes Wagga supply a range of buildings that have been engineered as a Class 1 – liveable building, for more information, please call Joel today on 0427 663 777, or visit his office at 5C Dobney Ave, Wagga. Maybe you want to use it as a teenager’s retreat, a granny flat, a games room or the ultimate bachelor pad. You should also be able to find some information about turning your new shed into a liveable dwelling online – many types of council have their rules and regulations listed on their websites. If you want to turn your garage or shed into a liveable dwelling you will have to consider making it more comfortable for everyday use, such as having the appropriate ventilation, installing heating or cooling, termite protection, plumbing, flooring and so forth.

This means that you will be building a future home, and this shed or garage is just a temporary solution. Either way, it isn’t as easy as just purchasing a steel shed, there are a few things that you must consider before transforming your steel building into a liveable area.

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