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At Shedmaster Storage Sheds, we love the challenge of building sheds to your personal specifications. The average shed on the market shed uses the most basic and simplified construction techniques and it shows.The typical shed lacks individuality. If you have your own shed plans or thinking of a design, please feel free to call or email. If you are looking for a new shed, a small garage, firewood storage, an animal shelter, or a customized structure of any kind call Shedmaster at 1-800-618-8118, you will be glad you did. Our sheds are measured from outside wall to outside wall, not eave to eave, as with some competitors. We use PREMIUM GRADE 2”x4” wall studs and double every- other stud section to make a 4”x4” wall stud for extra strength and support.
Every shed is covered with a 30 year rated asphalt shingle and aluminum roof edging or a 29 gauge steel roof with J-trim, at no extra cost.
All exterior shed siding is sprayed with an oil-base, weather barrier sealer, [not a stain], to help retain the new look and resist fading and moisture. Our metal sided buildings are framed like a pole building with 2?4 PREMIUM GRADE 2”x4” wall studs, not 1?6 lap boards.

Add a gable roof style storage shed and make your life more organized with our storage shed plans. This shed can be built as shown with the porch or modified to a standard 10' x 16' Gable building. This Gable building with its low profile and no windows, makes the perfect storage shed when space and security are a concern. Quite possibly you are looking for a new shed with more originality, or a design with extra detailing that showcases your taste.
A newly built custom shed can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property, enjoyed by everyone who views it. The 2”x4” reinforced doors are designed for security and come standard with a keyed lock for your protection.  Our doors do not sag. 10?, 12’, 14’ and 16’ wide buildings have 4 runners for support. All exposed lumber is pressure treated against termites and decay, (4”x6” runners, floor joists, plywood floors, T111 siding and trim).
There are a variety of designer type sheds we can construct  using our shed building experience and expertise. Many customers need the functionality and extra storage that the right layout can provide, but they are very particular about the appearance of the shed they place on their property.

This hip-building was largely a replica in detail and design consistent with the construction of the existing house and garage at the site. The rear door allows access to everyday items without having to climb over the lawn tractor, snow blower and other larger items. The standard roll up door on the 10' front wall makes for great boat or golf cart storage and easy access for workshop projects.
On buildings 10 ft wide or larger, an overhead door is usually found above the walk through doors in front. Here again 8 ft wide buildings have a 4 ft door and 10 ft wide buildings and larger have 3 ft double doors (6 ft opening) unless ordered different.
Our employee’s coordinated their efforts with fence, pool, electrical, and all the other contractors who took part in this back yard makeover.

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