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An educational blog from the 2-20 Family of Companies on all things records and information management related. Last month we took a look at creating project charters and scope, outsourcing tasks, WBS, establishing timelines and project phases. No matter how large or small your project is, you will always be asked these three questions: Did you finish on time, within budget and according to scope? Thanks for reading PART 2 – TOP 10 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS.
Sometimes stories are so heartwarming they are worth sharing especially on a day like 9-11.  Here is a story from one of the 2-20 Family of Companies, Storetrieve that speaks to more than just a happy ending, but a corporate culture. Storetrieve and those at the Physicians Group realize that this wedding ring quite possibly would never have been found had they not utilized Storetrieve to index their records at the file level. It is July, a month where we would love to be is beach side with the compliance a distance memory and GARP replaced with CARP, freshly caught and grilled to perfection.
Many years ago when technology was in its infancy when the internet did not exist, we got hand-held printers in our records center so drivers could provide a printed receipt for the customer of the items delivered.
That same day, I can’t make this up, we got a complaint that a driver had printed a receipt and included, printed on the bottom of the receipt, his own personal phone number.  Evidently someone had caught his eye and he was printing more than just barcode numbers. This driver had programmed the scanner to send a message to the printer.  Do you reprimand him or commend him?  Absolutely the prior but it did incite an internal (not to be shown when expressing your displeasure) chuckle.
I performed records management consulting for a Records Center.  They just couldn’t seem to get the sales moving. Every record center owner, employee and even some of you customers out there, have lived this story. Fire suppression systems are a must have in a records center as well as in any area used for data protection. Halon 1301 was extremely successful for many years because it could be used in data centers, IT rooms, museums, libraries, and even surgical suites. Halocarbon-based agents, inert gas agents, and water-based agents began to surface as alternatives for Halon. FM200 is so popular because it is the fastest fire protection available: successfully extinguishing fires in 10 seconds or less. The primary ingredient, heptafluoropropane – a relatively safe halocarbon – is stored as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen, also making the FM200 system extremely space efficient.
Yet perhaps one of the largest and impactful benefits of FM200 is it is considered a ‘Green Alternative’ to Halon.
Learn more about Certified Records Management FEMA and NARA compliant Dome Vault and its use of FM200 in a real world setting. Research and collaboration for this post of the Smart Storage Solutions® blog was provided by Cindy Chen, Marketing Strategist, the 2-20 Family of Companies. Montebello, California – January 2, 2013– Storetrieve, of Montebello, California, announces its expansion in California with the addition of a new records storage facility in Rancho Cucamonga.
With the opening of its Rancho Cucamonga facility, Storetrieve can broaden its reach from Montebello and meet the demands for Storetrieve’s exceptional paper-based document storage, digital and destruction services throughout San Bernardino County. Storetrieve’s Rancho Cucamonga and Montebello team of industry professionals welcome you to tour their facilities and take advantage of the proprietary information management benefits of its Smart Storage Solutions® that often accompany a savings of 30% or more.
One of the more recent compliance changes came is that of the Statement of Auditing Standards No.
Service organizations are typically entities that provide outsourcing services that impact the control environment of their customers and in particular ICFR. SSAE 16 now provides additional information for which intended users of this report can have greater confidence in the reporting of controls at service organizations.
In short, SSAE 16 meets or exceeds the ISAE 3402 standard, and in doing so, allows the U.S.
Look upon the emergence of SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 as a collaborative effort between two standards that greatly seek to bring about transparency and a high degree of consistency for reporting on controls at service organizations. Listed below are some business sectors that have undergone SAS 70 compliance and will also become prime candidates for the new SSAE 16 standard, the SOC Framework, or even possibly the ISAE 3402 standard.   In reality, there is a large and ever-growing list of industries and business sectors that are (and will be) considered service organizations for purposes of SSAE 16 compliance and the SOC Framework.
With businesses crossing borders, currencies and times zone, and outsourcing firmly finding it place, compliance standards have been challenged for a greater degree of uniformity to meet the demands of a global marketing place.

NOTE:  We welcome you to join the 2-20 Records Management Group on LinkedIn where the sharing of Records and Information knowledge is the common goal. An even more troubling statistic is that among companies that have instituted and updated their records retention policies, a majority of them are still not in a position to know whether those policies are actually being enforced.  Even companies that have a records retention policy providing for the controlled deletion of electronic records after a specified period of time may not implement disciplined rules that prevent individual employees from perpetuating such information on their individual computers or other forms of media.
Records retention policies are only as valuable as they are enforceable within the organization. There are a few prime considerations when determining what to image including: Activity, Accessibility and Data Protection.
Document types, departments and Electronic Health Records, all represent variables that should be studied to identify what needs to transition to the digital world. It can be your best friend or your mortal enemy; depending on how much space you have available. We’ve had our fair share of moving house experiences over the years and each time the same thing happens….
You may be thinking ‘that’s not me’, but really we’re all the same and we accumulate because we can.
If you’re designing a new house or apartment or working with a designer or architect, one of your priorities absolutely must be the inclusion of significant storage. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to access the things we store, but the reality is, we do.Most things stored are on a seasonal basis and when each season rolls around, you need to be able to access the corresponding items. The key really, whether you’re storing in an apartment, a storage locker or a  four bedroom house with garage, is to keep items contained. The more you can box and stack, store vacuum packed, or keep together neatly in bags, the easier you’ll find storing. Because, let’s face it, we ALL like nice things and we ALL like to hold on to them… even if we’ve got a little more than we can handle! Whether it is a home office, bedroom or kids playroom, our loft solutions maximises the useable space within the attic.We supply a range of shelves and modular drawers designed to fold seamlessly into the eaves, following the pitch of the roof A range of configurations to suit any attic space, our units can be supplied for self-installation or fitted by our own experienced installers. Loft Leg These are a simple, light boarded areas for the loft, that sit above the insulation. We have a team of qualified and experienced installers based around the country, that can have the Storage units fitted within a matter of hours.
49 Simple But Smart Living Room Storage Ideas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Koti, Ilona gives advice and links on how to reach all 50 States primary records services departments.  Read On.
For this posting we are going to continue with five more critical project management factors.
Rationalize Risk – A risk is any issue that may arise which can cause an impact to an organization.
While smaller projects may not require full matrix mapping, positive project outcome depends on successfully managing internal and external risk factors.
Turn Ideas Into Tangible Cues – I once was quoted by the Huffington post for saying this, so it must true! If any one of the three core parameters are off, even though you may have completed the project, your project may still be deemed a failure.
Never Hesitate to Ask for a Scope Change – We all dread having a difficult conversation with senior management and even with ourselves. Perhaps the moral of this story is Smart Storage Solutions®, and in this case Smart Indexing, can result in more than just location of ‘lost’ records, sometimes even a wedding ring.  Now that is a Smart Storage Solution®.
In the latter example where media is involved, gas based alternatives have been implemented to avoid the dispensing of water. Water-based agents of course, would not be ideal for locations that contain electronics, media or vital archival collections. It is a waterless system that is used in over one hundred thousand applications, protecting some of the world’s most important documents, media and vital records.
FM200 takes up to seven times less storage space than the previously mentioned systems that are based on inert gases. Although heptafluoropropane decomposes to form carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, it does not cause ozone depletion. 70, SAS 70 to its applicable replacement Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements  No. 70 (SAS 70) for service auditor’s reporting periods ending on or after June 15, 2011. Examples of service organizations are insurance and medical claims processors, trust companies, payroll processors, application service providers (ASPs), credit or loan processing organizations, and clearinghouses. The sheer growth in outsourcing, coupled with rigorous mandates for security, governance, and compliance will require more and more businesses to comply with the SOC reporting requirements for service organizations. Karter’s practice focuses on federal tax disputes and he had written an excellent post on the importance of the management of Metadata from a legal perspective.
This is particularly a problem with email and email attachments because of the ease of transmittal to multiple recipients, including persons outside the organization, which can compromise privileged matters. That history becomes part of the message’s metadata, allowing reviewers to trace a message or reconstruct an e-mail conversation.
With a review of various document types, this can easily prioritize and provide the first steps in your digital road map.

Storage is one of the first things to fall by the wayside, especially in new developments, but it will be the first challenge you face when you move in if you don’t have enough. Writing clear, detailed descriptions on your boxes or containers is the best way to find what you need quickly.
Drawing on combined experience of more than 20 years, the agency offers a 360° solution, combining both a creative and strategic approach. With two sinks, two dishwashers, double wall ovens, a warming drawer, a 48-inch range, a full-size refrigerator, a full-size freezer, and cabinets, cabinets, and more cabinets, this is one high-functioning facility built for cooking, cleaning up, and above all, storing. Here, Inglewood, California, contractor Tim Peterson wrapped deep bookshelves around an antique desk to create a niche, rather than to fill one.
After analyzing risks and impact, you may want to consider revising your scope and charter to integrate your analysis.
If you are working with a team, remember that you have the ability to affect relationships and should always do your best to maintain good morale. If you take the time to put your thoughts down on paper, you can create a tangible physical medium of sorts.
Saying that we will eliminate ALL paper documents in the next year, or that you will respond to all new emails EVERYDAY may not be possible due to a variety of influencing factors. Yet determining what fire suppression method to use has become a question of environmental concern and safety as well as fire protection. Environmental Protection Agency in 1994 when the Montreal Protocol determined it was deleting the ozone layer. Halocarbon-based agents work by absorbing heat, while inert gas agents work by removing the oxygen in the area. FM200 is currently in place in Certified Records Management FEMA and NARA complaint Dome Vault to name one high end data protection facility that currently has this system installed.
Below is a Press Release that become blog worthy as we had clients literally waiting for us to open our door to our second facility for Storetrieve in California.
16, SSAE 16, in the overall SOC (Service Organization Controls) Framework.  SAS 70 has become a well-known acronym representing an in-depth audit of a third-party service organization1.
The written assertion was never required by SAS 70 and the description of the service organization’s system now requires management to place a greater emphasis on describing and documenting this system for the user organizations for purposes of SSAE 16 reporting.
Furthermore, SSAE 16 and the overall SOC Framework effectively remove any limitations that were starting to evolve in the information technology world with SAS 70. Such information can even determine whether a document is protected from disclosure by the attorney-client privilege because it may prove that the document was sent or shown to a third-party, thereby losing the protection of confidentiality.
With Elle Begely as Brand Director and Tamara Hansen as Creative Director, AUTHENTICCA strive to create unique experiences and specially tailored spaces for their clients. There are so many ways to organize a clever storage that you can choose a way for any style and any colors. Working with senior management may be an issue within itself, but remember that your positive attitude could actually help sway the executive team in your favor.
Sometimes the elaborate project plan that we started out with was more of a vision statement and may not be such a good idea to take on as initially planned. It should be noted that many records centers who utilized Halon for fire suppression were grand fathered in to maintain their existing Halon units. In summation, Fire suppression systems are not just about extinguishing the fire, but the long term after effects they pose to our environment. A traditional bookcase or open shelves are ideal for any interior and, by the way, make the space airy and light. So he turned a decorating challenge into a functional focal point while carving out a small home office within the den. If you are a team of one, remember not be too hard on yourself and make project adjustments accordingly.
Yet moving forward, the installation of a new Halon system was prohibited and Halon alternatives began to appear.
Thus FM200 acts as a clean agent, can not only rapidly extinguishing a fire, but does not negatively impact the environment. Different dressers, sideboards and baskets are up to you and your interior – they can be of different styles, materials and designs but they are irreplaceable when the question is about storage. For the bookcases, Peterson installed adjustable shelves for storing items of various heights.
This provides legal insight into something very topical and clearly identifies the importance of clear policies on the management of electronic data.  Our thanks to  Mr. Of course, you can find various smart and functional furniture pieces like tables, ottomans, benches with hidden storage – choose what suits you!
Put your project needs in the open to act as a constant reminder to you and others for what needs to get done and by when. By securing the units to hanging strips just below their tops, they sit flush with the wall.

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