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After mastering basic gun construction, the intrepid potato cannoneer may want to design and assemble more complex and artistic devices. The muzzle’s sharp edge will cut the potato into a plug that should fit snugly on all sides.

You can use the Night Lighter both day and night, but when it’s dark, the clear PVC provides an excellent view of the interior ballistics. Transparent PVC is generally expensive, but you might find reduced-price remnants at plastics suppliers or food-processing companies.Potatoes, large PVC reducing fitting socket, 3" to 2" diameter aka reducer coupling or bell reducerPVC female adapter, 3" PVC end plug, 3" Use Schedule 40 grade for all PVC fittings.
Also be sure to use Schedule 40 grade for all PVC fittings.Measure and mark a cutting line 14” from one end of the 3”-diameter PVC pipe.
Unscented deodorant works well, but check the label to make sure your choice contains hydrocarbons such as alcohol, propane, butane, or isobutane. Start out with a one- to two-second burst, and determine the optimal amount by trial and error. PrevNextFour inches from one end of the 3”-diameter pipe, drill a slightly undersized hole for the ?” bolt.
If necessary, use pliers.Safety and legalityDuring construction, don’t take shortcuts or substitute inferior materials. Drill a second hole directly opposite the first hole, 4” from the end.Screw in the 2”-long bolts, with nuts attached (2 per bolt), into the holes in the 3” pipe.
The vapors from PVC cement are flammable, so allow all joints to dry fully before exposing the gun to ignition sources.When using the potato cannon, exercise extreme caution.
The bolts should tap themselves into the softer plastic, but don’t over-tighten or you’ll strip the PVC. Excess fluid stays in the chamber and evaporates slowly, so you should always treat the gun as if it can fire. Meanwhile, the primer and cement are toxic and flammable, so you need to work in a well-ventilated area, keep the chemicals away from open flames, and follow all safety precautions on the labels.Inspect parts.

Check the 3” pipe ends and 3”-to-2” reducing connector for cracks, dirt, and abrasion, and remove any plastic burrs with a knife. Following the procedure at right, solvent-weld the 3”-to-2” reducing connector to the end of the 3” pipe closest to the electrode bolts. Then join the unthreaded side of the female adapter to the other end of the 3” pipe, and attach the 2” barrel to the narrow end of the 3”-to-2” reducing connector.Let the cannon dry for several hours in a well-ventilated area before using. With the stun gun turned off, test-fit the trimmed ends of the connectors over the gun’s main electrodes. These are the twin electrodes that point forward, rather than toward each other, and we’re hooking these up to our ignition wires, in order to bring the spark into the combustion chamber.Prepare ignition wires. Insulate all exposed metal areas of the ignition path on the stun gun and bolt electrodes, with electrical tape or silicone glue. Position the stun gun body at a 90° angle to the axis of the electrode bolts.Attach ignition wires to electrode bolts, securing the spade connectors underneath the bolt head or between the nuts. The stun gun operates at such high voltage that the wrap still may not completely prevent shocks.

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