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Inspiring a love of history in all Coloradans by airing a weekly television show with comprehensive outreach and education initiatives.
Claire's Clues is an educational partnership between History Colorado and Rocky Mountain PBS to actively engage families in learning about Colorado history and historic places across the state. Explore the booming 1866 town on the Eastern Plains and the colorful characters who lived there until tragedy struck in the 1880s. As El Paso County’s first sheriff, Rankin Scott Kelly helped pursue the Espinosa Brothers and found himself in numerous shootouts with notorious outlaws. From rodeos and parades to auctions and cowboy art, discover the globally known event that has occurred annually since 1906. From Mary Cawker to Millie Booth, meet the pioneering women whose hard work and vision brought the oldest house in Denver to life.

Meet the controversial Mayor whose “City Beautiful” vision built Denver’s Civic Center Park and parkway system in the late 1890s.
Discover the glamorous Hollywood-style movie theatres that served as social hubs from 1910 to the 1950s.
Marvel at Colorado’s most famous tunnel, the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel, and discover the tragedies it has seen.
Step inside the historic 1906 building, investigate the wild robbery of 1922 and discover the secrets behind the Denver Mint. Discover the hardships, innovation and tenacity of the women caught up in Colorado’s mining bug. From Native Americans to thrill seekers, discover the beauty and history of one of the world’s most visited and celebrated city parks.

Meet the woman whose lasting legacy on education lives today, even as her murder remains an unsolved mystery.
Delve into 1931 when a winter blizzard took the lives of five children who were stranded in a school bus.
The Colorado Experience Viewers' Choice Contest winner is "Women of Colorado's Mining Towns" submitted by Rudy Davison! From the high altitude cooking accomplishments of the “Tomboy Bride,” to the journals of Anne Ellis and Mable Barbee Lee, Colorado Experience will take you on a journey to uncover the hardships, innovation and tenacity of the women following Colorado’s mining bug.

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