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Quick Portable Storage is the number one place to find and quickly compare prices on portable storage containers.
Portable storage units costs vary depending on the size, optional features, and your location. Compare Rates - by comparing rates on portable storage from a few companies in your area you can easily get the lowest price. Choose a Local Company - choosing a local company can help you save on delivery and pick up fees. Select the Right Size - getting the right size portable storage container is important to getting the best price.
Click the Get A Quote button to request a specific container and one of sales reps will be in touch with you shortly with an exact quote on your container. If you find there’s no room left to squeeze out of your warehouse or storage areas, portable storage containers can provide immediate additional space to store anything from company records to excess inventory.
Durable and waterproof, storage containers can be used year?round in any type of weather without fear of rust or leaks. After you have examined your choices, we can start to look at what product best serves your storage or transportation purposes. Storage containers are constructed with 12? or 14?gauge corrugated steel sides, doors, and roofs.
To protect contents from theft or vandalism, swing?out doors at either end of the container feature galvanized interior locking bars, similar to bank vaults. In recent years PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) units have become increasingly popular, largely due to extensive on air advertising by the franchise. Your sales rep will coordinate with you through the entire process, establishing delivery schedules and site specifications. Pricing is based in our industry first on Size of the equipment and secondly on the 6 Conditions & Categories below.
Although Storage Containers can get expensive, don’t skimp on quality just to save a few dollars.
As a rule of thumb we suggest purchasing a container if you anticipate needing it for more than 1 year or if you need modifications to the Shipping Container.
A Standard Grade rental unit will be reconditioned or new equipment, fitted with a lockbox and our company branding. Start up costs are typically the first 2 rental periods, plus delivery and pick up charges.
You will receive an invoice electronically or via US mail for each rental period with several payment options. Pick-ups can be requested by calling in or online submission of a pick-up ticket via your customer portal, which is created at time of rental. These storage units allow you to conveniently secure, tools and small equipment at your job location.
Currently, we do not have the exact piece of equipment you are looking for, but we usually have similar equipment that will work.
Before you start, decide where you’d like the pavers placed and outline the area using a garden hose or wood. A container ramp can make moving in and out of storage containers with handcarts quick and easy. Use the quick quote request tool to compare prices from a few of the top portable storage companies in your area, making it easier than ever to save time and get the best rate on portable storage. Portable Storage Units - 12 ft portable storage containers typically rent for around $145-185 per month.

These prices are for storage at your own location, prices will typically be 30% - 50% higher for storage in a climate controlled warehouse.
Thankfully, Quick Portable Storage makes it easier than ita€™s ever been to compare prices from local companies.
When you are selecting a company ita€™s important for them to include delivery and pick up fees in the quote. If you choose a unit that is too large then you will end up paying for space that you arena€™t using, but ita€™s even worse to get a unit thata€™s too small as you will have to order another unit and pay additional delivery and pick-up fees.
Container pricing will vary by location and availability so please include as much information as you can. What’s more, they are far less expensive than new construction and can be delivered in a matter of days.
40′ Shipping Containers are commonly available in High Cube configuration and 20 Shipping Containers can be custom ordered to this spec.
The floors   are made from marine?grade plywood that is just over one inch thick and can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure per 100 square foot. These units serve a purpose for personal transport of household goods, but do not offer the unique and inherent qualities of an ISO Shipping Container. Most incorporated cities or county regulations will have something on the books that addresses portable onsite storage.
Our goal is to get as much information as possible to insure you are satisfied with the process and you become one of our many satisfied clients. If the container is going to be in a highly visible location, you may want to have it painted in custom colors or even with your corporate logos. There are thousands of creative uses for Shipping Containers, and we can accommodate almost any request. Using a 20′ Storage Container as an example, the current price for a B Grade Shipping Container could be $2000. You may be able to buy a B Grade “as is” model for a few hundred dollars less, but the container may have rust, sealant cracks, and other problems that can damage your contents. This is no certain way to judge the unit but will give you a good baseline to understand the age and condition of your Storage Container. Not because of square footage, but because typically larger equipment is more expensive for us to purchase and put into our rental fleet. Your sales representative will quote a firm delivery rate at the time of order or estimate. When needed we will accommodate expedited requests at no additional charge, but this is subject to availability and our logistics schedule. Although it is a project that does not have to be handled by a professional, it is a project that does take time and energy. Measure the area to find out how many square feet of pavers you will need for your project.
Remove the correct amount of dirt to ensure that the pavers can be placed with a slight slope to provide adequate drainage. Grit is basically the abrasiveness of the sandpaper or the number of abrasive particles per square inch. This shelving system maximizes storage space and keeps materials organized and off the floor. This lock is virtually drill resistant because it is made of 100% hardened steel and features a hidden six-piston tumbler system.
10′ Storage Containers although very popular because of small footprint, are actually not a standard size ISO Shipping Container and must be custom modified to meet customer requests.

Manufacturers weld the containers together using elastic sealing compound to ensure they are air and water tight. The fiberglass exterior shell simply does not offer the equivalent level of security of a Steel Storage Container. The city codes have typically been written to address haul off dumpsters, which have been associated with construction projects for decades. Your sales rep will contact you the day of your delivery for one last confirmation and to make sure no variables have changed. The additional money you pay for a quality container is a small price to pay to avoid problems later on.
View our What’s WWT page for a photo description of what to expect from a typical container purchase.
This is not always the case as 10’ units usually rent for about the same as our most common product, the 20’ Storage Container.
Contractor Grade Storage Containers are typically about 20% less expensive than Standard Grade. The Damage Waiver Fee protects you from being responsible for damage to our container while in use at your location. Next you will lay the paver base and use a plate compactor to level the area prior to laying the stones. Each bracket has a load capacity of 1100 pounds and each bracket is rated for up to 550 pounds. When you rent a storage container in Aurora from one of our partners you will get better service, better prices, and a better container. They have lockable double doors on one end that come standard with our “easy open” door handle, as well as a high security lock box. This heavy?duty construction meets ISO construction standards and most models are both weather resistant and fireproof. Your angry neighbor is your biggest threat as most municipalities do not have the manpower to govern this use even if in violation of written ordinance. Whenever possible it is best you assign one point of contact so there is no possibility of misunderstanding as to the pending delivery of your product and the previously arranged details.
There are many questions to ask and your sales rep has probably heard them all, so please discuss these unique conditions prior to arranging delivery.
The NPSA (National Portable Storage Industry) offers a series of informative videos to help you understand this process. Please take a moment to review them, it will help you considerably to analyze and prepare for the arrival and upkeep of your Container. We offer this as a convenience as the cost is typically much less than adding it to your own policy.
Our 48ft storage containers provide a whopping 45% more storage space than a 40ft container.
These larger containers are perfect for just about any “on-site” storage requirement you may have.

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