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Then book your personal demonstration at one of our convenient locations including, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta, & Washington DC. Our unique boxes are like no other portable storage container on earth, so we're glad to take the time to explain all of the features and product benefits.
Universal Storage Containers LLC (USC), a provider of foldable, portable moving and storage containers for self-storage and other industries, is celebrating the successful 2013 season of its sponsored cycling team. A customizable multi-function container suitable for office or other use that can be assembled in 15min.
If you can't find the answer below, take a second to contact us today for more information on ordering and logistics. Steel frame and base with customer specified wall paneling such as steel composite sandwich board, translucent plastic composites, corrugated steel, or other high tech materials.

Yes, we have over 60 quality control checks that are performed on each box before they are shipped, including 4 individual checks on the roof to ensure no water leaks.
It depends on the size of box and customer's requirements, however, our standard floor weight capacity is 12,500 lbs for 16' unit. Our typical Z-Box design takes only 15 minutes and our Polar Bear Box takes approximately 40 minutes. She has some land she's looking to develop in Seattle and I think this would be perfect.
USC offers our foldable innovative technology, which provides dramatic cost savings that allows our customer to gain the competitive edge in their industries. Our standard design allows for 3 completely loaded assembled units to be stacked on top of each other.

To further assist our customer's needs we have offices to serve you in New York, Denver and Atlanta. With our special stacking brackets, 6 units can be stacked horizontally in the folded mode. My parents bought one and have converted it into a storage space, complete with windows, air conditioning and carpet.
Custom engineering, product design and development, manufacturing, logistical support, and to-the-door delivery are just a few of the reasons why USC is the Leader in Portable Container Solutions.

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