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Haverhill, Massachusetts is a city of 58,000 and is the third city of the Merrimack Valley, after Lowell and Lawrence. Downtown Haverhill was a unique combination of 8-story buildings and open-air horizontal grade-level car storage facilities. Brooklyn dames Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner are relatively new to the storage auction game. As the only female cast members, Candy and Courtney look to make every advantage count and aren’t afraid to use a little lip gloss or a hint of style to get a leg up (not that it ever seems to work with this crowd). Mike Braiotta is a keen buyer with a confident swagger who specializes in teasing the competition on his way to a big score.

More often than not though, Morelli and Eaton harness their opposing temperaments, and their skill at restoring furniture, to make some serious profits. Auctioneer John Luke has been speed-talking his way through auctions for more than 15 years. I've never stopped here but been through town on the Amtrak Downeaster on the way to Boston several times. While Mike might like to bust people's chops, this dedicated family man is all business and he’s deadly serious about unseating Joe P from the auction throne. Whenever there are heavy goods to lift, Mike’s quick to rope his cousin Brandon into action to provide some extra brawn, if not necessarily any help in the brains department.

Considering the way these two conflicting personalities bicker, their store name could just as well describe their friendship, which always seems on the verge of unraveling. Even if they go home empty handed, at least they have their loveable one-eyed pooch Dottie B to keep them smiling.
Although there were quite a few empty buildings, it seems to be in better shape than Lawrence.

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