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This project will bring energy security, economic prosperity, employment opportunities, national pride, and uninterrupted electrical power development to Nigeria on a scale never seen before in the history of the country. We continue to support Nigerian government’s commitment to foster innovations in the area of sustainable energy development for the people. We believe our transparency and resolve to follow established government procedures in pursuant of the established goals of the Nigerian Gas Master Plan will hopefully engender more favorable discussions among all parties.
We strongly believe that underground natural gas is the ultimate game changer in the Nigeria Gas Master Plan. The full potential of natural gas energy can be fully realized if and when a safe, viable and reliable natural gas storage sites are provided closer to the market or the sources of oil and gas production. Consequently, natural gas production and storage is vital to many industries, including factories, commercial and residential businesses in the country. The Chemical Storage Facility allows the player to store Chemical Vials, increasing storage capacity by 50. Note that, prior to the 3.0 Patch, storage of Chemical Vials was useless since players obtain them by either defeating the rebel forces at the Heartland or raiding someone else's chemical building (except the Chemical Sprinkler), by which means one could have more vials than their storage allowed. Storage of dry products can also be provided by use of the extensive storage space within the facility. Holly Ritchie is the Marketing Director for The Storage Group bringing with her over 7 years of Online Marketing Experience.

We are appreciative of those who have expressed serious interest and commitment in investing and participating financially and technically in this project with our company. Diezani AllisonMadueke, we have established and highlighted key areas of mutual interests and concerns. Importantly, the discussions would assist us to develop coherent plans for a way forward in obtaining constructive, positive considerations and approval for the needed concessions including all the necessary permits for this project. It will guarantee long term energy security for Nigeria and, acts as the stepping stone to guide full exploitation and management of Nigeria’s natural gas sector. Therefore we believe that provision of viable natural gas storage using abandoned or depleted field would accelerate the domestic (local, national) and global shift to full utilization of natural gas as indispensable choice of clean and safe energy. As of Patch 2.2, the Chemical Storage Facility can be occupied or raided for Chemical Vials. All of these tanks are inspected and are in code with Massachusetts Regulation 502 CMR 5.00. By use of our deep water dock, we can receive dry product from overseas suppliers via ship, store material in dry storage, and transport the product throughout the United States.
The owner inspects this location almost daily, and has an excellent reputation with the Oakland County Sheriff. We are especially appreciative of the international oil and gas producers who immediately saw the inherent economic values and benefits associated with the development and future expansion of underground natural gas storage in Nigeria.

These include the areas of potential benefits to Nigeria and to our international partners on this project. These tanks are used to store a variety of liquid products which include sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ferric chloride solution, ammonium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and other products. We can also receive dry product via rail or truck and distribute this material in smaller quantities throughout the region.
Borden & Remington's storage procedures are maintained in accordance with the ISO9000 Quality Standard. These tanks enable Borden & Remington to bring in products by ship, rail, or truck and store the material prior to shipment. Shipment of products from storage tanks to customer's facilities can be made via ship, rail, tank, drum, or tote quantities.

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