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Today I have some free plans for these cute storage lockers that would be the perfect place to organize shoes or toys.
The easiest way to get all the shelves placed exactly the same distance apart is to cut a scrap of wood to use as a spacer. If building several towers, you can use #6 wood screws directly through the side into the shelves on the sides that will be butted up against other towers as you won’t see the screws.
Make sure you use pocket hole screws on the sides that will be visible after construction or you will have a lot of filling to do. Clamp first towers together then drive screws into front and back of top, middle and bottom lockers. Easy opening molded locks turn with a twist to actuate the internal heavy-duty locking bars. Three shelves span the width of the cabinet and are adjustable to seven positions allowing for greater flexibility of storage options.
Doors are welded flush to continuous heavy-duty piano style hinges providing smooth opening and closing of doors. The cabinets are washed in a phosphate bath and are electrostatically powdercoated with a high quality textured black base and textured blue door finish that is formulated for industrial applications to resist chemicals typically found in most garages and work shops. Storage lockers are perfect for storing personal belongs at home as well as office supplies in the work place. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Building Tenants always need extra storage space and welcome the available storage Valiant Lockers provide. Providing Valiant Single Tier Lockers for your tenants is almost the same as including an extra closet in each apartment. Valiant’s Double Tier Lockers are designed to accommodate buildings with a limited amount of storage space.
WireCrafters Industrial Storage Lockers set up fast, and can be moved or reconfigured as your storage needs change. WireCrafters Style 840 Woven Wire Partitions can be used to build free standing secured storage enclosures, security cages, or to divide large buildings into smaller sections. WireCrafters TA-50 Military Storage Lockers are ideal for storing specialized United States Military tactical gear or standard issue items. WireCrafters RapidWire™ Industrial Storage Lockers are a perfect solution for securing employee items or company equipment. The above described use for our Industrial Storage Lockers is not just for outside service providers. With RapidWire™ storage lockers, managers and workers have full visibility of what is being stored.

Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer.
Unless otherwise specified by the customer or by the stock finish description on our website, all WireCrafters products receive one coat of gray (standard) liquid enamel.
Custom matched colors require the submission of a one inch square (or larger) paint chip with order, and require an additional charge. Your browser is out of date and can not correctly display all features of this and other websites. As a result, you'll encounter more and more problems as time goes by - problems that are caused not by the websites you are visiting, but by the browser you are using. If you choose to close this alert and continue, you will likely have trouble viewing and navigating our site as intended.
We recommend using one of the Internet Browsers below, or upgrading your current browser to the most recent version. Please fill out your contact information below to receive product announcements, trade show information, and new products and services from WireCrafters.
Store away your oil containers, cleaning items, and soccer balls so you can get back to work without the worry of tripping over them again.
Cabinet doors stay closed with or without the use of the two provided keys.Doors may be locked for added security, keeping hazardous tools and chemicals out of the reach of small children.
Luckily you can buy storage furniture that can be bought in various materials and colors to match your existing furniture.
Tenants appreciate the extra space and will use it to store almost anything, especially seasonal items like sports equipment, grills and patio furniture that tend to clutter up an apartment when not in use. The RapidWire™ Industrial Storage Locker is for those items you use within the work area.
Providing storage lockers for personnel around manufacturing facilities or distribution centers also helps to control expensive items that tend to walk away or be misplaced. This is essential for supervisors who want to be sure that the lockers are being stocked correctly; a solid steel cabinet would require supervisors be issued a separate key to be able to view what, if anything, is stored. Doors have full length angle strike, three point cane bolt lock on double door units with padlockable handle. Users should not place orders based on the colors as reproduced on their computer screens as these may vary from the actual color.
We strongly advise you to upgrade to one of the browsers listed below in order to keep your computer secure, and so that you may experience our site as it was designed to function.
It stands 5 feet in height and is able to moved easily when cleaning or reorganizing your area.
Most utility rooms have washing machines, dryers, and various other cleaning items stored in them.

Another reason to use a locker at home is to securely store any harmful cleaning products that could cause harm to your kids. Doors are pre-hung in a standard frame and can be attached to partitions using self-drilling screws.
The open but secure welded mesh design allows in-plant lighting, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to work effectively throughout the storage area. They are designed to allow you to store large parts and specialized equipment that you are responsible for.
Maintenance workers can save valuable time if they have several sets of tools securely stored throughout the facility.
This design also creates accountability for individual workers and the items and equipment they are given.
This mobile storage locker features three full width shelves with seven adjustment points, Heavy-duty T-type locking handle, and four heavy-duty swivel casters. Industrial lockers can be installed individually or in groups, and can be configured to have one to four compartments. WireCrafters has supplied RapidWire™ storage lockers to companies that have outside technicians. Workers going back to one designated storage area can cause increased downtime when machines need to be running. Our open but secure design of the wire mesh allows instant verification of the contents inside the storage locker. WireCrafters Industrial Storage Lockers set up fast, and can be moved or reconfigured as facility needs change.
A bank of lockers (one for each technician) is filled by an inside worker with the items each technician will need for that day.
Having multiple industrial storage lockers with appropriate tools keeps everyone working more efficiently and effectively.
The technicians go to their individual locker, remove their parts for that day's work assignments, and put those items in their service truck.
This type of storage and distribution system helps control the company's inventory, and assigns individual responsibility to workers.

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