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There are hundreds, possibly thousands of ways you can customize a closet for better organization and use of storage space. Overlapping hanging rods in closets create a square shaped space in the corner where nothing fits and it’s impossible to see or access your clothes.
For a quick fix, shorten one of the closet rods by at least 24” and then reinforce the hanging rod with a closet support bracket if needed.  One closet rod will stop short of the adjacent wall, creating not only more hanging space but also making it easier to see and access clothes on both sides.
If you want to maximize space throughout your entire closet with closet organizers, proper closet section spacing should be utilized in all corners. A general rule of thumb is to leave 12″ of empty wall space between closet sections in a corner. If possible, avoid placing hanging sections on both sides of the corner, but if you must, vary the heights of the adjacent closet rods; this will create a design that allows for better garment accessibility. Whether you opt for simple closet rod adjustments or DIY closet organizers, either route you choose will result in added space and less clutter!
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This takes a handyman, but this is what we did with my son’s closet that is long and not so deep.
This reminds me of when I designed a closet for a new home and the builders took it upon themselves to not leave the 12″ space between the corner and side sections of closet. Cheers to fresh starts and God Bless the things that motivate us to just get started with something.
I think there’s always to make extra storage space in the closet, you just have to be creative. And my little tip: sometimes, the ?asiest way to free some space is to get rid of some stuff!
If you are unable to find your favorite dress or pair of shoes instantly on your closet, then now is the perfect time for you to get organized. Wood Closet Organizers – These closet organizers take out all the hassles of organizing while giving the room an additional touch of style and elegance at the same time. Hanging Closet Organizers – Typically in the form of hanging bags, these closet organizers can be a life saver for people who crave for organization but are on a tight budget. Valet Rods – To have an extra hanging space in the closet, some homeowners install valet rods onto the side of their closet’s shelf.

I am still hankering after the ultimate closet system for my bedroom, but it has to be one that is a do-it-yourself option and that I can make over time. Babies, toddlers and young children can never have enough closet space, especially if you prefer a room that is uncluttered.
Another affordable option is to replace standard doors with a curtain rail or track and hang curtains that match the decor of the room. In a small bedroom, fitting sliding doors or bi-fold doors allows you to utilise more floor space in the room. ABOVE: This is the finished look that I am going for on the front of the built in cupboards.
Modern closet design includes drawers for easy storage and- a new idea that I just love is to incorporate a couple of storage hampers at the bottom of the unit. As a bit of a clutter-bug I like the idea of hiding my clothes behind closed doors, but that doesn't mean doors have to be solid.
Closet accessories, closet organizers and custom closet systems are just a few, but what do you do about those tricky closet corners?  This is a problem for many households, so we’ve put together a list of easy do-it-yourself solutions to maximize space in closet corners. This is a great solution for those who have more shelving items than hanging clothes or if the closet dimensions present design challenges to incorporate storage goals.
Everything I need and use ends up in the bedroom, so I caved and decided to just make it happen.
This should be pretty easy through the use of closet organizers that comes in a wide selection of designs and construction and widely sold in the market today.
As their name implies, wood closet organizers are made from solid wood and embellished with stylish door handles and concealed hinges.
These closet organizers can be a huge space saver, especially if you place most of your clothes on hangers. In this case, large plastic storage containers come in handy, which provide lots of spaces and shallow enough to fit on the space under your bed. Consider installing one in your home now, so that you’ll immediately find the outfit essentials you are looking for and maintain organization in your beloved home. I do have a small dressing room, and it's this room that I am currently tackling as I'm tired of long white slabs of melamine. Having enough closet space to pack things away not only makes a small room appear more spacious, it's also handy to have a place to put everything.

In a large bedroom an open-plan closet is a DIY option if you have all your boards cut to size and edged. I love the frame design on the doors and have already added this to the shelves converted to drawers.
You can buy flap hinges at Builders Warehouse and these allow you to open the drawers a specific distance. I bought the oranizers from IKEA and Craigs list and I was floored when I saw that the room actually looked larger with 3 additional pieces of furniture. Other models also come with removable glass door panels and are usually easy to install and assemble.
Not just for clothes, large plastic bins also make great storage containers for boots, sandals, and other stuff that you don’t get to wear all year round. You will find Hillaldam aluminium systems at your local Builders Warehouse, or get in touch with Hillaldam direct to find a supplier close to you, or try Gelmar. PG Bison MelaWood allows you to choose from a variety of wood finishes in light or dark and then it's just a matter of assembling the sections.
My goal is to fit my day to day female items all inside the organizational system I selected.
Soooo, the closet above would be within my reach but the ones below are most definitely my dream closets !
The closet space will be used as storage space for house items and my additional items I can’t part with. We all want to know ;)For more creative storage solutions be sure to follow my Organizing Board on Pinterest!***Feel free to SUBMIT your questions, or READ some of the past ones!*** I don’t publish every question I’m asked, but I do try to respond to as many as I can! Attics are usually the hottest spot in the house, and appliances throw off a considerable amount of heat.
Also storing foods where they receive a lot of light (such as the shelf near the window filled with clear glass jars of food items) causes faster deterioration as well.

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