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By Matt L, on November 17th, 2015Last week I spent a few days on the Gold Coast and I wrote about their great new light rail system. I thought that perhaps initially it was just a one off, but the more I looked around the place the more saw people of all ages, genders and body sizes riding bikes.
As someone who advocates to make Auckland more bike friendly, this intrigued me as to what caused this – especially given Australia is the only other country in the world? with a law requiring people on bikes wear helmets. Next I thought I’d look to see what level of bike infrastructure exists, assuming there must be some sort of bike network. The only other infrastructure I saw was very poor on road cycle lanes on the main North-South route – the Gold Coast Highway.
If good bike infrastructure didn’t exist, what was it that was generating the bike use I was seeing. As we know, people will ride more if they feel safe, and in the absence of bike infrastructure a footpath often provides a much safer environment than a road does. My guess is there are at least 50-100 bikes parked up in this space from kids who have ridden to school. Its effectively legal in that its not really policed (just like running orange lights and not stopping at a stop sign). We had a good 300+ bikes in the stands at my school, and maybe 10 student cars at the most, pre-helmet law.
I see quite a bit of it happening in Newmarket and there have been a number of near misses and we just don’t have big wide footpaths with low pedestrian counts.
But Don what about the injuries to the person on a bike forced to mix it up with the cars and logging trucks?
This argument is particularly toxic in Nelson right now with people who don’t ride bikes claiming exclusive use rights to riverside paths though the city. The point Don is that a car driver can get aggressive towards a cyclist with no physical risk to themselves.
On the other hand a cyclist who bumps into a walker is as likely if not more likely to get injured. I tend to agree, as what is being suggested here appears to be transferring the problem from cyclists to pedestrians (I acknowledge the risk is lower). However, there would definitely need to be restrictions around town centres and shops as people should be able to step out of a shop without risk of being frightened or hit by a cyclist, even if they aren’t going to be seriously injured.
At the GI Tamaki Cycleway sod turning I bent the ear of Transport Minister Bridges on the helmet law and if they are considering changes to that law (say relaxing it but only for those over 16 years of age) in light of regular medical evidence that compulsory cycle helmet laws aren’t working and have huge side-effects of putting people off cycling as the perception of cycling as a dangerous activity exists as a result. So, given his attitude to helmet laws and enforcement, can’t see this idea of legalising footpath use ever happening on his watch. Incidentally the give way rule was going to be changed in 2011 but was put off until 2012 as they were concerned we would be too distracted during a World Cup worrying about injuries to Richie and Dan to be able to concentrate (which is probably fair enough).
And yet they ignore the impact on population health of all the additional lives lost early which investment in cycling could help tackle. I commute most days of the week, outer inner suburb to CBD and back, for 5 or more years now.

This is solely because giving a ticket for not wearing a helmet involves less paperwork than other, more subjective offences. I routinely ride without a helmet, and often use the footpath if it won’t inconvenience anyone too much and it provides a benefit to me. Luxury Closet Wardrobe Storage System With Shoe Racks And DrawersSizes: Thumbnail, Medium, Medium_large, Large, Full. The remarkable Luxury Closet Wardrobe Storage System With Shoe Racks And Drawers photos above, is part of Wardrobe Storage Ideas Should Be Adjusted With the Room Size and Decorating Concepts publishing, which is graded within Storage & Organization.
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ACE Pallet Racking provide high quality, compatible storage solutions with good old fashioned service. While I was there I was also struck by a few other observations – in particular cycling. Further, on many of the street corners I noticed a lot of small bike racks, and they most often had a handful of bikes locked up to them. By poor I mean a strip of very faded paint – often quite narrow and in the door zone of parked cars. I had to think back to all of the times I’d seen people on bikes and there was one common denominator, they were all riding on the footpath. With the exception of some high pedestrian areas, allowing cycling on footpaths effectively creates an instant network. From the top of a double decker bus to the airport as I was going to leave we passed a school – I happened to have a seat upstairs right at the front so had a great view and while gazing out of the window I noticed the school had a bike storage area and this is what it looked like.
That may not be Copenhagen or Amsterdam levels but seems fairly impressive for this corner of the world, and in the context of what we’re used to seeing in Auckland where very few kids will ride. As anyone that has been hit by a bycycle knows they have many metal edges that can inflict deep wounds let alone the risk of being knocked to the pavement.
Hence it is common for drivers to cut across cyclists or even try and run them off the road. One reason for that was to consideration of the cyclists and the requirement to use a bell to indicate to pedestrians that they are coming up behind them. But if in doing so you break other laws (red lights?) or cause accidents or be a nuisance then you’ll get the book chucked at you. The Mt Vic tunnel footpath in Wellington is about four feet wide, yet cyclists think it’s okay to zoom past pedestrians. The only tickets any of them had ever given out were when people were being dicks in some other way (no lights, drunk, abusive, riding recklessly) and happened not to be wearing a helmet.
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It started on the way from the airport when I noticed multiple large groups of teenagers all getting around on bikes – many of which were sit-up city bikes rather than BMX or mountain bikes.
To be clear, in no way am I talking about anything close to Dutch or Danish levels of cycling but it was a difference from Auckland. A quick google confirmed my observation with Queensland allowing people ride on the footpath – as does Tasmania, ACT and the Northern Territory.
Naturally the biggest concern is the interaction between bikes and pedestrians, and just how that works in real life is hard to tell, but everyone seemed to get on OK.
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Compare somewhere like the United States, where cops run regular stings on jaywalkers and prostitutes. Queensland also has a requirement that people on bikes give way to people on the footpath, although I’m not sure how well that is enforced or if it needs to be. I was just about to step out to my right to avoid a big dog poo on the footpath when this guy whistled past my right shoulder. Some ideas that you can take are the making of mudroom, using clothing poles, putting hidden storage, maximizing the existing storage space, dividing the drawers, using the back of doors, using the empty wall and even using the portable wardrobes. Many cyclists along the waterfront weave in and out of pedestrians at speed and don’t give a ****.
Applying proper shoe storage solutions would be a way to make your room pretty cool as you wish.
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