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Need extra storage in your laundry room - the Over the Washer Storage Shelf is the ideal storage solution for small laundry rooms and homes where the washer and dryer are in a closet or nook.
I built a cabinet over my washer and dryer but it seemed to fill up with other things and the bottles of detergent were so heavy anyway that I still wanted the shelf.
The result: the shelf still fits over the top of the washer as shown, but it moves around when I lift or tilt my heavier bottle of detergent (despite the fact that I did adjust the brackets so that the shelf would sit properly). You have seen the white dresser I found in the trash in the post Trash, The Dollar Store and Me and the pantry in my post How I Transformed a Coat Closet into a Pantry. The laundry room is probably the smallest room in your house and used frequently to wash, dry and iron clothes.  Laundry clothes can be arranged using hampers, sorters, baskets and carts.
One of the convenient ways to store detergents is to install shelves or racks right above the washing machine.  It provides more room and easy access to all your laundry needs.
Carts are easy to move around with in the laundry room.  It is a great storage for laundry essentials. If you want to store your laundry necessaries in easy and neatly consider buying wicker drawers.
These holders can be mounted on the wall.  You can hang brooms, mops and any equipment with long tubing. Drying racks can be used to air dry the clothes which are not suitable for dryer.  It saves money on you energy bill. TIP:  If you want to air dry clothes and save space, other option is to install a string across the room.

The Avanti Washer and Dryer Mounting Bracket helps you create the perfect space-saving and energy-efficient laundry center. This question is from Washer and Dryer Mounting Bracket 1 answer Does this bracket work only with Avanti's washer and dryer?
This product is highly recommended by me for consolidating my condo sized washer and dryer.
Utilize all the space in your home and get yourself some of these if you don't have them (or a variation) already!
This laundry shelf attaches to the back of a washing machine or dryer to provide extra storage space for detergents, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and other laundry accessories. This has made life easier for me because I am a short person and I have problems reaching the cupboards in the laundry room.
So I have to be somewhat careful whenever I use the most frequently used item on the shelf. However, since this shelf only hangs off the washer, as opposed to screwing on, it is very unstable. Laundry items such as detergents, mops and brooms and iron and board can be organized using range of storage products listed below.   The following storage solutions will not only save you space but, also will allow you to neatly organize the laundry room. Easy to install and durably constructed for long-term use, this lightweight bracket conserves much-needed space in tight quarters. The Over the Washer Storage Shelf features strong steel construction with a white vinyl coating for durability and easy cleaning.

When the detergent is not on the shelf, it tilts forward, and once the detergent is on the shelf, it slants backwards. Made for dryers and top load washers, the user-friendly design lets you stack the units vertically, great for small apartments or vacation homes. If you mount it to the wall with the included brackets (I didn't), it should be perfectly stable. The vinyl coating also prevents the organizer from scratching the surfaces of your appliance. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.
This space-saving rack holds standard size detergent bottles and gives you plenty of room for all of your accessories. Gets the detergent and other items I had set on the dryer off and is now easier to see the controls.

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