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When the fishing boat crews of The Deadliest Catch first set sail in search of Alaskan king crab, they snagged something else in their traps: a heady mix of danger and the potential of huge financial rewards, which has kept the show going for eight seasons. The Saskatchewan-born, Vancouver-based Foy, 40 is one of five men featured on the series about miners working gold claims in the Yukon and northern British Columbia. It's hard, isolated and occasionally dangerous work, with 12-to-18-hour days under the northern summer's midnight sun, at the mercy of the elements and of $800,000 pieces of excavating and sluicing equipment breaking down. Foy's goal for the summer was to bring home 2,000 ounces of gold (worth $2.8 million at the time of shooting) against his break-even operating costs of $850,000.

Undead warriors and ravenous dragons, psychic kids and vengeful witches, boobs, bums and broadswordsa‚ā¨¬¶ the new season of Game of Thrones promises to be one of the most memorable yet.
And whether it's accusations of manufacturing storylines, scripting rivalries or creating the appearance of peril in the editing room, even the most real of reality shows - be they about fishermen, truckers, loggers or what have you - sometimes undergo a bit of soap opera tweaking. Along with his partner Guillaume Brodeur, Foy spent last summer mining a claim in the Klondike gold range under the watchful eyes of Yukon Gold's production crew. Just as the fisherman pull their giant traps out of water in the hopes they're full of squirming crab, the miners watch paydirt run through massive sluicers in the hopes of seeing the telltale colour that indicates the presence of gold particles and flakes.
He isn't allowed to say how things turned out - viewers will have to tune in for all 10 episodes to see which way the season went - but he says the show's producers were respectful, and did a great job of capturing the realities of mining life.

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