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Although not the biggest room, but for some, it certainly is one of the most important and most used spaces around the home. Your laundry room is exposed to consistent foot traffic so make sure you opt for a floor that is easy to clean and is also durable. Also, if you could incorporate a space where you can wipe off your feet while entering the room would simply be amazing. If your laundry room, also doubles as a mudroom, then it will be helpful to have a dedicated space to hang hats and coats. This place would also constitute an ideal storage space for toys that are meant for exterior activities only. Just a little forethought and you can transform your boring laundry room into a cozy space to read on your favorite book away from the family. Storage is certainly the most important aspect of laundry rooms, so make sure you take advantage of ever inch you can. 3) Having overhead closed cabinet spaces gives more space and scope for artistic and creative ideas to flow.
Bring out your music system to your Laundry area , let the music play or get that book you always wanted to read and enjoy it while your clothes spin. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design.
Storage room and utility room lighting a€“ clear and efficientStorage rooms and other utility rooms often receive little attention.
TRESOL LED downlights from OSRAM provide optimum lighting in basements and utility rooms thanks to their three high-power LEDs. The background lighting in basements, utility rooms and attics must above all else be bright. In addition to optimum brightness, energy efficiency plays a key role in the background lighting for basements, attics and utility rooms. The use of additional light sources in shelving and cupboards makes it easier to find things in attics, storage rooms, washrooms and basements. High quality and functional design a€“ the new downlights from OSRAM are the elegant solution for high lighting levels in any room. We are constantly having to put things in storage rooms and attics and fetch them out again.
In addition to optimum brightness, energy efficiency plays a key role in the shelf lighting for basements, attics and utility rooms.
OSRAM worldwide project references: professional lighting solutions from different application areas.
Innovative, trend-setting technologies and extensive expertise in research, development and chip production.
The art of storage in small spaces is narrowed down to two words: organization and multifunction. Drawers beneath couches are neat storage room and doesn’t make the living area look crowded.
You can totally create your own storage bench at minimal costs with just a shelf unit from any store and a big or a few smaller cushions.
Less obvious places such as under the staircase or over the window area can become great storage places with some shelving. Coffee tables with shelving or drawers are great storage solutions for your small living room. An antique chest or trunk does not only beautify your living room but also acts as wonderful storage space.
A well hid TV in a book shelf or a wall that comes alive by opening a few doors, with a few doors or curtains, your clutters are well kept away from the naked eyes so that the living room looks neater and more airy.

It could be a painted cabinet that show case beautiful drawings or an antique cabinet that adds character to your living room. These nesting tables are great next to your living room sofa as they can be pulled out if you need extra tabletop surface. The Best Laundry Room Ideas : Laundry Room Storage Organization Ideas Uploaded by MOHAMMAD TAOFIK H in Spokane at Thursday, October 31, 2013. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.00000A mudroom or a laundry room, whatever you name it, is a multi-purpose area that is invariably becoming one of the most important spaces around the home.
From adding a space to store hockey bags to incorporating a project work area, laundry rooms are extensively being used as multi-functional spots for more than just cleaning clothes. Linoleum, concrete or tiles constitute some of the best choices while selecting suitable flooring for your laundry room. You can add in a circular right at the entrance of the room, plus it would also help in enhancing the decor of the room.
This area should be loaded with sufficient amount of hooks.  Be sure to hang the hooks over a rug so that the water can be easily absorbed in case it drips off the clothes. Make sure you build spots to store muddy shoes such that you don’t track dirt and mud throughout the house in rainy seasons. Even you can transform the look and feel of your laundry room and make it a cozy place by working on its color palette.
Such an environment is certainly going to make laundry feel like a less chaotic task and more of a tranquil getaway. Fortune Restoration is one of the best companies in Chicago for providing Services like Painting, Restoration services for residential homeowners from Hyde Park to Lincoln Park.
They are those little messy rooms that just keep getting cluttered no matter how hard you try to organize them. Good lighting – Lighting up the laundry area can bring up a dramatic difference in the space. Orderly Arrangement – Like any other room, unnecessary clutter can give the space a dirty look. Keeping detergents, sewing kit, laundry shampoos, starch and other such items needed in the laundry room within cabinets gives it easier access and avoids using up other storing spaces in the house. Like any other area of your house, you can add to the ambience of the laundry room or area with potted plants, different color patterns.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Whether you have a supplies cabinet or just need to individually identify each storage room number, you are sure to find most legends in stock.
The important thing here is to provide bright uniform background lighting for the sake of tidiness, orientation and safety. These downlights come in recessed and surface-mounted versions so they can be quickly and easily installed on virtually any surface.
It provides adequate light in basements and attics and can even be used as a flashlight by simply taking SPYLUX out of its holder on the wall. Compact fluorescent lamps from OSRAM offer energy savings of up to 80 % compared with conventional incandescent lamps.
Compact fluorescent lamps from OSRAM offer energy savings of up to 80 % compared with comparable conventional incandescent lamps. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. An organized and tidy home, even though small, can be much more comfortable to live in than a big but disorganized and cluttered room.
On the other hand, the storage bench version are lovely for spaces near the window, you can easily turn the storage bench into a reading corner that stores books in drawers or boxes right under the bench.
The ultimate “hide” is in the below picture, in which a whole home office is hidden in a cupboard by a door slide!

A shelf can be used to divide the living area from the kitchen or create a small reading corner.
Build a nicely skirt that will not only pretty up your table but also hide away your extra storage. The Mesmerizing Home decor images on this page are the Mesmerizing pic that we picked for you with a dimension of 900 x 575 pixels.
Whether you’re renovating your current abode or building a new home, your laundry room design and decoration deserves to gain the same attention as your kitchen and bedroom.
Here are few simple and bright ideas to helpy you make your laundry room a better and more inviting place.
Also having windows through which light and air can flow in would be a good boost to the whole washing experience. Having a closed basket for dumping soiled clothes rather than heaping them on the floor or inside the cabinet would give a more organized look.
Having the iron box in the laundry room ensures that clothes leave the laundry room in wearable form. Or, if you need a special legend, just click on our custom template and create a sign with your own wording. LED lamps from OSRAM combine high-quality light with low energy consumption and very long life.
They produce instant 100 % light, provide high-quality light thanks to their excellent color rendering and can be dimmed. The directional light from OSRAM reflector lamps makes these lamps ideal for shelf lighting. Below features 20 clever but easy to implement living room storage ideas to get your clutters neat and organized. By gathering everything in one big storing unit, you can have less storage needs elsewhere in the living room, thus leave out more open space.
However a trunk sofa table will be quite heavy with all the things inside that it will be a bit hard to move.
Laundry Room Storage Organization Ideas above are the same as what I saw when I visited my grandpa?s resort in Fort Lauderdale, US. It provides light in dark corners and on staircases and always ensures these places are safe. Another benefit is that thanks to the classic bulb shape and E27 base they can be used anywhere.
The fixtures offer and ideal combination of functionality and design with all the benefits of LED technology: compact size, brilliant light, excellent economy and outstanding durability. Not only do they offer low power consumption and very low heat output, they have a very long service life.
The design of NIGHTLUX makes it ideal particularly for illuminating the lower third of a room. Download by right clicking your mouse right on the Mesmerizing pic, then give this good definition pic to your home consultant to be put on soon.
When mounted at hip height NIGHTLUXa€™s three LED lamps illuminate everyday obstacles and therefore cut down the risk of accidents. Lamps with this light color are the first energy-saving lamps with a color temperature of 2500 K, producing a warm and comfortable light similar to that from an incandescent lamp. NIGHTLUX units are also equipped with a motion sensor so they only come on when they are really needed.

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