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Our quality built saltbox style shed includes 2 great windows, this will allow wonderful natural light to come in.  The windows make this unit great for a potting shed, a tool shed, a workshop, or just a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors! Ready to assemble components insure a professional look when your barn raising is complete.
Fast & Easy - our components fit easily into place with no special tools or skills required! The siding is made from wood strands, pressed into a resin saturated substrate, superior to plywood. You can purchase extra windows for both the ground floor and each gable end by selecting from the drop downs above.
To start the second level wall, bolt 2 sections together, then place them on top of the first wall, beginning at a corner.
Continue bolting one section to the next, until you had gone all around the shed’s 2nd level. To secure the 2nd level to the 1st level, use short pieces of 1X4’s inside the walls of the pallets with about 24x 4 inch long bolts all the way through.
Heavy steel straps embedded into the concrete along with an 18 inch piece of rebar drove into the hole. Hire Me For Your WebsiteI specialize in working with Small Businesses on their web presences. The Garden Shed is a great way to meet your storage needs and enhance your yard with a beautiful building. CRAFT SHOPS, FISHING SHACKS, ESPRESSO COFFEE HOUSES, STORAGE, TELEPHONE BUILDINGS, AND PERSONAL GETAWAYS AND HOME OFFICES.. Were delivered in as a surface the bins to create a flat and elevated surface depart Pittsburgh for.
Built on Site Garages are Fully customizable. Design your garage to fit your exact needs, from 2 car to 8 cars we can build what you need.
Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to offer our garages at a fraction of the cost that you will find from many of your local contractors, and dealers. Built on Site Garages are $25-$35 per square foot, and our buildings offer a second story that you don't see reflected in the prices from the other guys. We can't tell you exactly what you need, but we have heard many times I wish I would have made it bigger, but I don't ever recall hearing that my garage is too big.

We will draw up your building in our computer system, and send you a computer engineered drawing as well as an itemized quote.
Many portable building manufacturers are extending their services by designing and building tiny affordable houses with their current equipment and experienced carpenters. Showcase also has a few cabin models and a darling Story Book Chalet which can be used as an office or a tiny house.
I live in Denver & would be interested to know more about where I can get land in town to have a tiny or somewhat larger Cozy Home.
All that said, they make a great starter kit for a tiny home, if you’re prepared to reinforce the structure, anchor it to a good foundation, and finish it out yourself. I know that here in Ohio we have a few Amish builders that build their sheds to the code requirements of houses. In nearly every kitchen, the only space provided is for a fridge is small and under the counter.
This option is designed so that when you purchase our Wood Floor you can correctly match the height of you new sheds floor. Stronger than expected, less complicated to make, and saved money over the conventional building method or store bought sheds. The Garden Shed features larger windows 24”x27”, wood shutters and trim, a higher roof pitch with architectural shingles, a roof overhang of 7” all around, and wood gable vents.
Description: Shed Solution specializes in custom built outdoor storage sheds built tough for the Northwest. We are able to do this by using our years of experience and expertise to complete many parts of the building in the controlled environment of our shop before it is delivered. Here are some basic guide lines that will help give you an idea of how big you should make your garage. Each has its own benefits, and it ultimately comes down to your preference, and what style is right for you.
One such company is actually a broker and dealer of the largest selection of portable buildings in the NW Arkansas, SW Missouri and NE Oklahoma area.
It comes with a full size bathroom, an on-demand water heater and a full kitchen with built in storage, aluminum brushed counters, microwave and stainless steel appliances. StorageSheds And Garages builds a solution for the problem, and offers a build on site garage that combines the best of all the options.

This allows us to save on costly delays that result from bad weather, and occassionally waiting on materials to arrive. Showcase Sheds & More sells portable storage buildings, portable storage sheds, cabins, greenhouses and now tiny houses like the Irish inspired Dara. The cabins are also affordable like the 12×24 foot Lakeside Cabin that retails for just under $5,000 for the basic model. It looks like they use independent shippers for their own business, so maybe you could hire someone who will deliver to Mississippi. These are such a boon to those who don’t have the time or skills to do a shell but can finish out themselves at a reasonable price. By building on site you are able to customize your new garage to fit exactly what you need, and maximize your space.
We also buy all of our materials by the truckload, allowing us to get materials at a much lower rate than a contractor, also saving you money.
The living room has a wall of windows, pine tongue and groove flooring and painted bead board.
The potting shed option includes a skylight, a workbench, and four windows across the back wall.
From 2 car garages to custom buildings designed to hold 8 cars we can build a garage that works. The exterior of the house is sided in western cedar with a galvanized metal roof, and the entire house is wired and plumbed with Pex tubing.
By building on site we are able to offer you a completely open first floor for you vehicles, a 2nd floor with lots of storage space for your things, and all the custom options you can think of. In the south the base price is at least 25% lower but in the north and northeast it will be higher at times due to insulation and amenities required to market properly. I try to post some Ideas at the 4Fathoms Designs page that can be used in most small space homes with some judicious shrinkage. Each of their tiny homes can be build on-site, on a trailer or prebuilt and delivered to its final location.

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