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Why rent a storage unit several miles from your house when you could have your own for the same price or very little more?
If you are looking for QUALITY SHEDS, South Country Sheds, your friendly shed and barn provider is the place.
At South Country Sheds our experience with wood and movable buildings goes back to my fathera€™s Ready-To-Move home business which was founded in the mid seventies.
A Where is your car parked, in the garage protected from the sometimes violent Florida weather I bet. South Country Sheds is meeting the growing demand for quality storage sheds and barns in South West Florida.
Our commitment is to build relationships, value individuality and deliver quality to the end user.

His business was successful because he paid attention to detail, quality and customer service.
At Lark, They invest their money in the product and you can see it in everyA storage building they build. Their stunning designs and exquisite detail will make a gorgeous addition to any backyard or garden area. The choice is yours: architectural shingles or Galvalume roof for your quality shed or barn. Their innovative construction techniques and state of the art equipment insures that your Lark Building will be second to none. In the following pages, we will illustrate why state of the art construction systems and techniques provide the strength, durability, and product value that only Lark delivers. We are producing sheds for the consumer who cares, the acreage or lot owner who needs a high quality shed at reasonable prices.

While others are playing catch up, Lark is out front with cutting edge improvements to their product. Reports from coastal areas hit by hurricanes say that metal roofs have withstood high winds hands down compared with shingles.
At South Country Sheds you will find our staff courteous and ready to serve as well as please. We are here to provide you with a storage shed or barn that will be of use to you for many years to come.

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