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Our kitchen furniture is the standard ones; the ones off the “shelf” and not made to measure or to any special order, which means that we didn’t choose the size of our cupboards. But where there is a problem there is also usually a solution to it… we resolved our “problem” of wasting storage space with a range of raised shelves. We only use the straight inserts – the ones with just one extra surface but if you look around you will be able to find special stacking shelf racks which look like a step ladder (they might be especially useful for small cupboards filled with things like jars of preserves or spices).
We don’t have the biggest kitchen, I will have to try and implement some of these ideas thank you.
There are some in Ikea… the one which are in glass cupboard ?? They are great but do not fold down, so once you build it, you will have to unscrew them to make them flat again. We use our Bosch job site table saw and a Craftsman circular saw to make the two cuts for our plywood surface. Fastening the shelf at every stud provides significant additional weight-holding capability, especially towards the back of the shelf. With the middle shelf fastened, we construct and install the bottom shelf using the same technique. The top plate of the wall is exposed in this style shed, and we decided we wanted our plywood shelf to cover it. And just as we had hoped, our five largest yard tools now fit neatly beneath our large work shelf. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the shelving on the other side of the shed, and some nifty latching hooks we’ll be installing on the back of the shed to hang our shovels, rakes, and other gardening and lawn tools.
You can strengthen the shelf by installing diagonal braces (available at the big box stores) from the studs to the shelf base. If you want a backsplash, you might consider installing peg board on the back wall before installing the shelves. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? I see those 12V Lion porter cable tools you’re using, I have heard good things about them. This is another article I keep coming back to… What do you recommend doing when I am trying to build free-standing shelves in the basement… Should I fasten supports or the whole structure to the concrete or simply bolster the strength of the shelves (3 rows high)? Right now, the part of our site that is still active is The Better Half (you can find the links at the top). Of course, since Ethan isn’t full time, there’s no one here to put up the content! Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments.
Note: Figure A and a Materials List are available in pdf format in Additional Information below. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. The modern mountain home looks more like a ski lodge resort with stacked stone walls, glowing landscape lighting and a grand stair entry.
Woven outdoor chairs with red cushions create a cozy circle in front of a stacked stone, natural gas fireplace. Outdoor wicker chairs sit next to a stacked stone fireplace creating a cozy patio sitting area.
You can get a high-end look with impact details small and large: try adding bun feet to free-standing cabinetry to give it a furniture-feel, or add some beadboard paneling to spruce up an island.

On a urban rooftop deck, an outdoor stone fireplace, made from rustic stone and reclaimed lumber, dominates the view. This stairway certainly doesn't fall into the mundane category that most utilitarian areas do thanks to an interesting stacked stone focal wall. This grill station features storage space as well a broiler and cooktop for convenient outdoor entertaining. A round stone fire pit is flanked on either side by a curved slate bench that wraps from one end of a deck area to the other.
A stainless steel range hood is a sleek, contemporary counterpoint to the stacked stone backsplash. Stacked stone and blue shingle siding creates a stylish and one-of-a-kind look for this beachside home. Stacked stone stairs curve up to the spacious covered deck at this rustic mountain retreat located in Western North Carolina.
Rarely the focal point of a room, the triangular shape of under-stairs space comes out from the shadows when fitted with display shelves and a small storage cabinet. A reflection on your good taste, this under-stairs closet proudly announces its presence with mirrors cut to fit the angled shape. Shelves are dandy but storage solution aficionados know that drawers have two big advantages: They pull out for easy access, and their drawer fronts hide any messes from view. If you like these, you may want to take a spin through HouseLogic’s library of slideshows. It is so much easier to reach for things when they aren’t stacking directly one on top of each other. It looks great on the outside, but without some shelving and storage hooks for tools inside, most of the interior space would go to waste. This helped us try out different articles to make sure the shelving heights worked for our storage goals. Hopefully when we’re done, these will all fit neatly in their own place in the new design.
The table saw makes quick work of the rip cut, but the circular saw is a little easier to manage for the shorter cross-cut.
We want the shelf to have a nice fit and finish, and getting the cuts right is essential for this. One optional step here would be to also use construction adhesive to attach the plywood tops. This shelf has several horizontal cross members to keep the plywood from sagging in the center. We also decided that this shelf would be easier to install in place, rather than building it outside. We should’ve snapped a pic before piling everything in the shed, but with the heat still beating down on us, we rushed the completion. We enjoy writing these articles, but it’s ever more rewarding to see the discussion that ensues. These are just as good (if not better than) torx screws in my opinion and the free driver bit with the box of screws means not having to keep extra bits on hand. Ethan briefly put up a message back in July explaining that he was leaving full time work with OPC to pursue another job. Changes in Google’s search algorithms coupled with the rise of literally thousands of home improvement-focused sites have made competition for readers fierce.

So we collectively decided it was time for him to pursue new interests so he could make sure his family is taken care of!
It certainly isn’t the future that we had hoped for with the site, but the site was a fantastic success for years, and we feel very proud that we were able to contribute in such a cool way to the web ecosystem.
Or you can get really creative with a focal point that is less expensive than mosaic tile but packs a big punch, like stacked stone on the back of your kitchen island, like this one from Bill and Jayne Wolf of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen in Grand Rapids, Mich. Pebbles and bricks frame the fountain making it the focal point of this stacked stone courtyard wall. The fireplace is resurfaced in dry stack stone, replacing a standard brick hearth and surround.
Put school packs, shopping bags, and sunglasses right where you can nab them on your way out the door. Make a nifty hideaway in an under-stair nook, and add motion-sensor lighting that turns on when kids crawl inside (better yet, they automatically turn off after Junior exits).
In an ideal world I would prefer them to be totally different – or at least not as tall as they are at this moment or maybe just having more shelves inside them, but we do not live in an ideal world so we have to deal with what we have. Mark likes to have his essential cooking things always handy, so they were taking valuable worktop space, but no more… we bought a range of narrow inserts and placed them along the side of the wall. But fear not, the heat didn’t deter us from tackling our long-awaited shed storage shelves project. On deeper shelves where weight isn’t a major concern, 2x4s can be run front-to-back to avoid plywood sag. We measure below the surface of the top plate to find the right spot for the support 2×4. They’re hanging off the wall and the ceiling, so I used lag bolts instead of just wood screws.
I generally use a Senco screwgun for anything major and I believe they do have the torx head drivers for those as well, but phillips seem to work pretty well (have to change the bit every couple hundred screws). Jocie continues to maintain TBH, while Kim still keeps our coupons and deals articles as up-to-date as possible.
That little triangular area often has nothing going on behind it except raw, blank space you can put to good use. This space wasn’t really used anyway as it is below the upper cupboards so access to this space isn’t all that great. These screws are more than sufficient for the weight loads we’ll be putting on these shelves. So starting with the smaller shelves meant we didn’t have any waste or have to make extra cuts. This way we have doubled the storage space we would have without them and I think they look nicer too. For a deep shelf, a third 2×4 could be placed at the middle of the shelf spanning side-to-side parallel to the front and back. They tons easier to drive and much more forgiving if you aren’t perfectly lined up straight. On baking days he also tends to dismantle one to use it as a tent frame with a T-towel to cover breads and doughnuts as they are rising!

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