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One of the oldest space-saving storage tricks in the interior design handbook involves making use of that leftover area underneath the stairs, the awkward extra space that does not always lend itself to cheap or easy storage solutions. While not a new idea, turning stairs into drawers is a relatively simple way to get easily-accessible storage space out of a staircase.Along similar lines, there a number of other clever but more technically advanced ways to hide under-stair storage or even an entire hidden room or secret passage.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Many older homes are plagued with small bathrooms in tight areas where expansion is nearly impossible. If you don’t like airing your makeup collection to the guests, try using some portable storage shelves that can be easily wheeled out when hosting parties or having company. Shelving, baskets, and containers are a great way to turn the space over your toilet into a visually pleasing storage area. Choosing a sink that is mounted on top of your counter space frees up the area under your sink for storage. Wall mounting your faucet fixtures is a great way to include a narrow sink and vanity without taking up too much of the room you have to move around in your small bathroom.
We saw the design on those towels at BedBathandBeyond – but the latice-work is becoming more and more popular this summer, so expect to see it popping up everywhere! I am looking for shelves like in the second picture, do you happen to know what the dimensions are and where a good place is to find some. We are all looking for more home storage, and those of us with small homes need it more than most. Find a container that is low enough to slide under your bed, with a few inches to spare if you plan to add casters.
I love this twist on the above project… old wooden crates make really attractive storage! Finally, if you don’t have enough space under your bed, even with all those great ideas, here is a tutorial on bed risers that will elevate your bed for more storage.
This tiny but highly sophisticated studio apartment in the East Village of NYC has made us very proud, thanks to JPDA. Although we’re not too sure how realistic that cubbyhole at the crown of the loft is in a NYC apartment building, the rest of the space makes perfect sense.

Well lit and highly efficient modern kitchen has beautiful appliances and plenty of counter space.
Here we have a built-in office which serves to camouflage the workstation and appear invisible in the living room. This modern bath looks monstrous thanks to the clever use of all that mirror, but all that matters is that there is enough room to take a fabulous shower!
Observe before you a full-height shower with minimal hardware to compliment the modern apartment scheme. After exploiting every nook in this home and discovering a wealth of storage space (which is totally key) we got to thinking- Is this apartment really all that tiny? What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. 5 Ideas To Organize Compact Workspace At Home - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. These designs, however, show just how creative one can be with what seems like the hardest space to deal with in a house. Here is a great step by step tutorial from Thrifty Crafty Girl to get you started with this basic DIY project. Using a color from the room scheme and adding the stick on numbering really makes it seem more decorative than utilitarian. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
Not only was it built as a super efficient multi-functional unit but with the use of detailed mill work, the storage capacity was very cleverly executed and resulted in a super stylish studio with a decent amount of floor space.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.
We pulled these pictures from Pinterest in our search for ideas to transform a small, cluttered bathroom into one of style and convenience. Depending on the amount of weight you are going to be putting on the shelves will depend on what the bracket can support.

We have some clever ideas, and a couple of great tutorials to create the most of your storage space.
By smart we mean ones that you won’t even notice or ones that serves several purposes at once.
This system might even prevent or postpone the need to add on to your existing building.  Spacesaver also helps make your business more efficient by improving the way that golf bags are stored, this system makes them easier to find. I usually hide the leg behind the drywall and screw it into the studd, so you would have to redo the drywall on the wall.
Such furniture have everything to get work done and could be placed in any room other than home office. Here are some examples of what we mean.LAX wall-mount desk by MASHstudiosThis off-the-wall desk is perfect for small spaces.
It is available in different color themes and configurations at Clei.Cube Duke by CamifThis laptop desk and cabinet is a perfect workspace organization solution for a small space. Its price is €195.Laptop Tower by Ursula MaierThe Laptop Tower is a standing desk for use at home. The finely crafted piece is handsomely finished with a combination of veneer and paint in different styles. This mobile standing desk comes replete with an illuminated, pull-out laptop shelf with a mousepad, four lower shelves, and sockets for a small printer, projector and rechargers. Quality construction allows the beauty of the wood to to take center stage, and the oil-and-wax finish highlights the grain.
A work surface, built-in file drawers and adjustable shelves allow you to make the most of this versatile piece of furniture.

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