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Space Place offers a huge selection of self storage units in Calgary, ensuring you get the best storage unit rental to fit your unique needs.
Come in and see our variety of Northwest Calgary self storage units or contact us today for help finding the one that best matches your needs.
Space Place all season self storage rental units each feature 8 or 9 foot ceilings, with both heated and cold storage units available. Our temperature controlled mini storage units are located in our indoor Calgary vault, so they offer maximum security for those with only mini storage space needs.
Our small storage units are offered in drive-up, unheated buildings, as well as heated storage units in our indoor facility. Our 5'x6', 5'x7', 5'x8' and 5'x9' Calgary self storage rental units are all in our weather-proof, temperature-controlled facility.
Our 5'x10' medium public storage units are available for rent as both drive-up and indoor suites, heated or unheated. Our 7'x8', 7'x9' and 7'x10' rental storage units are available in our accessible, drive-up facility.
Our 10'x10' units can fit a small two bedroom house while still affordable enough to rent for longer terms.
Our large storage units available for rent all feature drive-up accessibility, either heated or unheated.
Space Place considers all our Calgary self storage units supreme, but there are no bigger Calgary storage units with more bang for your buck than our 10'x25' drive-up, heated suite.
Whichever self storage unit rental you need, call us today at 403-288-2620 and we'll help you decide. BigSteelBox leads the mobile storage industry in Western Canada and provides service for a wide range of commercial uses.

No matter what your needs are, we always deliver with fast, friendly service, innovative thinking and youthful energy. BigSteelBoxes have been used for many years in the construction industry to store tools and other materials on the job site. A BigSteelBox is an ideal storage solution for companies and organizations like retail businesses, restaurants, and schools and churches who need to store extra inventory or seasonal items.
We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, so whether you need it in a parking lot, or a tight spot next to a building, chances are we will make it work. We specialize in steel shipping container rentals for moving and storage, selling new and used mobile storage containers, and building modular steel structures.
Holyrood Boulevard is an adult property with two low rise buildings that offer modern and affordable suites as well as an outstanding location that is minutes away from downtown Edmonton. Our public storage units for rent include drive-up cold storage units, perfect storage for cars, boats or other items requiring easy automotive access. These narrow storage units offer secure file storage, or other contents from a small or home office.
These small storage units fit a number of boxes and a double bed or a comparable volume of furniture. A 5a€™x6a€™ self storage unit rental is perfect for a typical bachelor apartment while our 5a€™x7a€™ and 5a€™x8a€™ storage unit rentals easily fit a one-bedroom apartmenta€™s items. These roomy Calgary storage units can easily fit the equivalent of a small house or three bedroom apartment; perfect for students moving home for the Summer or travelling overseas. Both our 7'x8' and 7'x9' storage units are heated and can easily hold the contents of a larger condo. They are conveniently accessible via drive-up doors, and are offered as both unheated or heated.

From construction sites to retail locations, we're pushing the boundaries of what a BigSteelBox can do.
Contact us today to see how we can meet your company or organization's moving and storage needs. The onsite storage BigSteelBox provides throughout Elliston Park is truly invaluable to our team. It’s tough, waterproof, windproof, fire-resistant, rodent-proof and mobile, so your equipment will stay clean, dry and safe. We also have indoor heated storage units, best for antiques, collectibles or other fragile items needing temperature control.
And, our 5a€™x9a€™ storage rental spaces are ideal for storing a larger one or small two bedroom apartment.
This size of rental storage unit is also ideal for excess business inventory, tools or other equipment. The largest of the medium lockers, Space Place's 10'x10' Calgary self storage units can hold a large quantity of furniture or boxes. Our 10'x15' self storage rental units are perfect for a two to four bedroom house with furniture and appliances, while our 10'x20' rental storage unit can fit contents from a three to four bedroom house with appliances, or a car with furniture and assorted boxes. With our small storage units, narrow storage units and mini storage in Calgary, you can optimize your budget and space. And with larger public storage units with enough room to accommodate an entire house worth of items, we will have a rental storage unit that's ideal for you.

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