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Why cloud storage is a cut-throat businessYou may have noticed that, in recent months, Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, and others are fervently fighting to be your cloud storage provider of choice. Strategic dominanceThe more likely reason for such feverish competition in the cloud space is strategic dominance; for Google and Microsoft, cloud computing is where the next platform war will be pitched. Some features I love about google drive, is the collaborative┬ádocument editing and versioning. From the World Resources Institute, the World GHG Emissions Flow Chart needs a new name, but shows the composition of GHG (Green House Gasses) emissions and where they come from. Karen Kavett is a graphic design student at the Rhode Island School of Design and she was inspired to create the So You Want To Watch YouTube flowchart after seeing the So You Need A Typeface flowchart by Julian Hansen.
I was really inspired by the So You Need a Typeface poster and figured, why not make one for which YouTube channel to watch? All users automatically got 5GB free storage space with options to upgrade for a small monthly fee which when added to your 10GB Gmail storage made for a hefty amount of online space. The only issue with this was the fact that you had two separate amounts of storage in two separate locations. Well, this is an issue no more as Google are unifying the storage space across Gmail and Drive thus giving a combined 15GB of storage for G+ photos, Drive and Gmail.
Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Award Ceremony and Podcast, coming to you, prerecorded from Coolsmartphone Towers. If you haven't heard of Google Drive before it's an office suite and cloud storage service in one. There's hundreds of ways to use Google Drive: You could use it just to share family pictures and videos with relatives or collaborate with colleagues. Maybe you just need a way to access your own documents from different locations or back-up your files. All the things you would expect an office suite to allow you to do, such as write reports or create spreadsheets with compicated relationships and formulas, can be done in Google Drive so it fits right at home in any office enviroment. You can share any of the files contained in your Google Drive with just a few clicks and you can control access on a folder or file-per-file basis.

You can also collaborate on files if you have edit rights to it or grant edit rights to others for one of the files you own.
You can send emails to everyone when you make the file available to them if you want or you can later email all of the collaborators of a file at once. Then your the kind of person who would benefit from the ablity to store all your files and documents in the cloud using Google Drive.
Over the years William has used dozens of online tools and services and he's a big fan of Google's free services, like Google Drive.
With Windows 8, you will log in with your Live ID and all of your documents and settings will automatically sync with the cloud, allowing you to freely roam between devices (or access your files from any web browser).
Dropbox specializes in cloud storage and it works quite well on the devices I’ve tested it on. I was wondering where I might be able to find information on the average storage usage by end users.
But the web moves much faster than the colleges do. A million spam pages are created every hour! Unlike the usual chart- and fact filled graphics, we decided to create a somewhat educational infographic. All calculations are based on CO2 equivalents, using 100-year global warming potentials from the IPCC (1996), based on a total global estimate of 41,755 MtCO2 equivalent. It was a bit of a bigger undertaking than I originally anticipated, taking about 3 days from start to finish. It comes with unlimited Google Docs file storage + 5GB of free cloud storage for other files to share with friends or workmates. It doesn't matter because with Google Drive's sync and a robust revisions system all edits are saved, even when offline. It had support for word documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations - pretty much anything made in Microsoft Office will work with Google Drive. If you open any of those document types you can leave comments attached to a specific word, sentence, paragraph or image to give your input context, another one of the marvelous collaboration features available.

When you create a file you are marked as the 'Owner' and can restrict access by using the following 3 privacy options.
I also like their tagging structure because it helps keep me more organized than Windows or dropbox. I began by making a list of everyone I’m subscribed to and other popular YouTubers I thought should be on it.
If you want a bit more control over your files you can use combinations of the access options above. Unlike Backblaze which runs its own hardware, Dropbox uses Amazon S3 for storage, which charges $0.055 per gigabyte per month for clients using more than 5 petabytes (Dropbox stores around 40PB). Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. Then I divided them into Vloggers, Musicians, and Everyone Else, and just went at making a really ugly graph showing all the different routes.
Even if they don't have a Google account a public or link only setting will still let them view the file. Dropbox, with 100 million users, is by far the largest cloud storage provider — but the vast majority of those are freeloaders. If Microsoft, Google, and Apple can build cloud backup and file sharing into the operating system, what purpose does Dropbox serve? The number of paid users is probably quite small, and thus the profit margins are probably quite slim too.

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