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Clicking on the various pictures below will open a window with a larger version of the image. The armrest compartment has a rubber shelf, cigarette adapter, and a soft drink can holder. It's integrated into the left armrest, but instead of just being a pocket like most cars, it's sculpted to provide a real hand-hold for a human hand. There's also a weird wedge-shaped thing behind the shifter which I guess could be used to jam cups of varying sizes into, but with flat surfaces, and a penchant for using styrofoam cups, a spill disaster or two is definitely in the future. Instead of having square mirrors for maximum visibility, the mirror holders are shaped like teardrops (design symmetry with the tail?), so the mirror area is reduced where you least want it reduced. They are small, poorly distinguished, and very far forward (I'm 6"1) on the curve of the armrest. The 3-Series is morphing into a relatively driver-neutral, family light sedan, but the vehicle dynamics and quality of build remain excellent. Our front office offers you the convenience of making available all of your needed moving and storage supplies.
Self storage units from Eastlake Self Storage range from mini self storage units – to self storage space large enough to accommodate the entire contents of your home or apartment. This storage space is the size of an average size bedroom and can hold a refrigerator, washer and dryer, some boxes and small items. Budget Self-Storage brings you affordable, safe and secure storage space located in Richmond, California. Budget's safe, secure storage units are manned by a well-trained staff who pride themselves on providing a clean, well maintained facility. We offer flexible rental periods, starting with month to month, no deposits, no administration charges or hidden fees, a wide selection of unit sizes and a state of the art security system.
Whether you are looking for short-term furniture storage as you relocate your home or office, long-term offsite storage for your business or just a space to keep the overflow from your garage or attic, we offer the flexibility that you want at the prices that you need. This storage space is the size of a one car garage and can hold furnishings from a three bedroom apartment with appliances. In a later service session, for the scheduled major service inspection, I drew a similar car, with 15,000 miles on it.
Y refers to the class of car (3, 5, and 7 series, corresponding to small, medium, and too-large luxury models). Alas, the airbags-for-complete-fucking-morons warning remains, and is inseparable from the material.

There's a lead-in system that will slightly tilt the lights in the direction of turn, so you can see what you're turning into.
It's fun to play with automatic downshifting, but for normal driving, there are so many overrev protections it's just easier driving the car in its automatic transmission mode. It feels great, and looks great, but my regular passenger and I noticed that it didn't breath like leather.
I am not 100% sure why car manufacturers think the compass belongs on the rear-view mirror. This is what attracted me to the brand originally: the center console in the E36 was tilted at a pretty sharp angle. My 60-lb dog likes to sit there (and to drive), so the car will beep about no seatbelts being fastened for two or three minutes. This makes user evaluation of issues such as the one I encountered with the loaner problematic. Both, indoor and outdoor sites feature 24-hour surveillance camera systems, gated access (6 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week), carts and four-wheeled dollies. We are member of the Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA), Surrey Board of Trade and the Better Business Bureau.
Budget is conveniently located just minutes from Pinole, El Sobrante, San Pablo, Marin, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Hercules and the San Rafael Bridge in the north Bay Area outside of San Francisco. Our on-site personnel will aid you in selecting the right size storage unit with the best set of options based on your needs and budget. Hundreds of units with computer controlled access allow us to put your safety and storage unit security at the fore.
This exposes current owners to the capabilities of new models as well as variations one might never otherwise be interested in driving. WHICH is better than any other automatic transmission out there, just a weak replacement for BMW's own manual gearboxes. You can remove the fob, but if you do so without pressing on it first, the car will beep at you. This is just a poor functional design (on the other hand, as GOOD design, the fob itself separates into a key and fob, presumably for a fob battery-failure situation to allow one entry into the car).
The only functional benefit I can see is that you can leave the car running and depart it with the fob, thus allowing for remote control of the car's security features.
With the soft switches, you basically have five switch positions: way up, up, down, way down, and neutral.

BMW's long had a reputation for poor interiors, but seemed on the path to turning that around with the E46 series.
Permission to reproduce this article for non-commercial purposes is granted, provided that this disclaimer is included. In general, this contributes to the feeling of the driver controls being a bit haphazard, ignoring the experience of the past. When the new 5 series came out, the tilt was gone, thus removing the 5 from my shopping list. The effect is most noticeable on the black rubbery naughahyde-like covering on the steering wheel and glareshield. The owner's pouch wasn't in the car, so I was left to wonder what the picture of a pitcher with waves under it meant. I suspect this is a function of the design of the automatic transmission system, which seems to aim for a low RPM target in a gear range in order to keep fuel economy low. I was thinking that they're big for peripheral vision, which might work for daytime driving. Let us help you manage your valued possessions or small business inventory in one conveniently located, affordable, and secure location.
Safe, simple and secure self-storage with us is stress management, and will save you time and money in both your personal and professional life! Slapping it down to release it doesn't work, and manually pulling it up usually results in signalling the opposite direction to the turn, which I'm sure will end up in crashes.
Googling this problem seems to indicate it's become a nuisance warning (tip for designers: icons have never been what they were cracked up to be. The cubic capacity of the engine (liter) is an indication of the relative power of the engine. They're usually contrived, are culturally confusing, and have no speed-of-recognition value.

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