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Continuing the theme of previous posts about the potentials of using self storage as a business space or for hobbies such as practising music, we are now going to delve into the world of art and explore how a unit could be appropriated as an art studio for artists struggling to find suitable rental space in other types of property.
When looking into a good space to be artistically creative, you are going to have to check the practicalities with each storage company you speak to. Storage unit facilities are by their nature often very quiet, they mostly contain rooms of people’s things which are only accessed on an occasional basis. Another matter that you will need to discuss with your storage company provider is opening hours.
Of course reading all this the main question is going to be what the bottom line looks like. Quite a while ago we took a look at alternatives to self storage that may work under different circumstances. It may sound like a nice idea, since there may be garages right behind your property that could be available for use. However, whilst garage lock-ups might sound like an easier solution, it’s guaranteed you can always drive up to them for example, self storage provides a superior service to garages in quite a few respects. Stowaway Self Storage Units in Flemington, NJ offers personal and business storage solutions. Whether you need more space at home or an excellent choice for commercial equipment storage, this facility offers family and warehouse-sized storage spaces up to 50 ft. We make moving easy with comprehensive U-Haul services available at all of our Stowaway Self Storage facilities.
Our controlled access lets you visit your secure storage unit seven days a week including holidays.
Did you know that purchasing packaging materials, locks, boxes, and other storage supplies at Flemington's Stowaway Self Storage saves you money and makes perfect sense? Some of your items are valuable, one-of-a-kind, or environmentally sensitive and would benefit from temperature controlled units. For years, Stowaway Self Storage at Flemington continues to offer residents and businesses in Hunterdon County low storage prices. To determine exactly how much space you will need to store your items, please visit our Visual Size Guide.

Stop by our location at 7652 Conifer Ct, Deforest, WI 53532 or call us at 608-635-6900 and we can help you rent a storage unit.
These air-conditioned storage units are perfectly situated between the University of Florida campus and downtown Gainesville. Map showing the ideal location of these air-conditioned storage units between UF, Innovation Square, and Downtown Gainesville. Obviously lighting or some sort of electrical point is a must, otherwise not being able to see what you are doing will make this a non-starter. As such, this gives you some peace and solitude should you need them for you to stay focused on your work.
If you find yourself in the best headspace for creating early in the morning or like slogging it through after dark, or especially enjoy spending all of Sunday in the art studio, then you need to find a storage company that will accommodate these arrangements for you. Well costs wise you will be surprised how much you could potentially save compared to renting a similar space for yourself or even with others. In terms of cost and convenience you will be able to strike a good deal and be able to store whatever you want, your car and fitting around it whatever might be cluttering up your house not too far away from where you actually live.
The hands-off approach is both a pro and a con, since any issues might take longer to resolve than if you were to have somebody just a few metres away for advice, and also lock-ups have had a bit of an unfairly nefarious reputation. Security is an important one – garages are generally in open view and are only secured by whatever lock you have chosen to fix the shutters. We offer many benefits when you rent from us, including a moving van and access to a forklift and operator for large items. If you hum to yourself or like the radio on whilst you are working, likewise there is hardly anybody around who is going to be too bothered by either.
Bear in mind that what they will not let you do is use the art studio as a temporary living space, these are business premises and the insurance is not designed to cover nighttime naps, so do not push your luck here. Have a look at some units and see what will suit you in terms of having enough space to work, and store your art and materials. This is an incentive, seen frequently in the UK, where free standing blocks of garages purpose-built for cars are purchased and hired out to customers who may require the space for other items.
No more fighting for parking spaces on the street anymore, and a bit of extra space in the bargain.

To ensure the safety of your most prized possessions, our storage units are enclosed to resist dust, pests, humidity, and more threats to valuables. The information here will be updated when the companies listed updates their contact information, this list will be updated. And since you are going to be spending a bit of time on the property, it is worth giving the place a visit and checking you are happy with all the amenities, bathroom, coffee and snacks machine at reception and so on, so that you can do art at the storage unit near you in relative comfort. So if you have found yourself ostracised from working at home, or finding shared studio space a tad haphazard, using a self storage facility makes a good deal of sense. Also consider the security arrangements – with all the CCTV, locks and access arrangements you are probably not going to find anywhere safer on the planet to keep you creations.
This can be a rather lucrative business – the cost of a garage can be surprisingly prohibitive in dense urban areas, where many flats and houses might not come with a garage as standard, and renting might be cheaper for anybody who wants to make transient use of this space, whilst filling the pockets very nicely of the owner. And you can be in and out of there as many times as you like, 24 hours a day, all year round. We offer each of our renters a code, specific to you, that will offer you entrance to your storage unit at any time, day or night. We have all the specifications for each of our storage units, including the price per month and door size so you have no surprises when it’s time to move in. If you are storing items that are not going to be affected, or need little attention, from the cold, heat and damp, then this might be fine.
If you wish to figure out how much it will be to store your belongings for an extended amount of time, use our rate calculator to figure exactly how much it will be. However, just the boxes themselves that you might be storing items in certainly are affected, and if you are storing papers or anything that can rot or degrade easily, you are strongly advised to do your research on local climate controlled self storage facilities, which will offer a much more suitable environment for the storage of those particular items. If you pay in advance, either 6 or 12 months, we offer discounts of 5% for pre-paying 6 months or 10% to pre-pay 12 months off your total bill.

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