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Like all dreams, this one too can be subject to that unfortunate phenomenon called reality.
One of the most common of the virtual commuter’s woes is answering this recurring question: Am I still at work, or am I home from work? Born six years ago out of co-founder and Olympic mountain bike racer Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski’s need for a place to store his mountain bikes, Studio Shed has grown up outside. For the home worker, the backyard is transformed into a seamless part of the work from home experience, an integral element within the landscape, and literally, a breath of fresh air.
Although serene, clean and inspiring, my own home office is just off my kitchen, so to leave work behind, I need to close the door.
That fusion of natural elements from the outside with the inside world creates the opportunity for positive productivity, health, calm, and dare I say—happiness.
The freshest innovative and eco-friendly designs, trends, and ideas for urban gardens and stylish small places.
No more commuting, no more “business casual,” no more over-priced lunches scarfed down in ten minutes standing up. Like the freedom to create your own daily experiences, and be in control of your own environment.

It’s the emergence highly functional and beautifully designed outdoor structures––reinterpretations of the old garden shed as artful and flexible “outdoor-indoor-outdoor” living spaces. An engineer and aficionado of modern design, Horgan-Kobelski’s quest for a contemporary and functional structure turned up either ho-hum barn-style sheds or very upscale and costly prefab units. Using , Studio Shed’s online Configurator, a 3D interactive design interface, you can fully customize your modern and intelligent shed in six steps without ever leaving your desk–or at least never having to do so.
Made in Colorado of green and sustainable materials, the sheds are also fully wired for power and Internet. That simple transition from being at home to being at work is a far, gorgeous, cry from a barking talk radio and air conditioner blasting in your face as you drive stop and start on the freeway. But I would love a workspace in the garden, one which would enable me to better separate my work and home life while simultaneously synthesizing my indoor and outdoor experience.
The freedom to make your own schedule, wake up when you want, work in your pajamas if you feel like it, and travel at any time as long as you have your laptop. Virtual commuters shake their heads at the cubicle’s suffocating beige and are willing to tread up hill both ways in the snow to work in a more appealing, suitable, and healthy space.
If working from home handed you the pallet from which to paint your ideal workspace, what would you paint?

What began out of a need for a simple mountain bike storage solution, evolved into an innovative full service design-build company for contemporary backyard sheds—and home offices. About eight weeks later, your personally designed shed arrives as a flat-packed kit ready for installation.
Gone is the separation between “at work” and “home from work.” That sigh of relief that accompanies walking through the door and kicking your shoes off after a long day of incessant deliverables. Instead, they are artist studios, movie rooms, guest bedrooms, meditation quarters and yes, you guessed it—workspaces. You can assemble the shed yourself in a day or, if you’re not handy and that’s not your thing, opt for premium installation.

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